Hidden Deal at CVS!! 90% off select colgone and perfume gift sets

>> February 29, 2008

I made a trip to 2 CVS stores today.

I was looking for 90% cologne/perfume sets
Store 1
4 sets regular 9.99= $.99 each
2 sets regular 19.99=$1.99 each
1 Fusion Phenom Razor- $4.00 coupon
2 Mylicon Gas Drops -$1.00
3 Trident Gums

I didn't have a $4 CVS coupons :( But I did have a $19.99 ECB that I used and spent .88 on a gift card. So still a great day. And I earned $6 ECB for the razor

Store 2
1 Cologne set regularly 9.99=$.99
2 Colognes regularly 18.99=$1.89 each
1 Cologne set regularly $35.00=$3.49
1 Trident Gum
-9 ECBS and I spent $.45 on a gift card.

Pretty much you just have to scan the gift sets that are out, they aren't part of their normal fragrances, but the ones out on display in the beauty section. Not all rang up 90% off and there were no sign anywhere.


No shopping today... but some extra $ to report!

>> February 27, 2008

I didn't get any deals today. But I do have some extra Fun Money to add to our pile (I love that.. like we have a big pile of extra funds, ha!) Anyway, I received a $13 rebate check from Caregivers Marketplace. http://www.caregiversmarketplace.com They have many products they give you cash back for, we do it for Huggies, Ensure, Glucerna and Nature Made Vitamins. If you buy any of these products or some like them, you should check it out. Its very easy, you just send in your receipts with the form and they mail you a check!

I also made $25 for the Huggies Pink Pull Ups that I bought at bashas this past week, I essentially got them for free after the coupons used and submitting the receipts to the care givers marketplace. I posted them on Craigslist and I couldn't believe how many responses I received, I had them at $5 a piece and you would think I was giving them away. Crazy...


2 More Safeway Runs + CVS

>> February 26, 2008

Today was the last day for the Safeway Savings rally.

Store #1
2 S&W Beans
2 Nutrigrain Bars -(2) .75 coupons
2 BC Cookie mix -(2) .60 coupons
12 Delmonte Tomatoes - 1.00 coupon
3 Manwich
4 BC Fruit Snacks - (2) .60 coupons
1 Eating Right Pasta - 1.00 coupon
- $20 Savings Rally coupon
-.75 (from gerber purchase before)
= $3.01
+ Received another $20 Savings Rally (Although I had to go to customer service for it. Nothing printed after I checked out, not even a coupon for lesser amount, and her printer had a green light, indicating it was on, anyway, I could complain some more about their comments to me, but in the end, I did get my $20 coupon)

Store #2
3 Manwhich
2 GUM dental flosser - (2) .55 coupons
1 BC Cookie Mix - .50 coupon
1 Cheerios - .50 coupon
16 S&W Beans
4 BC Fruit Snacks - (2) .60 coupons
1 Flat earth chips - free coupon
1 Eating right pasta - 1.00 coupon
-$20 coupon
Total 3.22
It looks I bought 2 extra cans of beans, so my total was a bit higher than necessary, but I can't complain, my $20 savings rally coupon printed without any trouble at this store. I swear the other store is out to get me!

2 Crest Pro Health Night Rinse
3 Nutri Grum
4 Trial size lotions
-$ 4 CVS coupn, -1.50 Crest Coupons, -$13 ECB
Total $1.61, used my gift card so $0 OOP cost
I earned $18.95 in ECB, so still a money maker deal.

All in all I had a great day, and I am glad I managed to make it out to do 2 more savings rally runs at Safeway.

On a side note, I noticed that the first safeway had a "notice" at the customer service counter regarding the pineapple not being apart of the promo and also I noticed it actually posted by the pineapple in the 2nd store. I wonder if my complaint was cause for it, not that they have actually responded back to me.


Bashas & Laundry Soap!

>> February 25, 2008

I snagged 6 bottles of laundry soap at Bashas today. They were on sale for 3.99 each, but if you buy 6, you received a $6.00 coupon good for your next purchase. And of course I used coupons on each bottle.

4 Wisk - (4) 1.50 coupons
2 All- (2) 1.00 coupons
Total with tax 17.40 (but I received $6 to use next time)...

So $11.40 for 6 bottles, < $2.00 a bottle (including tax).. not a bad price, I have done better and I wasn't desperate for laundry soap.. but the best deal I have seen in lately has been 1.99 + tax with a good sale. So I still did about $0.25 better a bottle :) Plus I had extra money this week in the grocery budget.

I hope I have the energy to hit up safeway tomorrow... I never made it today.


Safeway Again!

>> February 24, 2008

Ok. I had a great safeway trip this evening. I guess its destiny, since I have had a few issues with them lately.

6 Gerber 1st foods - 2.00 coupon
6 honey nut cheerios - (6) 1.00 coupons
1 cheerios - .50 coupon
3 bc cookie mix - (3) .60 coupons
12 delmonte tomatos - 1.00 coupon
10 progresso soups - 5 (.50/2) coupns
3 diet coke 12 packs - (2) Free coupons + they are B2 G1 Free at safeway
1 coke zero 12 pack - Free coupon for buying 3 diet cokes (found on 12 pack in store)
3 green giant frozen veggies -.65/3 coupon - 2.00 instore promo for buying 3
1 eating right pasta- 1.00 coupon

Total was 22.21- $20 savings rally from last trip. = $2.21 OOP + earned another $20 savings rally and a $.75 OYNO (from gerber)



>> February 23, 2008

I had a great evening purchase at Walgreens tonight. The only store I went to today. Jane makeup was B1G1 this week at Walgreens and there are $2.00 manufacturer's and 2.00 walgreens coupons to use. So it allowed for overage :)

6 Jane Mascara
2 $10 Gas Gift Cards
- B1G1 sale, walgreens coupons, manufacturer's coupons
-(2) $2.00 rewards
= $8.18

YAY! Cheap gas gards :)


3 Stores= 2 successes, 1 failure

>> February 22, 2008

I completed my Huggies promo purchases today
1 Huggies pack 8.99
4 Colgate
1 CVS brand tylenol
1 Palmolive dish soap
2 valentines snickers :)
1 pack of trident (cause my total went negative)
- 4 CVS coupon
-2 Huggies coupon
-2.50 (colgates coupons)
-.25 Palmolve
-1.99 free cvs tylenol coupon
I used $10 in ECB and $.61 on a gift card (tax was .29)

I received $23 in ECB back (huggies and colgate deals)

Card #2
1 Huggies
2 Glade Spray
5 CVS Asprin
1 CVS Hand Sanitizer
- 4 CVS Coupon
-2 Huggies
-3 CVS brand coupon
- Free CVS Hand Sanitizer
-1.50 Glade B1G1 Coupon
I used $10 in ECB and $.35 on a gift card (tax was .22)

I received $23.95 in ECB back (huggies and cvs asprin deals)
NET Result for the Week

In total between my card and my mom's card, I spent 43.68 in ECB and gift cards and earned $46.95 in ECB, so they actually paid me $3.27 to buy all of this stuff this week.


I purchased 4 packages of Morningstar farms chik nuggets for 2.99 each, and used 2.00 web coupon and .75 MFC for each box. My total was $.96 for all 4 boxes!! I love these chik nuggets and this a great deal for them!

Safeway was my BAD experience today. Unfortunately I purchased 25 cans of safeway pineapples advertised in the sales ad as part of the promo. My $20 coupon didn't print and after going round and round with the assistant manager, he refused to honor the ad. He basically told me, it wasn't part of the promo. It was a complete waste of time. I sent an email to safeway about the issue, I feel like it is false advertising, particularly since they didn't' have a sign by the pineapple indicating it wasn't part of the promo. Hopefully they make it right.



>> February 21, 2008

I had 2 CVS orders today. I am working on the $15 ECB wyb $30 deal for the week. Huggies is included in this promo and I am using my card and my mom's card in order to take advantage of the deal twice.

Card #1 Order #1
2 Huggies size 4 $17.98
2 Glade Air Freshener $3.00
- $4 CVS coupon
-$4 (2 $2 Huggies coupons)
- $1.50 (B1G1 Glade)
I used $11.00 in ECB
and $0.96 (.48 in tax) on a gift card.

Card #2 Order #1
2 Huggies size 4 $17.98
2 Glade Air fresher $3.00
Misc Valentines items (75%) = $0.84
- $4 CVS coupon
- $2 CVS Huggies CRT
-$4 (2 $2 Huggies coupons)
- $1.50 (B1G1 Glade)
I used $10.00 in ECB (CVS money)
and $0.76 (.44 was tax) on a gift card.

I didn't make any ECB's back yet, because I haven't finished my purchases for this week. I will in the next few days and will post my net costs for this week at CVS.



I found a great deal at bashas today. They had Potty Training kits marked down 75%. Its a cute pink princess box, that includes a regular pack of pull ups + stickers + ++. They were 2.74 and I had $2 coupons.

I picked up all 5 boxes for $4.53. And I can submit to the caregivers rebate for $5.00. So I technically made $.47 to buy them. Since they are for girls, and I don't think I can talk my husband into letting me put them on Quinn, I will either sell or trade them on Craigslist.

I love stumbling across smoking deals like this!


Safeway - 2 orders

>> February 19, 2008

Two orders at Safeway today, to make up for my lack of a trip yesterday.

10 Rice/Pasta Roni .50/2 or .50/1 coupons
15 Pop Secret Popcorn .50/2 or .40/1
3 BC Frosting .50/1
4 Chex mix .50/1
6 Cheerios .75/2
6 Green Giant Frozen Veggies .65/3
4 BC Fruit Snacks .50/2
2 Olive Oil no coupons :(
------------------> 50 Rally Savings Items over 2 trips
2 Nursery Water-- I had a coupon and I needed to cover some overage on one order.

Order 1
Used $20 from previous order
OOP $3.82
Earned $20 for next order

Order 2
USed $20 from order above
OOP $1.29
Earned $20 for next time!!
Total OOP today was $ 5.11

Some stuff from this promo will go to family or be donated, as there is only so much popcorn, fruit snacks and pasta/rice a roni we can use. :)


Target- President's Day

>> February 18, 2008

My dad's last day in town for a quick visit, so I didn't do a lot of shopping. We did hit target for him to pick up a few last minute things to take back with him.

Valentines Day and $ Spot was 75%

3 Bordeaux Butt Paste Trial Size (free with coupons)
3 All Trial Size Laundry Soap (free with coupons)
4 String Cheese (free with coupons)
1 Pirate toy set (.25)
1 Baby cloth book (.25)
1 Reese Valentines day heart candy (.75)
1 Fun Dip Valentine kit (.75)
1 Picture Frame (1.50)
Total $4.01

I love Target.


The Blog Newbie!

>> February 17, 2008

Ok here is my first posting! I haven't been shopping yet today, so I will post my AWESOME deals from yesterday!

Rally Savings Promo Buy 25 get $20

3 Tava 4-packs -1.50 of coupons
5 Pasta Roni
6 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - .50/2 coupons
3 Frosted Cheerios - 1.00/2 cheerios coupons
3 Fruity Cheerios
1 Betty Crocker Cookie mix - .60/1 coupons
4 Green Giant Frozen Veggies - .50/2 coupons

Less $20 SavingRally Coupon (from Friday)
Total $0.03 (I used a Safeway gift card from a RX transfer)

AND I recieved another $20 Savings Rally Coupon (for another day) :)

*** Total Bonus, there was a promo on the fruit snacks, where you could win a $5 discover card inside the packages and I won one!!! So I actually made money from that trip! ***

2 Jumbo Pampers
4 Kids Colgate Toothpastes
1 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste
1 Gillete Fusion Phenom
5 CVS brand chewable asprin
2 Dove Hair Mousse
Less CVS and MFC Coupons and $22.99 in ECB
Used a CVS Gift Card (from Rx transfer) = $1.63
Total $0

Received $ 23.95 ECB,
Net cost of $0.67

In addition I picked up a rebate form for a free Crest Pro Health Toothpaste when you purchase one, so I will send in my receipt for another Crest Pro Health Toothpaste.

We will see what today brings for deals! I have to go study the newspaper ads!

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