2 More Safeway Runs + CVS

>> February 26, 2008

Today was the last day for the Safeway Savings rally.

Store #1
2 S&W Beans
2 Nutrigrain Bars -(2) .75 coupons
2 BC Cookie mix -(2) .60 coupons
12 Delmonte Tomatoes - 1.00 coupon
3 Manwich
4 BC Fruit Snacks - (2) .60 coupons
1 Eating Right Pasta - 1.00 coupon
- $20 Savings Rally coupon
-.75 (from gerber purchase before)
= $3.01
+ Received another $20 Savings Rally (Although I had to go to customer service for it. Nothing printed after I checked out, not even a coupon for lesser amount, and her printer had a green light, indicating it was on, anyway, I could complain some more about their comments to me, but in the end, I did get my $20 coupon)

Store #2
3 Manwhich
2 GUM dental flosser - (2) .55 coupons
1 BC Cookie Mix - .50 coupon
1 Cheerios - .50 coupon
16 S&W Beans
4 BC Fruit Snacks - (2) .60 coupons
1 Flat earth chips - free coupon
1 Eating right pasta - 1.00 coupon
-$20 coupon
Total 3.22
It looks I bought 2 extra cans of beans, so my total was a bit higher than necessary, but I can't complain, my $20 savings rally coupon printed without any trouble at this store. I swear the other store is out to get me!

2 Crest Pro Health Night Rinse
3 Nutri Grum
4 Trial size lotions
-$ 4 CVS coupn, -1.50 Crest Coupons, -$13 ECB
Total $1.61, used my gift card so $0 OOP cost
I earned $18.95 in ECB, so still a money maker deal.

All in all I had a great day, and I am glad I managed to make it out to do 2 more savings rally runs at Safeway.

On a side note, I noticed that the first safeway had a "notice" at the customer service counter regarding the pineapple not being apart of the promo and also I noticed it actually posted by the pineapple in the 2nd store. I wonder if my complaint was cause for it, not that they have actually responded back to me.


Precious February 26, 2008 at 7:34 PM  

I only did the Rally Deal 3 times and 2 of the 3 times, the $20. coupon did not print and a manager had to ring up one item 25 times to get me the coupon. It is so frustrating. I always seem to have trouble with Safeway Deals even when I follow their rules.

Great shopping today, KC!

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