Bashas & Laundry Soap!

>> February 25, 2008

I snagged 6 bottles of laundry soap at Bashas today. They were on sale for 3.99 each, but if you buy 6, you received a $6.00 coupon good for your next purchase. And of course I used coupons on each bottle.

4 Wisk - (4) 1.50 coupons
2 All- (2) 1.00 coupons
Total with tax 17.40 (but I received $6 to use next time)...

So $11.40 for 6 bottles, < $2.00 a bottle (including tax).. not a bad price, I have done better and I wasn't desperate for laundry soap.. but the best deal I have seen in lately has been 1.99 + tax with a good sale. So I still did about $0.25 better a bottle :) Plus I had extra money this week in the grocery budget.

I hope I have the energy to hit up safeway tomorrow... I never made it today.


Precious February 26, 2008 at 3:11 PM  

Thank you KC for telling me about this deal. I just ran out and did it and have thanked you on my blog.

kc February 26, 2008 at 3:30 PM  

I saw it on your blog just now.. I am now famous :)

I was there to finish reading up all your past deals :)

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