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>> February 17, 2008

Ok here is my first posting! I haven't been shopping yet today, so I will post my AWESOME deals from yesterday!

Rally Savings Promo Buy 25 get $20

3 Tava 4-packs -1.50 of coupons
5 Pasta Roni
6 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - .50/2 coupons
3 Frosted Cheerios - 1.00/2 cheerios coupons
3 Fruity Cheerios
1 Betty Crocker Cookie mix - .60/1 coupons
4 Green Giant Frozen Veggies - .50/2 coupons

Less $20 SavingRally Coupon (from Friday)
Total $0.03 (I used a Safeway gift card from a RX transfer)

AND I recieved another $20 Savings Rally Coupon (for another day) :)

*** Total Bonus, there was a promo on the fruit snacks, where you could win a $5 discover card inside the packages and I won one!!! So I actually made money from that trip! ***

2 Jumbo Pampers
4 Kids Colgate Toothpastes
1 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste
1 Gillete Fusion Phenom
5 CVS brand chewable asprin
2 Dove Hair Mousse
Less CVS and MFC Coupons and $22.99 in ECB
Used a CVS Gift Card (from Rx transfer) = $1.63
Total $0

Received $ 23.95 ECB,
Net cost of $0.67

In addition I picked up a rebate form for a free Crest Pro Health Toothpaste when you purchase one, so I will send in my receipt for another Crest Pro Health Toothpaste.

We will see what today brings for deals! I have to go study the newspaper ads!


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