>> March 31, 2008

CVS #1

3 Softsoap - (3) 1.50 coupons
4 easter candies .17 each :)
-$6 ECB
Total $.47 OOP on gift card
Earned 14.97 in ECBs

CVS #2
2 Softsoap - (2) 1.50 coupons
9 EOB gift bags - 2.00 cvs brand coupon
2 Candy bars for DH
-$14.97 ECBS
Total .12 OOP on gift card
Earned $9.98 + $15 in ECBs

This is my mom's card and I have managed to use $3.75 in gift card money to purchase (with coupons) and ECBS: candy (yum), softsoap, johnson buddy bars and gift bags. And I still have $31 in ECBS :)

I am building up a few on her card for an upcoming diaper deal.

I still need to do more Free softsoap on my card, luckily I noticed CVS had this softsoap stocked up well. So I need to get back in the next few days.


Disneyland Ticker

>> March 30, 2008

So I added a savings ticker. My blog is about sharing my deals with people, hopefully to give them ideas on deals they can do or inspire them to find their owns deals and save money. We are trying to keep our budget as tight as possible in order to allow me to stay home with our BIG little guy Quinn. One goal we are working towards is our Disneyland trip in September. It will be for Quinn's 1st b-day, My husband's 30th b-day and our 5 year anniversary. While we have plenty of reasons to celebrate, I should be honest, we really enjoy Disneyland and look for any reason to go :)
So I have calculated it will cost $1500 for:
2 plane tickets
5 nights hotel
2 5-day park hoppers
I am rounding up to $1500 to cover anything else that comes up.

So far I have
$200 in Southwest Airlines Gift Cards
$100 Cash
$83 Disney points
Total $383

Oh and I am not actually "budgeting" for the vacation. I am using rebates, surveys, overage from coupons, RX transfers, items I sell on ebay/craigslist, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions about my plan or if I didn't explain something right. :) I wanted to share my short term motivation for saving money beyond staying home with Quinnie :)


7 Raisin Bran Crunch- (3) 3.00/2 coupons
1 Dole salad - .50 coupon doubled
6 dole pineapple - (3) .50/2 coupons doubled
1 Light Ruffles
- $10 OYNO order
Total $1.64 OOP
And I earned another $10 OYNO order coupon, I also got a "free" nascar kelloggs hat for purchasing 5+ kelloggs ceral. I chose dale jr. Although we will just give it away, because we don't actually follow it. But free is free. :)

Also CVS from yesterday
4 Rusell stovers candy - (2) B1G1
2 Johnson's Buddy Bars - (2) 1.00 coupons
- $5/15 CVS coupon
$1.56 OOP on gift card
Earned $6 in ECBS

I did the same CVS deal twice.

Also I was able to use a $11.97 ECB that expired a few days ago at my fave store. I asked at my least fave store the day after it expired, they said no. I sort of lamented the fact I let $12 expire and they said, they would take it up to a week. So went back the same day, so that they wouldn't forget what they told me. :) So I ended up using a $5/15 and $3/10 and stocked up on paper plates. I didn't even feel bad about not recycling the ECBS into new ones.. Since I had already "LOST" them.


Bashas & Library

>> March 29, 2008

7 Raisin Bran Crunch - (3) 3.00/2 coupons

1 Dole salad - .50/1 coupon doubled
1 eggs - free coupon wyb kelloggs cereal
1 gallon of milk
-$5.00 OYNO coupon
Total $1.44 OOP
Earned a $10 OYNO coupon (from the cereal).

YAH! So I paid $1.44 for all that and I earned back my $5 + another $5 (in the form of $10 coupon)

I left 4 boxes of cereal in the car, as they must be given away. We have no room!

Also in my picture is 3 DVDs I checked out from the library. Library DVD rentals are a definitely a deal. Free new release rentals. Our library system allows you to log in online, search the catalog and reserve movies online. When you reserve them, they will allow you to transfer them to your local branch and when they are available they email me! So I just run in to the "hold area", grab my reserved movies and use self check. I am in and out of the library in under 2 minutes. Plus they are checked for 3 weeks and I can often renew them online from home if we haven't watched them yet. Anyway... so free movie rentals :)


Rebate checks!

>> March 28, 2008

YEA!!! I received 2 rebate checks today. $14.99 for nature made and $17 from caregivers. Caregivers is an awesome program if you have a baby in diapers, I get $1 per huggies + I also get rebates for glucerna, nature made and ensure. Plus my mom received her $14.99 from nature made as well. More cash to add to our "EXTRAS" account. I don't count this in our budget, but rather use it for extra fun things we want to buy, and vacation money!!


Target Easter is 75% off

>> March 27, 2008

If you are in the market for easter goodies, target is now 75% off. Quinn and I arrived right after the store opened and found a few things for next easter and also christmas. I plan on trying to find some of the same goodies at 90%, so that I can return the 75% off ones. :)

2 Walgreens 4 pack d batteries- .99 with walgreens coupon
2 4 pack of tape - .99 with walgreens coupon
1 Viactiv Calcium glide - 2.00 easy saver, - 1.00 coupon = overage :)
1 baby orajel tooth cleaner - 3.00 easy saver - .55 coupon
2 baby orajel teeting meds B1G1 50% off - (2) 3.00 easy saver coupons - (2) .75 coupons
Total $ 7.43 used my walgreens gift card.


Bashas Again.

>> March 25, 2008

2 More bashas orders
6 Michaelinas meals - 1.00 coupon
-$5.00 OYNO coupon
Total $1.64 OOP
Earned another $5.00 coupon

6 Michaelinas Meals -1.00 coupon
- $5.00 OYNO coupon
Total $0 OOP
Earned another $5.00 coupon


3 hour shopping adventure

I was able to go shopping for a few hours today, thanks to my MIL and FIL staying with Quinn. My mom accompanied me on half of my trips.

2 3 lb bags of frozen chicken tenders
2 3 lb bags of frozen chicken breasts
Total $0
I had $20 on my "frys card" from an RX transfer. This is a great price for chicken, so I decided to stock up.

1 Viactiv- 2.00 wag coupon, -1.00 coupon
1 listerine smart rinse - 1.00 coupon
Total $ on WAG gift card.
I will submit for rebate through walgreens

Order #1
6 Michaelinas Meals - 1.00 coupon
Total $5.00
Earned $5.00 OYNO coupon

Order #2
6 Eggos - (3) 1.00/2 coupons
3 8th continent milk, 2.00 raincheck -.50/1 coupons doubled
- $5.00 OYNO coupon
Total $5.00
Earned another $5.00 OYNO coupon

Order #3
6 Michaelinas Meals - 1.00 coupon
- 5.00 OYNO coupon
Total $0
Earned $5.00 OYNO coupon

Order #4
6 Michaelinas Meals - 1.00 coupon
- 5.00 OYNO coupon
Total $0
Earned $5.00 OYNO coupon

Order #5
6 Michaelinas Meals - 1.00 coupon
- 5.00 OYNO coupon
Total $0
Earned $5.00 OYNO coupon

3 Playskool bottle bag coupon thingys .75 each - 1.00 coupon
2 similac RTF
- 1.98 ECB
-$5.00 Similac Formula check
Total $.05

I found a couple deals at target, but the only real coupon deals were
2 Clean Team Wipes - $3.00/2 coupon- $2.00 target coupon
1 A & D diaper cream - $3.00 coupon - $1.00 target coupon
Total was just part of the tax $.21 (some overage on the coupons paid part of it).

I also purchased a few easter items @50% and office/stationary items @ 75% off


A couple of great little trips this evening!!

>> March 22, 2008

Safeway ** not pictures :) ***

7 frosted miniwheats used my rain check for the super coupon from last weekend - .70/1 coupons doubled
1 eating right fruit - 1.00 coupon
Total $0.25 OOP
Earned $10 OYNO coupon
*** this will let me buy another $50 SWA gift card ***

3 Alka Seltzer - (3) 2.00/1 coupons
1 Flintstones - 1.00 coupon
2 Nature Made Rx Essentials - (2) 5.00 coupons
2 Glade Wisp Candles - (2) 5.00 coupons
Total $7.83 on a walgreeens gift card
Earned a $10 Register Reward + I will submit for the glade candle rebates online (4.40)
Oh and I banked another 220 Nature Made points. :)

$50 SWA gift card
-$30 RX transfer gift card
-(2) $10 Debit cards from the Embrace razor surveys (One my mom gave me).
$0 OOP
2 Infant Dump truck/tractor toys
1 Brut Cologne
- $5 cvs coupon
-$15 ECB (that was expiring tomorrow)
Total $0 OOP
I don't see any great deals at CVS tomorrow, and found this purchases were fun splurges for my guys. :)


Citrus and the Easter Bunny

So first thing first.. the Easter Bunny is at Walmart today, last day of their free promo. You get one free picture, with the option of purchasing more. We arrived right after 10am and there was only one other family there, with like SIX kids. However, the wait wasn't even 3 minutes. They also had raffles for big elaborate pre-packaged baskets (we didn't enter since Quinn too young). And they were giving kids yummy looking cupcakes. Too bad Quinnie is too little for one, mommy and daddy would have confiscated it if we had gotten on.

Anyway, we didn't even wait around for their FREE pic (it was about an hour), I am not a HUGE fan of walmart, although I might go back later in the week to see if they kept the pics for later pick up. We brought our own camera and out of the 10 we took, we had 1 decent one. :) But that is all we need.
We also spent about 2 hours between yesterday evening and this morning, picking our citrus trees clean. We have a 2 orange trees, 2 grape fruit trees and 1 lemon tree. They are already blooming again for the next time, so we were a little lazy in getting this done. I am at a loss for using the grape fruits. I might try and search for some recipes or else Freecycle them. I know we can either juice the lemons/oranges or find homes among our families for what we can't use.


Walgreens.. DARN I let a $4 Reward Expire :(

It expired yesterday and I was even IN THE STORE yesterday. I just didn't see the deal I wanted and then didn't realize how close I was to expiration. :(
OH well I still did good because of some overage.
4 Nature Made RX Essentials Diabetes BOGO, on clearance for $6.19 - (4) 5.00 coupons
1 Nature Made Vitamin C - $1.00 Coupon
1 2 pack DVC tapes - $1.00 coupon
1 easter pencil - .09 ( I thought I need one more item to use my $4 OYNO coupon, however since it EXPIRED YESTERDAY I couldn't use it.)
Total OOP $ 10.32
And I forgot to use my Walgreens Gift card, and paid cash instead, I was flustered due to my $4 coupon issue.

Oh well. I will get $8.80 back for the Vitamin C through the Walgreen Rebate program. The video tapes are pretty cheap once I get this rebate. So I still did ok without the $4 OYNO coupon.

Plus I banked another 525 nature made points, which is enough for a $7.00 coupon from them. A $7 coupon combined with a BOGO sale that often occurs (like this week at walgreens), means 2 free or super cheap vitamins (depending upon which ones you need).



>> March 21, 2008

I am stalking CVS looking for cheap similac formula. I was unsuccessful again today :( I just don't understand their clearance schedule, some stores already have clearanced it out, and others still have it full price.

Anyway..I did manage to find more things that some stores were sold out of..

2 Listerine Smart Rinse- (2) 1.00 coupons
2 Glade Spray - (2) 1.00 coupons
1 Maybeline lip product
1 Venus Embrace - (1) 4.00 coupons
5 Sunsilk shampoo/conditioner on clearance for 1.12- (3) 1.50 coupons
-$5/$30 Coupon
-$15.00 ECB
Total $1.08 on a gift card
Earned $21.97 in ECBs :)
It looks like they didn't scan my last 1.50 sunsilk coupon.. oh well still made extra $.


Frys tonight paid me $2.03 when I left :)

>> March 19, 2008

Ok. Now to be fair... I had $25 on my frys card from a RX transfer. Frys does this weird thing with their RX money, they ad it to your FRYS card, so they don't give you a separate gift card and you have to have your own FRYs card to use it. Basically when you check out, they cashier gets a prompt to ask if you want to use your $xx.xx in RX transfer funds.

So ironically enough I received a $60 RX transfer coupon ($20 each for 3 new or transferred RX) recently in the mail. So I was in the store tonight to transfer a RX for DH. Anyway, after I dropped that off, I went to grab a few groceries...

5 12 pack of coke product - 1 free coke zero product coupon
2 3-lb bags of boneless, skinless chicken tenders
2 fat free sour creams
1 pineapple
Total 25.97
- Free coke coupon $3.00
- $25 in RX money on my card...
Cash back to me $2.03

I am not sure if they are supposed to give me cash back, but I went through self check out and when I went to complete my order, the cashier at the station automatically applied my $25 before I was asked if I had coupons... so my total popped up at $.97 and then I gave her my free coke zero coupon, so in the end, she gave me change :)



6 Eggos - (3) 1.00/2 coupons
1 Gerber Baby Peas Tub
-$5 OYNO coupon
Total $3.00
Earned another $5 OYNO coupon


2 Safeway Trips

>> March 18, 2008

Trip #1
4 Raisin Bran - (2) 3.00/2 coupons
3 Frosted Mini Wheats - (3) .70/1 coupons doubled
2 Eating Right Cans of Fruit - (2) 1.00 coupons
- $3 super saver cereal coupon
-$1.50 OYNO coupon
Total $1.00
Earned another $10 OYNO coupon & the receipt listed my Savings at 97% :)

Trip #2
4 Raisin Bran - (2) 3.00/2 Coupons
3 Frosted Mini Wheats - (3) .70/1 coupons doubled
1 Eating Right Can of Fruit - 1.00 coupon
$25 Gift Card
-$3 super saver cereal coupon
-$10 OYNO coupon
-$10 OYNO coupon
-$5 OYNO coupon
Total $2.25
Earned another $10 OYNO coupon and the receipt listed my Savings at 96% :)

** I plan on doing one more cereal deal (I have a raincheck for the $3/3 super saver because one store was out of the cereal). This will allow me to get another $25 gift card, which I will combine with the one I bought today for a $50 Southwest Airlines Gift Card (More funds toward our big Disneyland trip in September)!!! :)


Safeway again!

>> March 16, 2008

4 Raisin Bran - 3.00/2 coupons
3 Frosted Mini Wheats - .70/1 coupons doubled
4 Capri Suns
1 Eating Right Pasta - 1.00/1 coupons
-$10 Catalina
Total $1.25 OOP
Earned $10, $5 and $1.50 Catalinas Good on my next purchase. :)

So since it cost me $10 + $1.25= 11.25 and I earned $16.50 in Catalinas.. they are paying me :)
I plan on doing a couple more similar trips which will allow us to stock up on mini wheats (which we like) and capri suns which DH drinks occasionally. In the end I expect to make ~$20 which I will use towards the next deal, more groceries or a Gift Certificate :)

Oh and I looked at my $10 Frosted Mini Wheat Rebate and its actually for a $10 Gift check towards a pharmacy or health and beauty purchase, so not really a rebate but still something I can use. I will send a 2nd one for my mom. She hasn't been feeling up to a lot of shopping lately, so I am taking care of this for her.


Safeway and CVS: I made $13.50 today

A couple of quick trips before seeing a movie with a friend :) I actually made $13.50 buying these products today, + I can send in for 12.99 in rebates :)

2 plastic eggs
2 Pot O Gold chocolates
1 Maybelline Lip Gloss
2 Listerine for Kids - 1.00/1 coupons
4 Glad sprays - 1.00/1 coupons
-$5/30 CRT
- 19.93 In ECBS
$0 OOP
Earned 28.93 in ECBS on all the items
+ I will submit a rebate for 2.99 for one of the listerine for kids.

2 Raisin Bran - $3/2 coupon
5 Frosted Mini Wheats - .70/1 coupons doubled
2 Eating Right Fruits - 1.00/1 coupons
4 100 calorie snack bars -.70/1 coupons doubled (only had 3 though)
-used $3/3 safeway super coupon
-$10 Catalina
Total $ $0.50 OOP
Earned $5 and $10 Catalina coupons for next time
+ I will submit for a $10 kelloggs rebate for the frosted mini wheats


Walgreens and Safeway on a Friday Night!!! :)

>> March 14, 2008

Ok we had dinner at Pete's parents house, so I hit up a couple stores by them.

2 Jane Tinted Moisturizer -BOGO -2.00 coupons
2 Jane Cheek duos - BOGO- 2.00 coupons
2 Gerber Green Beans (We need to start green foods soon) :)
Total $ 2.34

6 Raisin Bran - (3) 3.00/2 coupons
1 Frosted Flakes
2 Eating Right Cans of Fruit - (2) 1.00/1 coupon
Total $5.50
AND earned a $10 OYNO catalina (for buying 7 cereals)

I love it went they PAY me to shop. :)


Morning and Evening Trips

>> March 11, 2008

Morning Trips
Walgreens (4 orders total)
14 Tomato sauce (purchased in groups of 4 or less)
4 Jane Tinted Sunscreen B1G1 Free - (4) 2.00 coupons
2 Jane Blush on clearance for overage B1G1 Free- (2) 2.00 coupons
2 snickers eggs :)
1 Sunsilk hair goop, clearanced 1.12 - 1.50 coupon
Added $10 to my walgreen card (used 2 $5.00 Rapid Rewards Coupons)
Grand Total $8.20 (not bad with my tinted sunscreen not being free + tax :)
I will submit for the $5 rebate for the tomato sauce (I think I bought one more than I needed to).

6 Blue Bunny - (3) 1.00/2 coupons
7 Bean Cheese Burritos
4 Propel - (4) .55.1 coupons (only doubled 3 though)
-$5 OYNO Coupon
Total $.55 & Earned another $5 OYNO Coupon

Evening Trips

3 Wheaties- (3) .50/1 coupons doubled
2 Cinnamon Life - (2) .50/1 coupons doubled
5 Multi-grain Cheerios - (5) .50/1 coupons doubled
2 Eating Right Fruit - (2) 1.00/1 coupons
Total $.50

6 Blue Bunny 6.00- (3) 1.00/2 coupons
1 Milk 2.50
-$5.00 OYNO
Total $.50
Earned another $5.00 OYNO coupon



>> March 10, 2008

5 Bottles of Life Fitness Vitamin E (100 count each)
1 CVS Candy
-$5/$15 Life Fitness CRT
-$5/$15 CVS coupon
-Free CVS Coupon
-$5 ECB
Total $0 :)

9 Captain Crunch - Free with .50/1 coupons doubled
1 Cheerios- Free with .50/1 coupon deoubled
1 Eating Right Cereal- Free with 2.00 Catalina coupon
2 Eating Right Cans of Fruit - 1.00/1 coupons
Total $.50

6 Blue Bunny Ice cream - 1.00/2 coupns
2 Eggs
2 Baby Cereal (marked down to .49 each) - 1.00/2 coupon
Total $0.76


Late Night Run Again :)

>> March 09, 2008

6 Blue Bunny ice cream - 1.00/2 coupons
5 bean and cheese burritos
2 Gerber Applesauce (tall jars clearanced to .39 each)
-5.00 OYNO coupon
Total $.28 & earned another 5.00 coupon :)

2 jane foundations -2.00/1 coupons
2 hunts tomato sauce - WAG coupons
Total $1.96 (tax was .30 of it)...

They only had 2 of the tomato sauces... I want to get 15 total to submit for the $5 easy saver rebate.. so I need to hit more walgreens this week.



>> March 08, 2008

Made a quick CVS run
1 8 pack of paper towels $4.99
3 Colgate totals $2.99- .50, .75 and .75 coupons
1 Johnsons Buddy Soap .99-1.00 coupon
1 CVS candy .99- free candy coupon
1 Trident Gum $1.19 (because my total was too low) :)
-$5 CVS coupon
-$8 ECB
Total was $.66 on a gift card.
And I earned $8.96 ECB for the colgate, so made a little and got everything free :)



Ok so I spent some time sorting through and organize my HBA closet. Basically its very organized with drawers and bins, for different items: hair stuff, soap, lotion teeth stuff, etc. But there is space on top of the bins and in between them, so my new purchases tend to get stuffed in there until its overflowing and I need to sort through it again. So I piled up all the extras, sorted it into piles and then examined what I already had stored in each category. Then I decided which stuff I wanted to keep (out of the new and existing stockpile).

I now have a big bin of stock pile items I hope I can yard sale for Disneyland Money :) Of course the catch is that I have to find someone having a yard sale, because we don't really have enough stuff to have our own :)

Anyway, here are a few pics.

My closet, I removed all the extra HBA stuff that I jammed in every nook and cranny.. the picture below is all the extra stuff from the closet that I sorted into groups then made decisions about. :)


Late CVS run.. had a $16.47 ECB expiring today...

>> March 07, 2008

3 Mach 3 razor packs- 3.00 coupons
2 Crest prohealth night rinse- 1.00 coupons
1 playskool bottle kit
-$5 coupon
-$16.44 ECB
Total $.67 on a gift card
Earned $15 + $6.98 ECBs (so I made money again) :) I love CVS


Lots of Great Trips $ OOP!!

Ok MIL and FIL watched the babe for a few hours, so I made the grand circle tour to run a few errands... It went great!

Here is some of the items... couldn't show them all :)

8 pencils
1 embrace razor -4 coupon
$25 Gift Certificate
3 Visine - (3) 3.00 coupons
- (8) $4 coupons from sunday
Total was 1.18 (subtotal was actually -.04 with 1.22 in tax)

3 Captain Crunch - .50/1 coupons
3 total -.50/1 coupons
3 cheerios -.50/1 coupons
1 quaker squares -.50/1 coupon
2 eating right canned pears - 1.00/1 coupons
$100 Southwest Airline Gift card
Used (2) $30 gift cards, (1) $10 gift card (1) 8.14 gift card and (1) $20 Savings rally coupon
Total was $2.36 cash

Basically the cereal was free, .50 for the 2 cans of fruit and then $1.86 for my $100 swa gift card. I have been saving for the swa gift card and my $20 rally was about to expire so I needed to use it!!

Anyway, I also went to a much more friendly safeway, its a little further away, but well worth it. The cashier was excited for me, told me about the frozen food movie promo, not freaking out about my deals!!

Bread Store
Orowheat 100% whole wheat bread
Orowheat Hamburger Buns
Orowheat Hotdog Buns
2 Whole Wheat Boboli Crusts
Thomas english muffins
- Free coupon for spending $4+
-Free item in store promo for spend $5+
Total= $5.26

Office Max
1 ream of paper
1 office max brand printer cartridge
-$10 off $20
- $9 (for 3 used cartridges I brought in)
Total was $3.28!

EOB Travel size items 90% off
3 bags of hersheys candies- 1.50/3
1 CVS candy - free coupon
3 Colgate Total tooth paste -1.00 and .75 coupons
1 CVS Bottle/Bag promo thing with coupons
-$5 CVS
-$3 CVS brand
-$8.95 ECB
-$0.66 on gift card
$5.80 Cash back to me... because I was overcharged
$8.97ECB earned
MADE ~$5 on the trip:)


A couple of small trips

>> March 06, 2008

1 cologne 90% off
2 Little people toys 75% off
Mach 3 Razor - 3.00 coupon
1 Similac RTF 90% off
2 Tridents
- $5 CVS coupon
-$6 ECB
$1.54 Total on a gift card

Received $5 ECB back + My razor package had a survey for a $10 Debit Card!!

8 Easter Pencils
1 Venus Embrace Razor -$4
1 $25 Gift Card
- (8) $4 OYNO order coupons (from my olay deals on Sunday)
Total .66 on a gift card.

4 Captain Crunch -(4) .50/1 coupons
1 Cheerios - .50/1 coupon
2 Eating Right Pasta - (2) 1.00 coupon
Total 50 CENTS!!



>> March 05, 2008

I only went to Bashas today:
2 blue bunny ice cream - 1.00/2
4 stouffers lasagna - 1.00/4
2 arrid deo - (2) .55/1

I used my (2) 6.00 OYNO coupons, so my total was 1.02
I earned a $5 coupon good on my next order.

** I plan to go back and do 6 Ice cream and have $2 overage to play with earning another $5 OYNO coupon to use.***



>> March 04, 2008

Ok I hit walgreens up again today.

I found Bright Beginnings Formula marked down to 11.99 for a 30 oz can. They had 2 cans, and I used a $4 RR on each can. So 7.99 each which is a great price for formula!

I also purchased 6 pantene trial size items for 1.29 each.
Total with tax = 8.37
I used a $2 RR
On a gift card $6.37
Received $12 in RR back.



>> March 02, 2008

I got some great deals at safeway.

2 Tava 4-packs - (2) 1.50 coupons
2 flat earth snacks - (2) free coupons
2 eating right pasta - (2) 1.00 coupons
2 fresh express salad - 2.00/1 coupon
5 cinnamon life cereal (used 5 for $5.00 super coupon) - (5) 1.00 coupons
Jennie O Ground Turkey- Meat guy marked it 50% off for me (sell by today).

Total was 3.48! The turkey was $2.49... so .99 for the rest of the stuff!!

Love it. :)


Great Deal at Walgreens!

Walgreens has there 2 pack of olay bar soaps on sale for 2.00 each + when you buy 2, you get a $4 rapid reward (basically a coupon to use at walgreens next time). So to the average person "free soap". However, I had some $2/1 olay bar soap coupons. So I only paid tax and received a $4 coupon each time.

I hit several stores and did several transactions in each store. So I have lots of "free" money to spend at walgreens now. This is a great deal even if you only have a few coupons or if you need soap without the coupons...

2 olay soaps 2.00- 2.00 coupons
tax = $.24 or $.32 depending upon the tax rate
Total $.24/.32

And I received $4.00 walgreens rewards coupon each time!!


Target Again!!

>> March 01, 2008

Grocery Deals
4 morningstar farms - 2.00 target coupon- .75 MFC
4 target string cheese sticks - .50/2 target coupons

Total = $.96

I also found some great deals...that we REALLY needed :)
5 X 8 Rug mutlicolored striped rug for $19.99 (normally 99.99) (for Quinn's Room)
2 roman shades ~8.99 (normally $36.00) (for our kitchen)
Plastic Infant Swing ~ 19.99 (for Quinnie outside)

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