Frys tonight paid me $2.03 when I left :)

>> March 19, 2008

Ok. Now to be fair... I had $25 on my frys card from a RX transfer. Frys does this weird thing with their RX money, they ad it to your FRYS card, so they don't give you a separate gift card and you have to have your own FRYs card to use it. Basically when you check out, they cashier gets a prompt to ask if you want to use your $xx.xx in RX transfer funds.

So ironically enough I received a $60 RX transfer coupon ($20 each for 3 new or transferred RX) recently in the mail. So I was in the store tonight to transfer a RX for DH. Anyway, after I dropped that off, I went to grab a few groceries...

5 12 pack of coke product - 1 free coke zero product coupon
2 3-lb bags of boneless, skinless chicken tenders
2 fat free sour creams
1 pineapple
Total 25.97
- Free coke coupon $3.00
- $25 in RX money on my card...
Cash back to me $2.03

I am not sure if they are supposed to give me cash back, but I went through self check out and when I went to complete my order, the cashier at the station automatically applied my $25 before I was asked if I had coupons... so my total popped up at $.97 and then I gave her my free coke zero coupon, so in the end, she gave me change :)


Precious March 20, 2008 at 12:07 PM  

Thanks for explaining how Fry's works their RX coupons. I had no idea. We don't normally transfer prescriptions. Do you find it a real pain in the neck?

kc March 20, 2008 at 12:43 PM  

Hi precious, its not that bad, we have several monthly ones so the hardest thing is to keep track of where I have transfered them previously. I just take the bottle in and they copy the information and contact the previous pharmacy. I figure we might as well "get" something for all the copay's we have to spend. Alberstons is my favorite, but safeway is similar, I just detest the safeway closest to us. In any event, they both take competitor's coupons and have a wide variety of store gift cards to choose from. They give me their gift card, but then I just go buy a different one using their gift card.
Cvs also takes competitor coupons and often has RX coupons out, but you can't use them to buy other gift cards, which is a major bummer. However, I NEVER spend cash at CVS as a result. I always have gift cards from them. Granted I tend to only buy deals there anyway and use ECBS, but even my small totals (tax and such) are still no OOP for me since I have CVS gift cards. Target used to take competitor coupons, but don't anymore and they only occasionally have crappy $10 coupons in their sales ad.
I just recently started transferring to frys, this will be my third one and so I didn't know how their system worked. However they also take competitor coupon. Bashas does not. I have asked, but I do see them have offer $20 coupons sometimes.
I hope I didn't overwhelm with info. :)

Precious March 20, 2008 at 2:16 PM  

No, you didn't overwhelm me! Thank you for all that info. I have made note of it. We have all of our prescriptions at CVS. The only pharmacy that would take our plan was Walgreens until last Jan 1st. Now all the stores take our plan so I am thinking about transferring like you do.

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