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>> March 07, 2008

Ok MIL and FIL watched the babe for a few hours, so I made the grand circle tour to run a few errands... It went great!

Here is some of the items... couldn't show them all :)

8 pencils
1 embrace razor -4 coupon
$25 Gift Certificate
3 Visine - (3) 3.00 coupons
- (8) $4 coupons from sunday
Total was 1.18 (subtotal was actually -.04 with 1.22 in tax)

3 Captain Crunch - .50/1 coupons
3 total -.50/1 coupons
3 cheerios -.50/1 coupons
1 quaker squares -.50/1 coupon
2 eating right canned pears - 1.00/1 coupons
$100 Southwest Airline Gift card
Used (2) $30 gift cards, (1) $10 gift card (1) 8.14 gift card and (1) $20 Savings rally coupon
Total was $2.36 cash

Basically the cereal was free, .50 for the 2 cans of fruit and then $1.86 for my $100 swa gift card. I have been saving for the swa gift card and my $20 rally was about to expire so I needed to use it!!

Anyway, I also went to a much more friendly safeway, its a little further away, but well worth it. The cashier was excited for me, told me about the frozen food movie promo, not freaking out about my deals!!

Bread Store
Orowheat 100% whole wheat bread
Orowheat Hamburger Buns
Orowheat Hotdog Buns
2 Whole Wheat Boboli Crusts
Thomas english muffins
- Free coupon for spending $4+
-Free item in store promo for spend $5+
Total= $5.26

Office Max
1 ream of paper
1 office max brand printer cartridge
-$10 off $20
- $9 (for 3 used cartridges I brought in)
Total was $3.28!

EOB Travel size items 90% off
3 bags of hersheys candies- 1.50/3
1 CVS candy - free coupon
3 Colgate Total tooth paste -1.00 and .75 coupons
1 CVS Bottle/Bag promo thing with coupons
-$5 CVS
-$3 CVS brand
-$8.95 ECB
-$0.66 on gift card
$5.80 Cash back to me... because I was overcharged
$8.97ECB earned
MADE ~$5 on the trip:)


Precious March 7, 2008 at 5:43 PM  


Great job today! Isn't it nice to get out alone when MIL and FIL babysit? We babysit our grandaughter so our DIL can run errands alone too. Every Mom needs some alone time. It is so much easier than getting the baby in t and out of the car, in and out of the car, etc.

We just got an advertisement that we now have a Oroweat, Entemanns, Thomas outlet in the area. Can you tell me a little more about what kind of deals they run and how their prices are?

Also, I am not up on the lingo. What is EOB?

kc March 7, 2008 at 7:06 PM  

Hi precious,
EOB is essence of beauty.. just the cvs brand :)
It is nice to get out and run some errands fast without torturing the little one. He hates getting into the car seat :)

Our bread store is an orowheat one and they have pretty good deals. They have punch cards that allow you to earn free products, with some days double punch days. We get coupons in the mail that are B1G1 and Get free with $4.00 purchase. And also in our store, when you spend $5+ you get a free item from their "free item" rack. So I try to get to $5 (after one of my coupons) so that I get another free item. They also sell "new" bread but at regular prices. 6 things for $5 is awesome and we freeze bread when I get extra buns or something. It would be worth checking out.

Nae March 7, 2008 at 9:43 PM  

Hi KC,
I love your blog. I'm so glad I found it through Pinching your Pennies. I love that website. I just moved to AZ a few months ago, so I'm trying to learn good penny pinching at stores I'm not as familiar with. Question: What is the Southwest GC you were talking about? And how do you get so many different GC? By the way, I'm planning on doing the Olay sale at Walgreens tomorrow thanks to your post. I use that soap and would love to stock up. Thanks, I'm learning!

kc March 8, 2008 at 8:13 AM  

Hi Nae!
I am so glad to hear from another person in AZ! I am sorry my posts can be cryptic, I am not sure who reads it and sometimes I am in a hurry. Basically its a Southwest Airlines Gift Certificate, we are saving for a trip to disneyland in Sept/Oct. I received some of the gift certificates from Rx transfers at Safeway and one from a previous promotion when their "coupon" didn't print right.
On the olay deal, I have been to a few walgreens looking to buy some zest (using 1.00 coupons), not as a good a deal, but still a money maker and my husband will use it. Anyway, I have seen a lot of walgreens wiped out, because even if you don't have coupons, its still free soap. So you might need to check a few different locations. I did see a few stores with Olay and only one with Zest.
Thanks for commenting, it totally makes my day that I can help! :)

Precious March 8, 2008 at 8:21 AM  


Thanks for explaining the bread store. I will have to go there. You have been a big help to a lot of people including me.

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