>> March 08, 2008

Ok so I spent some time sorting through and organize my HBA closet. Basically its very organized with drawers and bins, for different items: hair stuff, soap, lotion teeth stuff, etc. But there is space on top of the bins and in between them, so my new purchases tend to get stuffed in there until its overflowing and I need to sort through it again. So I piled up all the extras, sorted it into piles and then examined what I already had stored in each category. Then I decided which stuff I wanted to keep (out of the new and existing stockpile).

I now have a big bin of stock pile items I hope I can yard sale for Disneyland Money :) Of course the catch is that I have to find someone having a yard sale, because we don't really have enough stuff to have our own :)

Anyway, here are a few pics.

My closet, I removed all the extra HBA stuff that I jammed in every nook and cranny.. the picture below is all the extra stuff from the closet that I sorted into groups then made decisions about. :)


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