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>> April 15, 2008

I saw a movie last night with one of my closest friends (a non couponer),
Hi Lee :)
Lee said she needed me to sit down and explain coupon things to her because she doesn't know all the coupon terms. So I thought I would explain a few things on the blog to help out other people too.

Extra care buck program. Buy certain items, get a coupon after you purchase it for $ off you next purchase (of anything at CVS). Sometimes these are Free after ECB, meaning you buy something for 6.99 and get a 6.99 ECB (coupon on end of receipt) if you combine this deal with manufacturer's coupons, then you are sort of making money. Buy soap at 6.99 - 1.00 coupon= 5.99, earn 6.99 in ECBS. There are ample opportunities to "make money" at CVS
Walgreens- RR
Walgreens has register rewards, similar to ECBS. Basically they advertise that if X things, you get a coupon for $x.xx good on your next purchase. You can again use manufacturer's coupons here to "make money" on certain deals.

I prefer CVS deals, there seems to be more opportunities for Overage (making money), but I do frequent walgreens for great deals as well.

In addition walgreens has a rebate program and recently started allowing AZ residents to submit the rebates online. This is nice because you don't have to remember to fill out the form and send in the receipts. Nor do you have to pay to mail it or worry about the Post Office losing it.

Both RR and ECB's have expiration dates. So while they are like cash to spend in the store, there is a shelf life on the coupons and it sucks when they expire. :(

A few more general terms
BOGO= Buy one get one free
BOGO 50%= Buy one get one 50% off.
WAG= walgreens coupon (any store coupons can generally be combined with manufacturer's coupon for a better deal, like Target, and CVS coupons)
MFC= manufacturer's coupons

Also I get a couple sets of coupon inserts each sunday, one from my paper and one from my parents and in laws. I find the best system to just cut out coupons I KNOW I will use and keep them with me, however, I file my coupon inserts by date and when I need to find a coupon, I just go to my file cabinet.

I hope this post helps some coupon newbies understand my blogs better. Please comment with addition questions/terms that I should explain better.


Precious April 15, 2008 at 2:14 PM  

Well written! Thanks for sharing!

LeAnne April 17, 2008 at 9:47 AM  

Thanks Karen...I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. :)

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