Walgreens $10/$30

>> May 30, 2008

Today there is a special $10 off $30 purchase coupon good at walgreens available.. today only. I "luckily" still had one coupon good for a free one touch meter, which allowed me to make my total higher...so here is my order
One touch mini meter - 14.99 coupon
2 walgreens ultra AA batteries (B1G1)
Walgreens water filter (rebate item for june)
6 chex mix - (5) 1.00 coupons
-$10 coupon
Total 2.36 on a gift card
I will get back 7.59 for the water filter on my rebate next month. :)



1 Playskool - 3.00 coupon
2 wipes - 1.00 coupons
1 nail clipper - 1.00 coupon
3 trident gums (3.57 total fillers)
- 3/15
-3/10 cvs
- 3.79 ecb
Total 4.84 on a gift card
Earned $5 ECB for playskool
Just to sum up my playskool deals this week: 3 Playskool Mega pack diapers + 4 wipes=

Total cost $ 15.12 with tax (ecbs + gift card $ used) - $10 (ECBS earned) = $5.12 (including tax) Net cost for 3 "mega" packs and 4 wipes... not bad. ** this calculation factors out the tums (money maker) and candy/gum fillers from my 3 orders.**

And I have visual proof of the crazy companies quietly "raising prices." I have 2 MEGA packs with 40 size 4 diapers and `1 MEGA pack with 46 size 4 diapers. I guess the economy swallowed up 6 diapers per pack. You can tell in my picture that one pack is slightly larger... When I was picking up the 3rd pack today, I was looking for the 46 count pack and confused myself when I didn't see it in the store, because I "swore" that I had just purchased size 5 diapers with 46 in a pack. I am happy to say I am not crazy... but unhappy to realize why.


Playskool again

>> May 29, 2008

Ok another playskool purchase... towards this weeks deals
1 Playskool Mega pack
2 playskool wipes
3 clearance candies (fillers)
- $3/15 purchase
-$3/10 cvs brand
-$3 playskool diapers
-$1 playskool wipes
-$1 playskool wipes
-$3.79 ECB
Total $1.83 on a gift card
Earned $5 (playskool purchases)

I plan on doing at least one order like the one above by Saturday (if not more).. its been hard to get out to the store lately.



>> May 27, 2008

There are some decent deals to be had at CVS this week on playskool diapers. There are several coupons you can use + $5 ECBs for every $20.

So I did one deal today and plan on going a few more times to make the most of it. I have quite a pile of diapers, and am currently working on size 5 (he is already in size 4's).

1 playskool Mega pack 10.99- 2.00 coupon
1 Tums Quick pak - 2.25
- 3 CVS
-7.99 ecb
Total .66 on a gift card
Earned $4.69 for the tums...


Disney Ticker Update

>> May 26, 2008

I cashed 2 checks this weekend, one from Walgreens and the other Caregivers Rebate, so I am adding $78
$250 SWA
$670 Cash
$50 American Express
$123 Disney Rewards
$1093 Total


Twice as Nice :)

>> May 23, 2008

Quinn broke his bouncy... I guess we used the heck out of it. So I hit a Twice as Nice to see what they had to replace it.
I found a total deal, A newborn to toddler rocker by fisher price. It rocks vs. bounces, but the weight limit is 40 lbs vs. 25 (Quinn is at about 22 lbs right now), so its much more practical for long term use. Plus it still vibrates, which seems to help Quinnie nap longer. I had been looking at buying a new one of these as a replacement since Quinn was approaching the weight limit anyway, this is $45 + tax at BRU. The exact same one!!
Twice As Nice Price = $25 (no tax when you use store credit). I paid with my store credit so $O oop :)
And great news, fisher price is sending me a label to ship the bouncy back and they are sending me a refund check (~$33) even though it was shower gift. :) Yeah!!


Disney Funds Update

>> May 17, 2008

Adding $62 from craigslist sales
$250 SWA
$592 Cash
$50 American Express
$123 Disney Rewards
$1015 Total


I am Lazy: My deals this week..

>> May 16, 2008

Ok. So here are my deals from this week...
1 CVS Bottle Liners
1 CVS Allergy
3 Colgate TB- 1.00 coupons
3 Aqua Fresh TP -1.00 coupons
2 Trident Gum (fillers)
- 3/10 cvs brand
-3/15 coupon
-21.47 ECB
1.87 Total on a gift card.
Earned in $ 24.73 ECBs back.
So made more back then I spent and I got a pack of bottle liners

I also found Hawaiian tropic lip stuff at 2 different stores, so I managed to purchase it on my card and my mom's.. Buy 2 at 1.99 each. and Earn $10 ECB, so a nice little money maker. Its too bad, the limit was 1. Oh and I totally screwed it up twice. First buying the wrong brand, and then buying it on my card, after I had already done the deal. But I returned them and figured it out. :)
Bed Head Hair Dryer (75% off)
Pert Plus - 1.00
- 6 RR
Total 13.14 on a gift card
Plus 2.75 back on the gift for the rebate

6 Huggies Pulls Up Night Time - 2. 50 coupons
2 Huggies Night Time Diapers -2.50 coupons
$ 29. 15 total

Plus I can send away for caregivers rebate of $8


Disney Funds update

>> May 13, 2008

I am adding $50 in American Express gift cards from WAG...
$250 SWA
$530 Cash
$50 American Express
$123 Disney Rewards
$953 Total


2 hours on Monday.

My mom was able to come watch Quinnie for 2 hours yesterday and I managed to get quite a few things done.
4 Lawrys - .50/1 (3 doubled, 1 not)
4 York Peppermint Patties - .55/1 (3 doubled, 1 not)
Total $4.95 OOP

2 Shell $25 Visa Gift Cards
3 V8 (on sale this week for 2.5)
3 walgreens soap (.25 each with WAG coupon, but I had trouble with this)
-$59 in RR
Total $0.19 on a gift card.
I made a mistake here, I miscalculated how much I had for fillers, I thought for some reason my coupons equaled $58, so I was going for cheapie .25 soaps, but the register wouldn't take the WAG coupon... which in the end I guess was good, because I would have gone negative since my three soaps at full price were $1.59 instead of the sale .75. I just wish I had calculated it better and bought a more useful filler with my extra $1.50.. oh well soap for the donate pile and I should be thankful for no hassles using a 7 RR.

Next Walgreens
2 $25 American Express Gift cards (each with a 3.95 activation fee)
6 disposable forks/spoons (on sale for 2/$1)
- $60 in RR
Total 1.10 on a gift card

Ok now I am down to only $9 in RR from last week, which is a relief because I hate holding them and waiting to use them. They expire pretty fast. And now I have more funds for our vacation and I will submit for the $25 promo through american express, so while I spent $7.90 in activation fees for the american express gift cards, I will get a $25 gift card to use, so I am still coming out ahead on that one. :)

99 cent only
2 Tropicana OJ
2 Dole Salads
3 jello 100 calories pudding packs
1 mushroom
2 packs of carrots
1 cucumber pack
Total $10.89

I saw someone checking out with like 10 half gallons of horizon organic milk.. I guess they cleaned them out, that would be a great find! Oh well I was pretty happy with what I did find :)

2 CVS Bottle Liners
1 CVS Allergy meds
-2/10 cvs
- 8 ECB
Total $5.80 on a gift card
Earned $3.79 in ECB
(not the best plan but we were totally out of 8 oz bottle liners, I need to come up with a few good plans to get more this week, I wish they were on sale but oh well, I hope to stock up on enough to get Quinn through his formula faze).



>> May 10, 2008

Ok I did go back out to check a couple stores, while I was getting gas and picking up Rx's this morning.. and I managed to do 3 more deals. Basically I did toothpaste, mr clean wipes, deodorant, covergirl and cottonelle wipes...
Total on a GC = $23.84
Earned $50 in RR (covergirl gave me grief and only earned $10, but the OOP was like $1.. so oh well, still make money).
I still have $108 in RR to use. I was able to reload my WAG card several times this week $10 at a time to keep the deal going and I also bought the $50 Shell card yesterday.
So overall pretty good, I need to decide what I am doing, I did use my rebate gift card a bit, so I need to make sure I get the rebate times for the month to build it back up.
I also forgot to get more of the freebie bodywash using my free coupon, I might try and grab some more tonight when we head out to Peter's parents house for dinner.. I haven't checked those walgreens out yet anyway... MAYBE there are some toothpastes still out there :)


Walgreens.... Again..and CVS

>> May 09, 2008

Walgreens #1

2 Olay - 3/2
2 maybelline- 1.00/1
3 Mr Clean Wipes - .50/1 (only one coupon)
1 Gillete mens body wash
1 photo order .99
-$9 RR
Total on a gift card
Earned 20 RR + coupon for free gillete body wash

Walgreens #2
$50 Shell Card
6 Chicken broth
1 Zantac - $5
1 Gillete Fusion Razor - $2
-(6) $10 RR coupons
Total $1.83 on a gift card
Earned $9 RR

Walgreens #3
Gillete body wash - free coupon
Total $.21 (tax) on a gift card.
Earned Free coupon again

Walgreens #4
1 Zantac - $5
1 Gillete Fusion - $2
$15 Walgreens gift card
1 Chicken Broth (needed a filler)
-(2)$10 RR coupons
Total $3.29 on a gift card
Earned $9 RR

Walgreens #5
Gillete body wash - free coupon
Total $.21 (tax) on a gift card.
Earned Free coupon again.

4 Trash bags (BOGO50%) - $2 CVS
1 playskool baby clipper - 1.00
1 jj buddy bar - 1.00
2 jj baby shampoo - 2.00/2
2 jj baby lotion - 2.00/2
-$3 CVS
-$5.49 ECB
Total $1.22 on a gift card
(No ECBs earned, but I need to burn the $5.49 one and stock up on the trash bags)


Disney Ticker Update

Disney Funds update.. rebates (listerine, caregivers, sambucal) and selling swimmers on Craigslist, plus we have earned another $23 in disney rewards with our Visa.
$250 SWA
$530 Cash
$123 Disney Rewards
$903 Total


Walgreens (Wed)

>> May 08, 2008

Order #1
2 Olay Face Lotion with SPF 15 - 3.00/2
2 Charmin wipes- .25/1
2 Covergirl thingys - 1.00/1
1 Mr Clean Wipes (on clearance for 1.79)
- $6 RR
Total $11.13 OOP (actually cash because I was fumbling and couldn't find my gift card)...
Earned $20 RR

I need to go get an adjust of $.60 for the charmin because I forgot to use the WAG coupon in the ad.

Order #2
2 Olay Face Lotion with SPF 15 -3.00/2
3 Charmin Wipes - .25/1 and WAG coupon
3 Mr. Clean Wipes (on clearance for 1.79)
- 3RR
Total $16.40 OOP on a gift card
Earned $20 RR

Still technically money makers, but not super great. However, we needed facial sunscreen and we only use face moisturizer with spf 15 + of some sort for that. I might do the deal one more time.. so I have 6 bottles.. I don't have any of this type of lotion in my stockpile.. so 6 bottles would be good :)


Walgreens today....

>> May 06, 2008

Order #1
2 Crest ProHealth TP- .50/1 coupons - WAG coupons
1 cottonelle wipes - .25 coupon
4 covergirl items - free blush - 1.00
- 6.00 RR
$3. 66 Total on a gift card
Earned $20 RR

Order #2
Zantac - $4
Venus - $4
Walgreens TP
$1.90 Total on a gift card
Earned $9 RR

Order #3
Zantac -$5
Venus - $4
5 Walgreens Tissue
-$10 RR
$1.08 total on a gift card
Earned $9 RR

Order #4
6 Covergirl items - free blush, -2.50/2- 1.00/1
-$6 RR
$3.28 total on a gift card (should have been only $1.28 but I didn't want to raise a fuss... the guy entered 3.99 instead of 5.99 for the free blush)
Earned $20 RR

Order #5
6 Covergirl items - free blush - 2.50/2 - 1.00/1
-$6 RR
$3.78 total on a gift card
Earned $20 RR


From Monday.....

Walgreens from Monday....
Walgreens has worked out well for me the past few days. I am glad I was able to get out yesterday and do a few Crest orders, because the two stores I checked tonight were wiped clean.I still did pretty well, earned an net of $15 in RR (using 5.65 on my gift card)...
Order #1
Venus razor - $4 coupon
Zantac - $5 coupon
Toilet Paper
Filler/Truffle ($.33)
- $10.00 RR
Total $1.52 on a gift card
Earned $9 in RR
Order #2
Walgreens tissue
1 clorox bleach
Zantac - $5
Venus - $4
-$10.00 RR
Subtotal was -.64 + 1.11 in tax... so .35 on my gift card. I had it calculated close, but I didn't expect to get the full $5 on my zantac coupon, (same as in the first order, which is why I needed a filler up above). Still I am not complaining...
Earned $9 RR
Order #3
Covergirl blush - free coupon
Eyeliner- 1.00/1 coupon
2 eye shadows - 2.50/2
Pencil sharpener
Nail Polish - 2.50/2
- 3.00 RR
Total $3.78
Earned $20 in RR


$11.56 on a gift card =$60 RR

>> May 04, 2008

Walgreens... some awesome trips today. I spend $11.56 on my walgreens gift card and earned $60 in RR :)

Orders 1 & 2
9 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste (day and night) - 3/2 wag coupons, - (3) 1.00 mfc
- 3.00 RR
Total 4.37 oop on a gift card
Earned $20 in register rewards.. for each order

Order 3
9 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste (day and night) - 3/2 wag coupons, - (2) 1.00 mfc
- (2) 3.00 RR
Total 2.82 oop on a gift card
Earned $20 in register rewards.

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