2 hours on Monday.

>> May 13, 2008

My mom was able to come watch Quinnie for 2 hours yesterday and I managed to get quite a few things done.
4 Lawrys - .50/1 (3 doubled, 1 not)
4 York Peppermint Patties - .55/1 (3 doubled, 1 not)
Total $4.95 OOP

2 Shell $25 Visa Gift Cards
3 V8 (on sale this week for 2.5)
3 walgreens soap (.25 each with WAG coupon, but I had trouble with this)
-$59 in RR
Total $0.19 on a gift card.
I made a mistake here, I miscalculated how much I had for fillers, I thought for some reason my coupons equaled $58, so I was going for cheapie .25 soaps, but the register wouldn't take the WAG coupon... which in the end I guess was good, because I would have gone negative since my three soaps at full price were $1.59 instead of the sale .75. I just wish I had calculated it better and bought a more useful filler with my extra $1.50.. oh well soap for the donate pile and I should be thankful for no hassles using a 7 RR.

Next Walgreens
2 $25 American Express Gift cards (each with a 3.95 activation fee)
6 disposable forks/spoons (on sale for 2/$1)
- $60 in RR
Total 1.10 on a gift card

Ok now I am down to only $9 in RR from last week, which is a relief because I hate holding them and waiting to use them. They expire pretty fast. And now I have more funds for our vacation and I will submit for the $25 promo through american express, so while I spent $7.90 in activation fees for the american express gift cards, I will get a $25 gift card to use, so I am still coming out ahead on that one. :)

99 cent only
2 Tropicana OJ
2 Dole Salads
3 jello 100 calories pudding packs
1 mushroom
2 packs of carrots
1 cucumber pack
Total $10.89

I saw someone checking out with like 10 half gallons of horizon organic milk.. I guess they cleaned them out, that would be a great find! Oh well I was pretty happy with what I did find :)

2 CVS Bottle Liners
1 CVS Allergy meds
-2/10 cvs
- 8 ECB
Total $5.80 on a gift card
Earned $3.79 in ECB
(not the best plan but we were totally out of 8 oz bottle liners, I need to come up with a few good plans to get more this week, I wish they were on sale but oh well, I hope to stock up on enough to get Quinn through his formula faze).


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