I am Lazy: My deals this week..

>> May 16, 2008

Ok. So here are my deals from this week...
1 CVS Bottle Liners
1 CVS Allergy
3 Colgate TB- 1.00 coupons
3 Aqua Fresh TP -1.00 coupons
2 Trident Gum (fillers)
- 3/10 cvs brand
-3/15 coupon
-21.47 ECB
1.87 Total on a gift card.
Earned in $ 24.73 ECBs back.
So made more back then I spent and I got a pack of bottle liners

I also found Hawaiian tropic lip stuff at 2 different stores, so I managed to purchase it on my card and my mom's.. Buy 2 at 1.99 each. and Earn $10 ECB, so a nice little money maker. Its too bad, the limit was 1. Oh and I totally screwed it up twice. First buying the wrong brand, and then buying it on my card, after I had already done the deal. But I returned them and figured it out. :)
Bed Head Hair Dryer (75% off)
Pert Plus - 1.00
- 6 RR
Total 13.14 on a gift card
Plus 2.75 back on the gift for the rebate

6 Huggies Pulls Up Night Time - 2. 50 coupons
2 Huggies Night Time Diapers -2.50 coupons
$ 29. 15 total

Plus I can send away for caregivers rebate of $8


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