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>> May 23, 2008

Quinn broke his bouncy... I guess we used the heck out of it. So I hit a Twice as Nice to see what they had to replace it.
I found a total deal, A newborn to toddler rocker by fisher price. It rocks vs. bounces, but the weight limit is 40 lbs vs. 25 (Quinn is at about 22 lbs right now), so its much more practical for long term use. Plus it still vibrates, which seems to help Quinnie nap longer. I had been looking at buying a new one of these as a replacement since Quinn was approaching the weight limit anyway, this is $45 + tax at BRU. The exact same one!!
Twice As Nice Price = $25 (no tax when you use store credit). I paid with my store credit so $O oop :)
And great news, fisher price is sending me a label to ship the bouncy back and they are sending me a refund check (~$33) even though it was shower gift. :) Yeah!!


Precious May 24, 2008 at 9:10 AM  

What a handsome boy Quinn is! :-)

You did well on this deal and I love the fact that you are getting a refund on the gift one!

kc May 24, 2008 at 7:09 PM  

Thanks, We think he is a cutie pie too. :)

Yeah I was very happy with Fisher Price, I wasn't calling for a refund, at least not demanding one, I just called to inquire about the weight limit and expected life of the product, since we have only used it 8 months. They were very interested in the circumstances of the break and are having me ship it back for testing. Anyway, a great deal for me, we will apply the refund towards are disney trip :)

Plus I totally lucked out on finding the toddler rocker, sometimes I am in that store and there stuff is pretty well used and worn.

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