Walgreens and Albies again.

>> June 27, 2008

I decided to use the $5/20 coupon tonight, because I had noticed some similac marked down and just received some new formula checks.

Walgreens #1
1 Similac Can marked down to 17.xx- 1.00 coupon
1 Similac RTF liquid marked down to 4.19- 1.00 coupon
2 Trail mix .99 (fillers)
- $5/20
-$10 formula checks
$6.36 Total on a gift card. Great price for a large can of formula.
++ $.75 Catalina from trail mix

Walgreens #2
1 Similac can marked down to 17.xx - 1.00 coupon
1 Similac RTF liquid marked to $4.19
4 Trail mix .99
2 Maalox - 2.00 june, - 2.00 july, -2.00 MFC coupons (for overage)
2 Dixie plates - $3/2 coupon
-$10 formula checks
$7.32 Total on a gift card. Again a great price for a large can of formula
++ $1.50 Catalina from the trail mix

Walgreens #3
2 Dixie bowls - $3/2
$1.02 Total on a gift card.

Transferred an RX, another $30 gift card to use.
5 vlasic relish - 1.00 coupons
5 capri suns
- $4.00 OYNO catalina from my 1st trip.
Total... which is 2.50 higher than I wanted, because the clerk wouldn't give me overage on the vlasic coupons, for some reason they didn't just scan for him, they did earlier in the day, so I am not sure what happened. Anyway, he quickly realized that the relish was actually on .50 each after the discount and would only take off $2.50 for my coupons.. oh well... I guess the $4 catalina the earlier cashier gave me makes up for it.


Albertsons, Frys, Walgreens, AND 99 Cent store

I managed some pretty hot deals today :)

Albertsons has the buy 10 (select items, but lots are participating) and get $5 off you bill.
4 salad dressing - 75/2 coupons
6 juice juice apple juice 64 oz- 4 .75 coupons and 2 1.00 coupons
5 vlasic relish - 1.00 coupons (gave me overage)
2 cheerios snack mix - 1.00 coupons
3 albertsons olives
Total was 9.50 (on a gift card from an rx transfer)

less than .50 an item and the juice is usually much more :)
Total bonus the cashier gave me the catalina coupons that were sitting on the machine (I guess since I had used coupons) and one of them turned out to be a $4 OYNO coupon from planters, so YEAH me...

2 Dixie plates- b1g1 wag coupon
2 maalox - 2 june wag coupon, - 2 july wag coupon - 2 & 1.50 MFC coupons (= overage)
Total $1.22 (.95 was tax) on a gift card
Plus I received the 3.00 coupon for 2 dixie products (which are on sale this week for b1g1 for 3.79)

Walgreens #2
2 Dixie plates- 3.00/2 catalina from first order
4 planters trail mix .99 with wag coupon
3 maalox - june and july 2.00 wag - 1.50 MFC coupons
Total $1.18 (.96 was tax) on a gift card
Plus I earned 1.50 OYNO for the trail mix and another 3.00/2 dixie coupon

Walgreens #3
2 Dixie plates - 3.00/2 catalinas
$1.02 (.23 tax) Total on a gift card

So far.. that works to .32 a pack of plates with tax less the 1.50 I earned on the trail mix. Of course all of it was on a gift card, so still $0 OOP anway.

6 lawrys marinade - .50/1 coupons doubled
6 cattlemens BBQ sauce - .75/1 coupons doubled
Total OOP $0 (I did have to break this into 2 orders to meet their limit 3 like coupons requirement)

99 cent only
YEAH I did well here, I knew I had hit the right time (~9ish) because there were several people making a bee line to the refrigerated section and a small crowd :) There are workers there that call people to tell them what they have....

The highlights
3 tropicana OJ's
Breyers Ice cream
4 6 packs of activa light yogurt
target brand infant sun hat (circo) with SPF 50
target brand infant swim pants (circo) with SPF 50
I spent $ 19.xx and was very happy with my cold finds... :)

The guy was just bringing stuff out in front the cases (not even stocking it and offering it up.. who wants this.. who wants that.. etc.... so I think this situation happens often, its great when I can hit it right, since I don't actually know anyone that works there.)


Saving $ on Auto Insurance

>> June 17, 2008

So in an effort to save more money, I have been shopping around for auto insurance. I actually upped our under/un-insured (which had been quite low) and kept our same $500 deductible with $0 for glass and found I could still save $270 every 6 months by using progressive.
I didn't check EVERY insurance company out there, but quite a few and found that geico was also reasonable for us. However american family and our current amerprise was higher.
I feel very successful with this challenge since I now have "Better Coverage" and we are still saving a significant amount of money.

Bills still on my list to tackle:
cell phone bill (I am going to try and combine into a family plan with my dad and brother).
home insurance

Any other ideas on where I should look to save money??


Saving $ on bills...

>> June 16, 2008

Precious over at http://frugalmakescents.blogspot.com inspired me to write this post. She has been talking about all sorts of frugal ideas on ways to save money. I have been working on lower our bills and had some success on Sunday with cable. While its not a deal I found to buy.. it is about saving money, so I will also post my ideas here.

We actually have digital cable with hd and dvr + cable Internet, which has been costing us about $138 a month. I know some people do without such luxuries, but we "need" these. :) I have been wanting to switch to Qwest for TV and Internet to take advantage of a promotional rate, but Internet isn't available at our house. Anyway, I have called Comcast several times, always being transferred to our local office, who has been unable to offer us a better deal, other than to give us movie channels which we aren't interested in. So I tried their "chat" option on the comcast website and "raquel" was able to help me out. She was able to lower our bill by ~$50 for the next 6 months! I just "made" $300!

Hopefully qwest Internet will be available in our area by then... if not then who knows.

I am also working on our auto insurance and possibly our home insurance, I will let you know how it goes.


99 cent store and Target

>> June 13, 2008

Here is my cutie with his new sunglasses on!
Some of my deals from that day...

I found a couple of cute deals at 99 cent store today, I like to hit it up and see if I can find any good refrigerated deals, but there wasn't much along those lines today.

I found 3 target brand infant sunglasses that velcro in the back (we hit target afterwards and these are 5.99 regular price, so even if you could find them at 75% off, that would be $1.50, so definitely a bargain).
1 tigger ice boo boo pack
2 packs of bell peppers
Mini carrots
Another bottle cooler with ice pack (NFL brand with colts which isn't our team, but we use these all the time to keep Quinn's milk cold and our constant use had trashed our free similac one). Super deal!

4 ALL trial size
3 renu trial size contact solution
2 gillette shave gel trial size
2 clean and clear face stuff trial size
1 butt paste
All free with coupons


Cvs and disneyland!

>> June 11, 2008

Ok I found a couple deals at CVS today...

CVS brand diapers size 6 50% off 4.50
I already bought some of these but I am nervous about oil prices, I guess they are part of diapers, so I need to really stock up. I am tempted to even by smaller sizes for #2, but I am not sure if I have the space. Anyway, I was hoping to find these at 75% off, but my mom was doing the candy deal including some of the cvs brand ones.. so I was able to piggy back this on to her deal and use a $3/10.. so essentially $1.50. I plan on checking out another store for more cheaperish diapers.

I also found playskool brand spoons for $1.75 and used the 1.00 off playskool accessories coupons, I bought 2 packs, we go through a lot of spoons, and sometimes run out if I am waiting to run the dishwasher.

I also bought 1 johnsons buddies foaming shampoo for 1.90 - 1.00 coupon.. apparently these are great, so we will see :)

I also added 30 to my disneyland total... sold more stuff on craigslist. We are getting closer and closer!!

$250 SWA
$598 Cash
$200 American Express
$156 Disney Rewards
$1204 Total


Disney Ticker Update

>> June 09, 2008

Sold some more stuff on craigslist... I am adding $48 in cash, plus another $33 in disney chase rewards from using our disney credit card.

I also converted some cash to american express gift cards which do have activiation fees, but because I am sending in for the american express promo, I took the activation fees out of my regular budget, so there is no change in disney funds due to the american express transaction.

$250 SWA
$568 Cash
$200 American Express
$156 Disney Rewards
$1174 Total



>> June 01, 2008

I had a couple big cvs runs today. Using 2 cards (mine and my mom's) these are the deals I did.
Card 1, order 1
4 chex mix - 1.00 coupons
2 cvs bandaids
2 listerine smart rinse - 1.00 coupons
1 cvs hand wipe - free coupon
- 3/15
- 5.98 ecb
Total .10 on a gift card
Earned $11 ecbs

Card 1, order 2
5 brut deod - 1.00 coupns (only had 3)
1 huggies body wash- 1.00 mfc and 1.00 cvs crt
1 cvs band aids
- 11 ecbs (from above)
Total 1.27 on a gift card
Earned $19 ecbs

Basically I am trying to build up some ecbs on this card to do the toilet paper deal this week... which I will do another day.

For card number 2.. I planned on building up my 11.37 ECB (that was expiring today) into a bigger amount using coupons and overages.. in order to cheaply do a TP deal on this card as well. However, I lacked some extra coupons to do OVERAGE freebie deals, so I decided to just blow the ECB on clearance diapers. I do have more ECBs on this card, that I can build up and use later this week if I have time. I just ran out tonight to use this up and made out pretty good, of course I had a great cashier too!!

4 packs cvs brand size 6 diapers $4.50 each (50% off) -3.00 and 2.00 coupon
2 simalson ear drops packs $1.62 each (75% off) - 3.00 coupon
1 trident gum (filler)
-11.37 ecb
Total $.21 on a gift card.

I was really hoping to find these diapers marked down 75%, they still have a few packs so maybe next week. Also the cashier offered a 2/10 cvs brand coupon, and said I could still use it even after I explained that I had a 3/10 from the scanner. Ya CVS... this happened at my least fave store, so that was awesome. It basically helped bring my diapers to a negative total and allowed me to get a pack of gum :)

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