Cvs and disneyland!

>> June 11, 2008

Ok I found a couple deals at CVS today...

CVS brand diapers size 6 50% off 4.50
I already bought some of these but I am nervous about oil prices, I guess they are part of diapers, so I need to really stock up. I am tempted to even by smaller sizes for #2, but I am not sure if I have the space. Anyway, I was hoping to find these at 75% off, but my mom was doing the candy deal including some of the cvs brand ones.. so I was able to piggy back this on to her deal and use a $3/10.. so essentially $1.50. I plan on checking out another store for more cheaperish diapers.

I also found playskool brand spoons for $1.75 and used the 1.00 off playskool accessories coupons, I bought 2 packs, we go through a lot of spoons, and sometimes run out if I am waiting to run the dishwasher.

I also bought 1 johnsons buddies foaming shampoo for 1.90 - 1.00 coupon.. apparently these are great, so we will see :)

I also added 30 to my disneyland total... sold more stuff on craigslist. We are getting closer and closer!!

$250 SWA
$598 Cash
$200 American Express
$156 Disney Rewards
$1204 Total


Precious June 12, 2008 at 2:00 PM  

Great job on the diapers and your money for your trip!

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