>> June 01, 2008

I had a couple big cvs runs today. Using 2 cards (mine and my mom's) these are the deals I did.
Card 1, order 1
4 chex mix - 1.00 coupons
2 cvs bandaids
2 listerine smart rinse - 1.00 coupons
1 cvs hand wipe - free coupon
- 3/15
- 5.98 ecb
Total .10 on a gift card
Earned $11 ecbs

Card 1, order 2
5 brut deod - 1.00 coupns (only had 3)
1 huggies body wash- 1.00 mfc and 1.00 cvs crt
1 cvs band aids
- 11 ecbs (from above)
Total 1.27 on a gift card
Earned $19 ecbs

Basically I am trying to build up some ecbs on this card to do the toilet paper deal this week... which I will do another day.

For card number 2.. I planned on building up my 11.37 ECB (that was expiring today) into a bigger amount using coupons and overages.. in order to cheaply do a TP deal on this card as well. However, I lacked some extra coupons to do OVERAGE freebie deals, so I decided to just blow the ECB on clearance diapers. I do have more ECBs on this card, that I can build up and use later this week if I have time. I just ran out tonight to use this up and made out pretty good, of course I had a great cashier too!!

4 packs cvs brand size 6 diapers $4.50 each (50% off) -3.00 and 2.00 coupon
2 simalson ear drops packs $1.62 each (75% off) - 3.00 coupon
1 trident gum (filler)
-11.37 ecb
Total $.21 on a gift card.

I was really hoping to find these diapers marked down 75%, they still have a few packs so maybe next week. Also the cashier offered a 2/10 cvs brand coupon, and said I could still use it even after I explained that I had a 3/10 from the scanner. Ya CVS... this happened at my least fave store, so that was awesome. It basically helped bring my diapers to a negative total and allowed me to get a pack of gum :)


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