Walgreens and Albies again.

>> June 27, 2008

I decided to use the $5/20 coupon tonight, because I had noticed some similac marked down and just received some new formula checks.

Walgreens #1
1 Similac Can marked down to 17.xx- 1.00 coupon
1 Similac RTF liquid marked down to 4.19- 1.00 coupon
2 Trail mix .99 (fillers)
- $5/20
-$10 formula checks
$6.36 Total on a gift card. Great price for a large can of formula.
++ $.75 Catalina from trail mix

Walgreens #2
1 Similac can marked down to 17.xx - 1.00 coupon
1 Similac RTF liquid marked to $4.19
4 Trail mix .99
2 Maalox - 2.00 june, - 2.00 july, -2.00 MFC coupons (for overage)
2 Dixie plates - $3/2 coupon
-$10 formula checks
$7.32 Total on a gift card. Again a great price for a large can of formula
++ $1.50 Catalina from the trail mix

Walgreens #3
2 Dixie bowls - $3/2
$1.02 Total on a gift card.

Transferred an RX, another $30 gift card to use.
5 vlasic relish - 1.00 coupons
5 capri suns
- $4.00 OYNO catalina from my 1st trip.
Total... which is 2.50 higher than I wanted, because the clerk wouldn't give me overage on the vlasic coupons, for some reason they didn't just scan for him, they did earlier in the day, so I am not sure what happened. Anyway, he quickly realized that the relish was actually on .50 each after the discount and would only take off $2.50 for my coupons.. oh well... I guess the $4 catalina the earlier cashier gave me makes up for it.


Precious June 30, 2008 at 1:22 PM  

Great shopping! We are all so stocked with Trail Mix, cashews and paper plates for the summer!

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