Dillards 40% off ADDITIONAL clearance prices

>> July 31, 2008

If you have a Dillards near by, it might be worth your while to check out their clearance section. We were browsing today and saw some great shoes, purses, kids clothes and stuff in the home section. I ended up with new towels for the guest bath and my mom found a dress for my brother's wedding (really gorgeous)!


Target again!!

Mom and I went to another Target to look for Quinnie toys. I didn't buy any today , but grandma did find a cozy coup II for 12.48!!! We saw this at the other target yesterday but it wasn't marked and since they are always way up high on a shelf, its hard to just scan at will. :) This store had it marked 30%, BUT I knew better! :)


Plus Tickle me Cookie monster, ba ba baby elmo and few other things!! 75% toys are target is only way to do b-days and xmas!!


99 cent store, Walgreens, Target

>> July 30, 2008

99 cent store: I notice that the 99 cent is only getting busy and busy these days. People are realizing there are deals to be had here, of course not everything is deal, its important to know what you would pay at the grocery for the same item. We arrived after 10:30, so there was no exciting cold case items to be found, but we did pretty good with the produce.

Organic Celery
bag of salad
package of 3 red bell peppers
package of 3 cucumbers
crinkle cut carrots
baby carrots
5 lbs potatoes
fresh garlic
little lemon juice thingy
sliced mushrooms
10 items = $9.90

2 ultra tuff trash bags BOGO sale (on rebate this month)
3 packaging tapes BOG2 sale (needed this!!!)
- $5 Register Reward
= $3.63 OOP (I forgot my walgreens gift card at home)

Toys went 75% off at our store today, a day earlier that we expected, my mom managed to find a few things for Quinnie's b-day and xmas . We did have to comb the aisles to find a selection, but we were pretty happy with what we managed to scrounge up. Also the toothpaste was marked down to $1.58, so combining target coupons and MFC, I only paid .08 each and the renu was free (+ tax of course).

4 Colgate (with 2 travel sizes attached to each one)
5 Renu Trial Size
Puzzle and sand/water toys
- 5 1.00 renu coupons
-4 1.00 target colgate coupons
-2 .50 and 1 1.00 colgate MFC
Total $9.41 OOP


Bashas, Safeway, Frys

>> July 29, 2008

Summary of 2 Orders (since they will only double 3 like coupons...)
6 barilla whole wheat pastas
6 kleenex
I had .50 coupons for each item. Unfortunately the kleenex coupons say "Do Not Double" which drives me nuts, and of course the cashier is a stickler.. and says "we can't double them if the manufacturer doesn't want us to" UGGGGHH. Seriously one of the lamest not thought through statements I hear with couponing, that and "one per purchase" means one coupon total. Anyway.. mini rant.. lucky for me she scanned the kleenex coupons quickly for the 2nd order.. so they doubled automatically and she decided to "let it slide".. so total for both orders... $

8 diet pepsi (20 oz)
15 kleenex
2 windex antibacterial
1 can Parmesan cheese
- (4) .50/2 diet pepsi coupons
- (15) .50/1 coupons
- (2) .75/1 coupons
- $20 & $1.50 OYNO Catalinas
Earned another $20 and $1.50 OYNO Catalinas

Then I turned around and immediately bought a $25 gift card using the $20 and $1.50 coupons, OOP $3.50. I did this to prevent letting the coupons expire. I am not a huge fan of Safeway and its actually the furthest grocery store for me, so this seems to be the smartest solution for me.

7 huggies wipes (40 ct) - 7 $1.00 coupons= Total $.57 OOP


Bashas, Safeway, Frys, Bread Store, Target AND CVS

>> July 28, 2008

Ok. Here are my trips from today...

3 barilla pasta
3 kleenex
- (3) .50barilla coupons
- (3) .50 kleenex coupons
Total $0.15 (just tax on the kleenex)

20 Kleenex (didn't have the guts to do 25.. although I came close, but only because they were out of tava and there were no other promo items I wanted....)
2 windex antibacterial
2 frostings
1 cottonelle toilet paper
- (20) .50/1 kleenex coupons
- (2) .75 windex coupons
- (2) .55/1 frosting coupons
- (1) 1.00 cottonelle coupons
Total $21.17 OOP & earned $20 OYNO coupon and $1.50 OYNO coupon

7 Huggies wipes (40 ct) - (7) 1.00 coupons.. only paid $.57 (tax) OOP

Bread store
Hamburger bun
Hot dog buns
sandwich rolls
whole wheat bread
english muffins
- free item coupon for spending 4.00
- free item store promo for spending 5.00
Total $5.99 OOP (she actually gave me a 10% discount too.. because my original total disturbed her..)

5 Renu contact solution trial size
1 Nubby sippy straw cup
-5 1.00 renu coupons
- 3.00 target coupon
Total $1.47 OOP

2 Trident gums
1 cvs backpack buddies hand wipes
- 2.00 skin care
- 4.00 ECB
Total $.59 on a gift a card.


Disneyland $$$$

Ok upping my disneyland fund.
+ $35 cash from 2 refunds (caregivers + just for men)
+ $25 Rain Forest Cafe Gift Card (just cashed in points on mypoints)

$250 SWA GC
$698 Cash
$200 American Express
$25 Gas Card
$25 Rain Forest Cafe GC
$173 Disney Rewards
$1371 Total


Quick Frys and CVS trip

>> July 27, 2008

I couldn't make myself go to Walgreens one last time, but I hit my goal of 50+ packs last week, so there was no pressure. I will try and summarize my walgreens orders from last week later.

6 huggies wipes - 1.00 coupons
Total .48 (tax) OOP

2 CVS baby wipes
5 sally nail polish (rain check for .99)
1 Sally Hansen nail polish 4.19
- 2 $2.00 CVS skin care coupons
- 3 $3/2 Sally Hansen coupons
Total .88 on a gift card.

I should have earned $5 ECBS for all of my CVS wipes "purchases", but it didn't print, so I will call CVS in a few days.


Walgreens, Safeway, CVS, Frys

>> July 26, 2008

4 folders (no cheap back to school fillers left)
$25 on my gift card
- 5 $5 RR
Total 1.81 OOP

Order #2
6 Diapers/Training Pants
2 Ritz Chips
Walgreens water filter
3 kids maalox
- july, august, RX diaper coupons
- .75 ritz chips
- maalox July, mfc
Total $5.74 on a gift card
Earned another $5 RR + will submit walgreens rebate for water filter $7.70 + $5 for kraft deal (ritz chips + my peanuts from earlier this month).

Picked up a few more 0lympic coupon books for the .50 kleenex coupons

They wouldn't let me use the 2.00 skin care on wipes, so I only bought 2 life fitness vitamins, mens multi and selenium 75% off - 3.00 CRT= 1.21 on a gift card

Frys - Mega Deal Promo
6 Pledge- BOGO coupons
4 Sargento Cheese - 1.00/2 coupons
3 Warm Delights - .50 coupons
1 Bleach
8 Apple Juice
1 Rice Krispies
2 Mrs. Vickie's chips - 1.00/2
2 Kelloggs special K snack bars - BOGO MFC
1 franks hot sauce - .50
1 cattlemens bbq- .50
1 Brawny paper towlel - .50
- 3 2.00 Catalina coupons (from the pledge).. I was at self checkout and they printed as soon as I scanned the items, so I just gave them to the cashier with the rest of my coupons..




>> July 25, 2008

I grabbed another 8 packs of diapers/training pants, 4 children's maloxx (only for overage) + 4 pack of mini dv tapes clearanced to 12.99, 1 pack of pilot pens (rebate), 1 nature made essentials (rebate), 1 package of diaper bags, Antibacterial hand wipes for a total of $17.26 with tax. I had to pay $.02 OOP the rest was on my gift card. I also earned an additional $10 in RR and another $12.09 in rebate $ once I submit for the nature made and pens. So I am still ahead $4.76 + we can use everything I bought (except the maloxx which I will donate). This brings my diaper totals up to 47 for the week. I hope to hit walgreens up tomorrow for a few more packs to meet my goal of 50+.


Free Hotel Rooms...

>> July 24, 2008

Ok here is a little more information about free hotel rooms. Basically, the wyndham hotel group has a BEST RATE GUARANTEE(BRG) that states... there own rate is cheaper than a competitor website or the 1st night of your stay is free, of course the great part about this, is if you stay is only one night.. then its totally free.

Their family of hotels include: Knights Inn, Amerihost Inn, Travelodge, Super 8, Baymont, Howard Johnson, Days Inn, Ramada, Wingate By Wyndham.

If you find a hotel rate for the exact same room 1 king vs. 1 king, etc on a competitor website.. like hotels.com, then simply book your room through wyndham, then submit a claim to their BEST RATE GUARANTEE department.

We stayed in Yuma coming and going to SD for free at the Ramada. I also have a room booked in Phoenix in December for a family Christmas function we are attending. You don't have to pick the cheapest room, in fact I have a KING SUITE for our December function. I found a competitor site that offered a cheaper rate (taxes and fees don't count), once the BRG department confirmed it, they changed my reservation to show a rate of $0.

I don't think any of these hotel chains are fabulous, but most can be pretty good or decent and it really just depends on each individual hotel. The Ramada we stayed at in Yuma, was SUPER OLD and OUTDATED... but it was a King room with fridge, microwave, lots of TV channels, a hot breakfast buffet, heated pool, etc. While I couldn't imagine paying the $94 rate they list on their website, or stay more than 1 night at a time, it was a great stop over for us and we did take advantage of the pool and breakfast. On the other hand, I found a free room for one of my brothers in phoenix... it was a days inn in Tempe, and it was a dump, I think we could have stayed if necessary, but we are also more familiar with the area (sort of crappy part near campus), however, the room ended up being very smokey, despite being a non smoking room and my brother and g-friend were uncomfortable with the location, so they ended up checking out early and driving home to Tucson. So I think reading reviews on multiple websites about each hotel is important.

Anyway.... this post is way longer than I intended. I learned about this program through slick deals.. here is the thread:
lots of good information if you want to attempt it.

Oh and one more thing. There is no risk, as these are just hotel reservations, not pre-paid rooms, so if for some reason your BRG is denied.. then you can just cancel your reservation.


Target & CVS


I stopped by target to see if toys were 75% off today. We were there early, and they were not marked down yet, so either they are marking them down later today or not until next week.

I did find some clothes for Quinn @ 75% off, I am working on size 3T right now. 2 super cute t-shirts for .98 each + a "born in 2008" shirt for my cousin who is due in November.

I also bought 2 new coupon organizers from the $ section. The plastic kind, one 7 pocket coupon file and one 13 pocket (longer) check file. I am constantly trying to reorganize my coupons/papers at home, so we will see how I do.


3 CVS Wipes = Free, $0 OOP less 2.00 cvs brand coupons


Blog Changes

>> July 23, 2008

I am updating the look of the blog, since I have been majorly slacking and it showed. I would love any input on how things might be arranged or what information would be most useful.


A great evening Run!!!

>> July 22, 2008

No diaper pictures.. they are in the car, I need to find a storage location for them still....

1 Sippy Cup
1 fridge calendar thingy
4 renu trial size contact solution
- 4 1.00 Renu coupons
-3.00 generic target coupon
Total OOP

Banana Chocolate smoothie
Free with a coupon I was given...
YUMMY and Free!

4 Diaper wipes - 2.00 CVS beauty coupons
OOP $0

** I did awesome with this, I did 7 orders at different stores, basically 7 orders of 3 diaper packs, either size 5 or 6 or training pants, every order was $5.20 and I earned another $5 RR, so again 20 cents for 3 packs of diapers. See yesterdays post for more details if interested.

One extra order adding $25 to my gift card + 4 high lighters (.05 each)- 5 $5 RR= .22 OOP on a gift card.

I am up to 39 packs between today and yesterday evening, so I should easily hit my goal of 50 packs, without much pressure to go to walgreens every day :)

Promo Buy 25 items, get $20 OYNO Catalina
This one worked great for me, I was in and out of the store quickly with no hassle, I almost didn't do this tonight, only because it seems like I struggle with Safeway's promos actually working correctly.. anyway this is what I did
10 kleenex- .50 coupons
10 diet pepsi 20 oz bottles - .50/2 coupons
3 mission chips - .75/1 coupons
2 Tava - 1.50 coupons
Total $19.71 OOP and I earned $20 OYNO Catalina!!

I love this orders, because we totally use all of these items, I sometimes hate padding orders with extra things that are cheaper but we don't need.. but we can always use tortilla chips and drinks, plus that is a great stock of kleenex.
I plan on doing this deal one more time next week, it runs at least one more week.


Story Time and Frys

Quinn and I hit up the library for the baby story time. It was lots of fun and a GREAT DEAL! :) We will definitely be going again. There was lots of other babies there and fun songs and rhymes. My mom suggested it after I complained that I wanted to do GYMBOREE but didn't want to pay too much. Its not really Gymboree but it is a fun activity with other babies and close by!

Then we hit frys
I picked up some frozen veggies for 1.00 each, strawberries 1.99, grapes 1.99/lb, meat, Popsicles B1G1, and gerber 3rd foods on sale for .67 each + I had a few coupons. I wouldn't say I found any SMOKIN' deals, other than buying the 20 tomato sauces for $2.00 and $1 eggs and $1 pop tarts, its a deal they are running through today when you spend $25 or more. My bill was $48.01- $3 gerber coupons - $30 Rx rewards= $15.01 OOP. If I had been in the mood, I could have split more order up and possible did another 20 tomato sauces... oh well. It was a still a successful trip out of the house with Quinn :)


Walgreens Diaper Deal AGAIN!

>> July 21, 2008

The walgreens diaper deal is happening again this week! If you read any deal/coupon boards, you must already know this, however for those that don't... check out my orders :)

Orders 3, 5 and 7 are the most basic with nothing else purchased.

3 Walgreens Jumbo packs (size 6) 5.99 each
1 capri sun clearanced to .94
Added $10 to a WAG gift card
- 2.50 each diaper (Easy Saver Coupon)
-2.00 each diaper (RX Coupon Book)
- 6.50 OYNO coupon (from planters a few weeks ago)
Total 9.64 with tax used a WAG gift card ++ I earned $5 RR
** I had another $6.50 OYNO coupon to use, but unfortunately the cashier couldn't get it to work**, but I spent less than $10 and put $10 back on another gift card plus the register reward.. so I am definitely ahead.

3 Walgreens Jumbo Packs (size 6) 5.99 each
1 infant strap thingy clearanced to $2.39 (keep bottles and sippies from falling or being thrown) :) I only bought this because I was trying to use my $6.50 OYNO coupon again..
- 2.50 each diaper (Easy Saver Coupon)
-2.00 each diaper (RX Coupon Book)
- 6.50 OYNO coupon (from planters a few weeks ago)
Total 1.24 with tax on a WAG gift card, and I earned another $5 RR

3 Walgreens Jumbo Packs (size 5) $5.99 each
- 2.50 each diaper (Easy Saver Coupon)
-2.00 each diaper (RX Coupon Book)
Total $5.20 with tax on a WAG gift card, and I earned another $5 RR

2 Dixie plates B1G1 free sale
3 Walgreens Diapers Jumbo Packs $5.99 each
- 2.50 each diaper (Easy Saver Coupon)
-2.00 each diaper (RX Coupon Book)
- 3.00 Dixie coupon
Total $6.22 on a gift card, and I earned another $5 RR

3 Walgreens Training Pants Jumbo $5.99 each
- 2.50 each diaper (Easy Saver Coupon)
-2.00 each diaper (RX Coupon Book)
Total $5.20 with tax on a WAG gift card, and I earned another $5 RR

4 Walgreens Highlighters on sale $.05 each
$25 Walgreens Gift Card
-5 $5 RR (from above transactions)
Total $.21 on a WAG gift card

3 Walgreens Training Pants Jumbo $5.99 each
- 2.50 each diaper (Easy Saver Coupon)
-2.00 each diaper (RX Coupon Book)
Total $5.20 with tax on a WAG gift card, and I earned another $5 RR

Basically the diapers cost me 20 cents for every 3, once I reload the $5 RR back on to the walgreens gift card.

So another 18 packs to add to my stockpile, my goal is 50+ for this week. My secondary goal is to find more places to store this batch of diapers....


Vacation Deals

>> July 11, 2008

** I started this post last week... and didn't post it before we left, so its a little delayed **

We are leaving for a mini SD vacation on Sunday. I used 3 different resources for my hotel rooms and they all are "deals".

The first one was our 3 night in San Diego, I had American airlines miles that I converted to Hilton Honors Points (which double them) and I had enough for 3 nights at the Homewood Suite Liberty Station in San Diego. This is a brand new hotel and the reviews are awesome. We have a King Room Suite and the going rate for our 3 nights is $806.03 with tax. The only cost was $25 to convert the miles. I had been "hoarding" the miles, but with the way the airline industry keeps cutting back on frequent flier programs, I decided I need to use mine up before they were WORTHLESS.

Now I originally booked one room in Yuma on the drive over (to break up the trip into shorter car rides for Quinn) using priceline. I managed to get a 63.16 (with tax) rate at the Howard Johnsons, which only saved us $5 off their rate, not the best priceline savings, but I was afraid rates would go up.

Then I started paying attention to another hotel program called "Best rate guarantee" through Wydhman Rewards. They guarantee to have the best rate for your stay or the 1st night is free, the best thing about this is, if you are only staying one night then your STAY is free. :) I had read about the program before, but for some reason never really paid it much attention, it seemed like a lot of work, but I have had a change of heart. It does take work, but a free hotel room is AWESOME. I just wish I had made my discovery before my priceline purchases. There is a huge discussion about this program on http://www.slickdeals.net/ and you can also search for a "Best Rate Guarantee Blog" and find some great information there.

Anyway, I booked a hotel room in Yuma for our trip back for free and also ended up booking the same hotel for free for our 1st night in Yuma. I decided to do this, because it "seems" like a nicer hotel and I am able to pick my hotel room type. The problem with priceline is that the hotel can give you any room they want, and I discovered the HoJO Yuma actually offers rooms with 1 double bed. That would just not work well for us. I am still out the $63.16 that I booked in Yuma, but you live and learn.

I had also booked a room in Phoenix for the last night of our trip using Priceline (My brother is graduating so we have to swing back that way before heading home to Tucson). We ended up with the Hyatt place for 52.xx after taxes. The cheapest rate I can find is 84.05 (with tax) and all rooms have either 2 Queens or 1 King.

Other ways we saved for this trip.
We are driving, so this really is only the cost of gas.
I have $125 in Shell gift cards from Safeway RX transfers, we get good gas mileage in our little Mazda 3, but I am not sure how much more we will spend in gas.

All of our hotels provide some kind of breakfast, I think the SD hotel will be best. In addition the San Diego hotel offers a "light dinner" during the week, so our dinners are covered.
We do plan on eating seafood for lunch everyday in SD, since we like it and we don't have to pay for any other meals. However we are trying to keep it reasonable.

I purchased a $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate for the Boathouse in San Diego, it cost $4 after a coupon code. The use of this gift certificate requires a $35 purchase with 17% gratuity automatically added on. If we can keep our meal close to $35 (I already checked the menu and its doable), then our bill would be about $41 + tax - $25 gift certificate= $16 + tax. If I add in my original $4 cost, then we are looking at a decent seafood lunch for about $20 + tax.

We also did a little research and found out that the Ocean beach pier has a little cafe that locals love and its very reasonably priced for seafood.

We will have 4 lunches in San Diego, so we have ideas for the other 2 and will just go with the flow.

We are packing a lunch to eat on the way to Yuma and I am bringing snacks and drinks for the hotel rooms. I also packed a brita water pitcher for water in our hotel room. I didn't have a Brita water pitcher, but I found one at a 2nd hand store (with manual and original filter all packaged up) for only 2.99 and I purchased a new filter at walgreens, that was free after rebate last month. I plan on using this same pitcher for our trip to disneyland later this year. Therefore I only bought one case of water to bring and leave in the car for us when we are out and about.

I am bringing a CVS and Albertsons gift card for any groceries/goodies we need while we are there.


Yuma Hotel #1 63.16, #2 $0

San Diego Hotel 3 nights = $25

Yuma Hotel $0

Tempe Hotel #1 52.xx, #2

Gas: $125 from Safeway Rx transfers

Food: Bringing snacks and drinks (from normal grocery shopping), CVS and Albertsons Gift Cards for other things we need while traveling, Free breakfast at all hotels and dinner in SD, Brita Water Pitcher for water in the hotel rooms, Restaurant.com gift certificate for ~half price~ seafood lunch.


Disneyland Update

I haven't been doing a lot of grocery shopping lately (Although I did hit a snag trying to do the Mega sale at Albertsons this week, but that's another story for a day when I have more time to post). We are leaving sunday for a trip to San Diego, I have a couple travel deal tips to share on how we saved money on our mini vacation. I will post the details later. I do however have $65 to add to our disney funds, $40 from our bouncy refund (that broke a few months ago) and also $25 for Quinn's bumbo chair that I sold on Craigslist. I actually bought the bumbo on craigslist several months ago, for $20 or $25, so we had a great return on that investment. They use the bumbo for so little time, well at least my monkey did.

$250 SWA GC
$663 Cash
$200 American Express
$25 Gas Card
$173 Disney Rewards
$1311 Total


Disney Funds Update

>> July 06, 2008

We earned another $17 in Disney Rewards and I also bought a $25 gas card from a RX transfer at Safeway. I had budgeted $25 for gas to and from phoenix, that should be enough at this point. Unless of course gas gets up to $5 a gallon.
$250 SWA
$598 Cash
$200 American Express
$25 Gas Card
$173 Disney Rewards
$1246 Total


Walgreens Diaper Deal

Ok a quick summary, I managed to get 27 packages (9 orders of 3) of diapers or training pants last week at walgreens for about ~$4 and of course I used my walgreens gift card and just reloaded it with the $5 register rewards, so I "spent" very little on lots of diapers.

This deal is over now, but apparently is back on the week of 7/20 when the diapers are again on sale for 5.99.

I just need to figure out how many more and what sizes to stock up on. Oh and I need to find more places to stash these diapers. Anyway I am hoping to figure out a plan of attack so I can avoid paying for diapers for Quinn. If I had excess space, I would try and stock up on smaller sizes for #2, but I am pretty sure I will be stretching it to find enough space for all of the Quinnie diapers.


CVS, Walgreens, Frys

>> July 01, 2008

2 Coppertone Babies sunscreen sticks
-$10 ECB
$0 Total
Earned $10 ECB

Order #1
3 Walgreens Diapers- easy saver and RX coupons
-2.00 and 1.50 OYNO (from previous orders)
Total $1.94
Earned $5 Regiser Rewards

Order #2
Same as above :) but without the 2.00 and 1.50 OYNO coupons, so my total was 5.44 and I earned another $5 Register Reward.

Order #3
4 Children's Motrin - 1 WAG coupons- 1 MFC coupons
Total ~12.xx
I earned $5 and $2 Register Reward.

I will return one of the Motrin and rebuy as a set of 3. I expected 2$5 coupons to print, but only one did...

2 3-lb bags of frozen chicken breast
5 pepsi products - 2.oo coupon
3 lawrys - .50 coupons doubled
1 BBQ sauce- .75 coupon doubled
cake mix- free coupon
Total $24.xx


Walgreens Diaper Deal

I had 2 great diaper deals at Walgreens this weekend, and plan on hitting them up again a few more times.

3 Walgreens Premium size 6 diapers 5.99 each
- 7.50 (easy saver coupon)
- 6.00 (RX coupon)
Total 4.47 + tax= $5.44
And I earned a $5 Register Reward= Free diapers

I had an even better order at the 2nd walgreens without the RX coupon (the 1st store kept it and the 2nd store didn't have them).

3 Walgreens Premium size 6 diapers 5.99 each
- $7.50 (easy saver coupon)
Total 11.xx

However.. my $5 didn't print, so the manager came over and did a return rebuy for me at the beauty counter. (Apparently the front register's catalina machine is broken, which is annoying). Anyway, it worked out for me, I think because the manager was bad at the math and didn't realize what was going to happen, unless he is just a super nice guy...

Anyway, so he returned them back w/o using the easy saver coupon, which resulted in a refund of $19.xx, then rung them up again USING the easy saver coupon, so again my total was $11.xx. He let me keep the difference in cash ~$8 + the $5 RR printed. So I guess I made a little bit of money here.

Anyway, using 2 different walgreens coupons is a big MAYBE situation, I do have one more copy of the RX coupon, so I will try again. Free is great, but to be honest even without the RX coupon, $5.xx for 3 packs of diapers is pretty cheap.

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