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>> July 30, 2008

99 cent store: I notice that the 99 cent is only getting busy and busy these days. People are realizing there are deals to be had here, of course not everything is deal, its important to know what you would pay at the grocery for the same item. We arrived after 10:30, so there was no exciting cold case items to be found, but we did pretty good with the produce.

Organic Celery
bag of salad
package of 3 red bell peppers
package of 3 cucumbers
crinkle cut carrots
baby carrots
5 lbs potatoes
fresh garlic
little lemon juice thingy
sliced mushrooms
10 items = $9.90

2 ultra tuff trash bags BOGO sale (on rebate this month)
3 packaging tapes BOG2 sale (needed this!!!)
- $5 Register Reward
= $3.63 OOP (I forgot my walgreens gift card at home)

Toys went 75% off at our store today, a day earlier that we expected, my mom managed to find a few things for Quinnie's b-day and xmas . We did have to comb the aisles to find a selection, but we were pretty happy with what we managed to scrounge up. Also the toothpaste was marked down to $1.58, so combining target coupons and MFC, I only paid .08 each and the renu was free (+ tax of course).

4 Colgate (with 2 travel sizes attached to each one)
5 Renu Trial Size
Puzzle and sand/water toys
- 5 1.00 renu coupons
-4 1.00 target colgate coupons
-2 .50 and 1 1.00 colgate MFC
Total $9.41 OOP


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