Bashas, Safeway, Frys, Bread Store, Target AND CVS

>> July 28, 2008

Ok. Here are my trips from today...

3 barilla pasta
3 kleenex
- (3) .50barilla coupons
- (3) .50 kleenex coupons
Total $0.15 (just tax on the kleenex)

20 Kleenex (didn't have the guts to do 25.. although I came close, but only because they were out of tava and there were no other promo items I wanted....)
2 windex antibacterial
2 frostings
1 cottonelle toilet paper
- (20) .50/1 kleenex coupons
- (2) .75 windex coupons
- (2) .55/1 frosting coupons
- (1) 1.00 cottonelle coupons
Total $21.17 OOP & earned $20 OYNO coupon and $1.50 OYNO coupon

7 Huggies wipes (40 ct) - (7) 1.00 coupons.. only paid $.57 (tax) OOP

Bread store
Hamburger bun
Hot dog buns
sandwich rolls
whole wheat bread
english muffins
- free item coupon for spending 4.00
- free item store promo for spending 5.00
Total $5.99 OOP (she actually gave me a 10% discount too.. because my original total disturbed her..)

5 Renu contact solution trial size
1 Nubby sippy straw cup
-5 1.00 renu coupons
- 3.00 target coupon
Total $1.47 OOP

2 Trident gums
1 cvs backpack buddies hand wipes
- 2.00 skin care
- 4.00 ECB
Total $.59 on a gift a card.


Heidi July 28, 2008 at 4:14 PM  

I am just wondering what bread store you go to and where do you get coupons for it?? THanks!

kc July 28, 2008 at 4:43 PM  

Hi. I go to the oro wheat bread store on Ina road (Tucson) and we get coupons mailed to us with our grocery ads or they are in the shopper sometimes.
Our store also does stamps... spend $25 get a free product.. I always get my card stamped too, but rarely redeem them.. I think I have 5 full.. I just never have a full one with me. Someday....

I hope that helps.. if not ask away. :)

Precious July 28, 2008 at 5:49 PM  


I go to the one down on Southern between Clearview and Power Road in Mesa. It is in a little shopping plaza on the south side of Southern. They also have the stamped cards and once in awhile have a coupon in the shopper that comes in the mail.

Precious July 28, 2008 at 5:50 PM  

Great job on the shopping today. I am getting tired reading it all! I have had days that I shop like that and then come home and need a nap! :-)

kc July 28, 2008 at 6:43 PM  


I do need a nap, sometimes my posts are a little random and incoherent because I have been out in the heat too long. :)

Thanks for adding the information about the mesa breadstore. I wanted to add, that our store used to accept expired coupons, but no longer does, so I have to be more dilligent in keeping my bread store coupons current.

ahwatukeewarrior July 28, 2008 at 8:40 PM  

Hi KC,
How are you getting all those coupons? How did you get 20 Kleenex coupons?? Can you please help me. I am just starting out couponing. Thanx!

kc July 28, 2008 at 9:04 PM  

Hi ahwatukeewarrior!
The kleenex coupons are from the olympic safeway savings book. If you check your safeway stores, check for the olympic savings book. I found them in the front of the stores near the entrances or near customer service. They are books with lots of olympic promo information about the athletes but also have coupons. I managed to snag a stack at a VONS in Cali on my trip and then another stack at a store in Tucson. However, I didn't really notice them at a 2nd store in Tucson, so who knows if every store got them or if they bothered tp put them out.

What is nice about the kleenex coupons is that they don't expire until 8/31. It seems like kleenex goes on sale for a buck pretty often, (like at Bashas) so if you can snag a few brochures you should be able to stock up on Kleenex.

Let me know if I can explain anything else better. I will try and do better explaining my deals, sometimes I am in a hurry to get it up and don't think too much about what some people know or don't know. :)

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