Walgreens Diaper Deal

>> July 01, 2008

I had 2 great diaper deals at Walgreens this weekend, and plan on hitting them up again a few more times.

3 Walgreens Premium size 6 diapers 5.99 each
- 7.50 (easy saver coupon)
- 6.00 (RX coupon)
Total 4.47 + tax= $5.44
And I earned a $5 Register Reward= Free diapers

I had an even better order at the 2nd walgreens without the RX coupon (the 1st store kept it and the 2nd store didn't have them).

3 Walgreens Premium size 6 diapers 5.99 each
- $7.50 (easy saver coupon)
Total 11.xx

However.. my $5 didn't print, so the manager came over and did a return rebuy for me at the beauty counter. (Apparently the front register's catalina machine is broken, which is annoying). Anyway, it worked out for me, I think because the manager was bad at the math and didn't realize what was going to happen, unless he is just a super nice guy...

Anyway, so he returned them back w/o using the easy saver coupon, which resulted in a refund of $19.xx, then rung them up again USING the easy saver coupon, so again my total was $11.xx. He let me keep the difference in cash ~$8 + the $5 RR printed. So I guess I made a little bit of money here.

Anyway, using 2 different walgreens coupons is a big MAYBE situation, I do have one more copy of the RX coupon, so I will try again. Free is great, but to be honest even without the RX coupon, $5.xx for 3 packs of diapers is pretty cheap.


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