Walgreens Diaper Deal

>> July 06, 2008

Ok a quick summary, I managed to get 27 packages (9 orders of 3) of diapers or training pants last week at walgreens for about ~$4 and of course I used my walgreens gift card and just reloaded it with the $5 register rewards, so I "spent" very little on lots of diapers.

This deal is over now, but apparently is back on the week of 7/20 when the diapers are again on sale for 5.99.

I just need to figure out how many more and what sizes to stock up on. Oh and I need to find more places to stash these diapers. Anyway I am hoping to figure out a plan of attack so I can avoid paying for diapers for Quinn. If I had excess space, I would try and stock up on smaller sizes for #2, but I am pretty sure I will be stretching it to find enough space for all of the Quinnie diapers.


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