>> July 25, 2008

I grabbed another 8 packs of diapers/training pants, 4 children's maloxx (only for overage) + 4 pack of mini dv tapes clearanced to 12.99, 1 pack of pilot pens (rebate), 1 nature made essentials (rebate), 1 package of diaper bags, Antibacterial hand wipes for a total of $17.26 with tax. I had to pay $.02 OOP the rest was on my gift card. I also earned an additional $10 in RR and another $12.09 in rebate $ once I submit for the nature made and pens. So I am still ahead $4.76 + we can use everything I bought (except the maloxx which I will donate). This brings my diaper totals up to 47 for the week. I hope to hit walgreens up tomorrow for a few more packs to meet my goal of 50+.


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