>> August 07, 2008

I picked up 6 boxes of the malt o meal cereal for free yesterday, they are small boxes, and mostly yummy sugar kids cereal, BUT... we really like a change, our "good sweet" cereal is always consumed first, so even though we have cereal, these will be a nice treat. I will probably go back and buy some more and "hide" it somewhere so that we can have a treat again at a later date :)

I also picked up some enfamil next step formula. Since Quinn is now 10 + months, we have received a few formula checks/samples for the "toddler" formulas. We have already started using the enfamil next step sample cans and he has done great. I didn't plan on stocking up much on formula since we will be able to switch to whole milk in about 6 weeks, but I do need to get us through those 6 weeks. I decided to buy several of the liquid ready to use enfamil cans to help us along. They are $6.19 at albertsons, I used my $5 formula checks and was able to get 2 cans for $1.19 each.

6 Malt o meal cereals
2 enfamil next step liquid formula
- 6 1.00 coupons
-2 $5 formula checks
Total $2.38 and I used an Albertsons gift card :)
If anyone sees enfamil next step cheaper, let me know please. :)


ahwatukeewarrior August 17, 2008 at 8:58 PM  

Hi kc,
what is a formula check?

kc August 17, 2008 at 9:30 PM  

Hi Ahwatukeewarrior,

You can sign up with the different formula companies when you are pregnant and they send you samples and formula checks for their products. They don't usually send stuff until around your due date, so keep that in mind when signing up. I also had the grandparents sign up, so I could get extra checks and samples to use.
Nestle, enfamil, and similac are the ones with the programs and freebies. The checks are actual checks that the store deposits, which is great because if you happen to have coupons for the formula, you can combine them!
Honestly though, we found Costco's Kirkland formula to be the best bet in the long term. You don't get enough checks to keep up with formula usage. However, if you run into a good sale, clearance, markdown or have some CVS Ecbs to blow.. then formula checks are helpful!
I hope all that makes sense!

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