>> August 22, 2008

I managed to make a quick run to Albertsons (well it was sort of quick they had trouble with the $5 coupon).. anyway and got a decent deal on some more formula.

3 Cans of RTF enfamil formula 6.19 each
1 gerber jar (.28)
1 gerber juice 4 pack (1.19)
Total $20.03
-$5/20 Walgreens coupon
- $4, $4 & $5 enfamil checks
Total $ 2.03 on a gift card.

The cashier kept trying to scan the walgreens coupon.. and it wouldn't scan, he asked for help from another cashier who scrutinized it and said, "its a walgreens coupon". I then chimed in that they do take competitor's coupons. They double checked with a supervisor and then tried to put it in manually.. they ended up adding $5 to my order.. and it took a bit of time and the supervisor to fix it, but in the end it worked out fine. I did call and double check this morning about competitor's coupons, I knew they did take them in the past, but I wanted to double check and be sure.

Anyway, I actually wanting to repeat the deal above.. but they only had 2 more cans of formula, so I might try another albertsons tomorrow.


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