A couple great runs with the $5 Walgreens coupon

>> August 23, 2008

I had a couple of great orders later-ish this evening. I was busy all day with a friend's bridal shower (Hi Lee!). However I did manage a quick run at Albertsons and walgreens after dinner. Albertsons
4 Enfamil RTF formula
1 beer
-$5/20 Walgreens coupon
-4 $5 Formula checks
Total $1.87

I totally felt trashy buying ONE beer with 4 cans of formula... but my husband wanted a beer (and we don't buy a lot around here normally) and I wanted to take advantage of the $5 coupon in conjunction with my formula checks. Anyway.. I have no problem with buying beer, but the fact that we had only beer and formula.. seemed silly.

I think if we are careful, we will be pretty close on formula for the next month. However I do have a random question.. when switching to regular milk.. do you mix it with formula at first... to get them used to regular milk. or just stop cold turkey. My dr. didn't really explain that.. just said wait until 12 months. Anyway, I guess I need to do a little research on this.

Ok next store.
5 Ragu
1 Skippy
3 Prep H wipes (creates overage with MQ and IVC)
1 Bionaturals hair product
-$5/20 WAG coupon
- (5) .65/1 Ragu coupons (thanks Katherine)
- (1) .55/1 Skippy
- 2.00 IVC and $3.00 MQ for each Prep H
Total $4.95 on a gift card
I earned $4 RR for buying 6 ragu+skippy products. Plus I will get $5.99 +10% for the hair product. So definitely a money making trip after RR and ESR.

Starting Budget$8.23
Less $0 OOP
Budget remaining $8.23


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