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>> August 14, 2008

Q: Coupon

OYNO: Coupon good "On Your Next Order"

Catalina: Coupon that prints when you check out. Sometimes these are $5 OYNO, which are good on anything or they are just random regular MQ like $1 off you next huggies purchase.

RR: Register Reward (Walgreens program)

ECB: Extra Care Bucks (CVS program)

BOGO: Buy one get one free

B2GO: Buy two get one free

MQ: Manufacturer's coupon (some people use MFC)

WAG: Walgreens coupon

IP: Internet Printable

OOP: Out of Pocket cost, your total after coupons and discounts.

ESR: Easy Saver Rebate (Walgreens) <---- They no longer have a rebate program.

IVC: Instant Value Coupon (Coupon from walgreens ESR)

7-Day: Coupon from walgreens sales ad

Transfer Q: Usually referring to transfering a RX to another drugstore for a gift card.

Tearpad: Coupon found on a tearpad in a store

Peelie: Coupon found on a product in the store (you peel it off to use it)

Endcap: The end of a store aisle (often clearance items are placed at the back of an aisle, walgreens, cvs and target does this regularly)

Other information that might be helpful can be found here:

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