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>> August 14, 2008

Here are my tips for maximizing your savings at CVS and Walgreens.

The best thing about CVS is their Extra Care Buck program (ECBS). It works like a instant rebate program on products they advertise. You must have a CVS loyalty card to do these deals, as there are limitations on their deals.

For example they will advertise that Huggies Wipes are Free after ECB. That means you buy the Huggies wipes for 2.99 and at the end of your receipt a coupon (ECB) prints up for 2.99. You can use that 2.99 ECB on your next purchase of almost anything in the store (gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, RX, etc are excluded).

What is even better about their program is you can combine their ECB deals with MQ (Manufacturer's coupons). Lets back up, you buy the huggies wipes for 2.99 but use a 1.00 MQ coupon, so your total is 1.99 (+ tax of course), but you STILL get an ECB for 2.99. I like to think of this as FREE CVS money. :)

These deals have limits, so you have to pay attention to the ad and the ECBS do expire, generallly a few weeks after they were issued. So be careful, I hate when I let my "free $" expire!

In addition, there are sometimes generic CVS coupon available, like $4 off any $20 purchase. You can combine these with our cool CVS deals and really make some "free CVS $".

*** Rainchecks ****
Don't forget to ask for rainchecks if they are sold out of a deal you want. CVS rainchecks never expire! And they will include the ECBS that are applicable to the deal!

Walgreens no longer offers their Easy Rebate Program.

Walgreens has a program called Register Rewards (RR). Register rewards are advertised in their weekly sales ad and they are instant coupons that print after you checkout. For example it could be earn $1.00 RR when you buy 2 Huggies wipes or Earn $3 when you buy 3 Huggies wipes. And you can combine with with MQs to make it an even better deal!!

Register rewards are basically coupons good on your next order (OYNO) and are sometimes called Catalinas because they print from a little machine at the register that is run but the Catalina Company. The nice thing about RR vs. CVS ECBs is that there is no loyalty card attached to it at Walgreens, so you can generally do a deal as many times as you want (in separate transactions). Several times in a row (if you have a nice store/cashier) or hit another store or go back another day.

Other helpful information can be found here:

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homesklr August 14, 2008 at 10:00 PM  

do you know if you have to enter all your receipts at once for Walgreens online rebates or if you can enter them as you make your purchases? thanks

kc August 14, 2008 at 10:03 PM  

Hi homesklr!
You can enter them as you go. When you are done entering your receipts, you can SUBMIT it for processing. If you don't submit it by the deadline, the system will automatically process the receipts you already have stored. Be careful though, once you SUBMIT, you can't go back and add more receipts. I tend to wait until the last day, just in case some crazy cool deal pops up that involves a rebate. :)

Great question!
I hope that helps!

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