Disneyland on a Budget: Part 2

>> August 16, 2008

How do I pay for my trip? Using alternate methods to acquire money for your trip. I have been saving for our trip using a few different methods, none of which involve our regular paycheck.

Craigslist (or ebay):
I have been selling things on Cragslist (less hassle than ebay for me, but ebay would work too). Some things were deals that I bought super cheap (like huggies swimmers free after coupon and clearance price). As Quinn has outgrown baby gear, we have sold them on craigslist for disney funds. In addition, I have been just looking to clear out random stuff we have and keep things simpler in the house, making some funds for our trip in the process.

Disney Visa Card:
We also have a Disney Visa card. When I applied a few years ago, they had a bonus offer of $50 to open an account. We use it for most of medical, gas and big purchases expenses just to earn disney rewards for our trips. The disney visa does have some great features including discounts on merchandise and dining, free stroller rental and free disney meet and greet experiences with photos that we take advantage of. The rewards are transferred on to a special disney rewards card, that essentially works like a disney gift card in the park and can be used everywhere that visa is accepted. I have almost $200 so far that we will use for our meals in the park.

Any rebates I send for I consider a bonus and deposit those funds into our disney budget. Its also a great way to turn CVS ECB or CVS/Walgreens gift cards into cash for our trip.

Mystery Shopping:
I am signed up for a few different mystery shopping companies and will do them every once in awhile. I came across a couple of great shops this spring, that were easy and earned me $150+ in total.

My Points is an easy way to earn a little extra money/gift cards with very little work. I mostly just click on emails and check out websites. If I am going to buy something online, I check to see if mypoints offers any points for that store and I sometimes sign up for offers. With very little efforts (although it does takes some time to build up enough points), I earned a $25 gift card to RainForest Cafe. There is a RainForest Cafe in downtown Disney that we like to eat at.

Rx transfer gift cards:
We have several regular Rxs that we will transfer around when there are Rx transfer coupons out. I was able to buy $250 in southwest airlines gift cards by saving up my Safeway gift cards earned from RX transfers (my mom also helped by donating some of hers to our cause). Thanks mom! Safeway lets you use their gift cards to purchase "other" gift cards. Albertsons used to allow it too, but not since they started offering the 10% bonus gift cards for cashing your economic stimulus checks. However even a gift card to safeway or albertsons can be useful on our trip as both stores deliver groceries to the disneyland area.

I bought my $25 shell gas card from Walgreens using Register Rewards (RR) that I had earned. This may not work for everyone anymore because they have been changing the wording on the RR lately to exclude gift card purchases.

Any questions so far?


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