I found some great deals at Walgreens today!

>> August 20, 2008

I found some great mark downs at Walgreens today. My mom was with me and she had seen a lot of orange (clearance tags) lately, so we decided to make a quick unplanned stop out today and I totally scored. First 4 packs of easy ups jumbos for 2.99 each and I had $2.50 coupons! So $.49 a pack. Also they had several different electric razors marked down 75% (it must have just happened because my mom saw them 50% off a few days ago). This was perfect timing, I HAD to buy a refill blade today for my husband. He broke his newish electric razor and his old one worked, but needed new blade/foil thingys. The replacements are $25-$35 and I bought a whole new razor for $14! I actually bought the 2nd one there for a xmas gift.

So I am totally stoked, I was able to fix Peter's razor issue cheaper than I expected and I scored a super great/cheap xmas gift and cheap diapers.

The pull ups were size 6.. it looks like they aren't going to carry them anymore.. so if you see them in your store, it might be worth checking it out. Also I noticed a lot of the nice/department store type perfume and colognes marked half off underneath the glass in the cosmetics area.

Also most of the stores have summer toys/flip flops at 75%.


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