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>> August 01, 2008

**** I am totally procrastinating, I started this post last night and I am supposed to be actually working on my desk/den area right now, but instead I am browsing blogs, no pics of this disaster, our camera somehow broke after I took the pantry pictures yesterday, MAJOR BUMMER, so I was also browsing for a good deal on a digital camera... so if You know of any... please let me know... back to the organizing post ****

In addition, my desk area/papers/coupons/etc is currently a mess. I mean insanely disastrous, I am just getting buy on finding stuff that I need, bills, coupons, etc. It will only take a few uninterrupted hours to get it together, so my goal (now that the pantry is done) is to completely overhaul my desk/den and not just temporarily fix/clean it as I have been doing for the past few months. Adding to the craziness is Quinn, who is very tall for a 10 month old and comes cruising and grabs any papers within his reach. I have let coupons expire, deals pass by and missed out on rebates because I can't find what I need. Missing a deal can happen to anyone, but in my current state it is happening way too often!

After taking care of my papers/coupons, I need to work on my HBA closet, I know I need to donate/give away a few things, because I am stuffed to the gills again!


Precious August 2, 2008 at 1:46 PM  

Isn't procrastination so much fun? I am super organized; can you imagine how much I could get done if I never procrastinated?

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