Safeway, Albertsons, Frys

>> August 10, 2008

I did very well tonight at Safeway, Albertsons, Frys and CVS (I will post my CVS stuff next).

9 Tava- 1.50 IPs
6 Crystal Lights - Free wyb MQs
18 Koolaid packets
3 Powerades - 1.00 MQs
2 Yoplait kids smoothies - Free MQs
1.94 lbs bananas
- 3 $4 Promos (for the tava)....
Total $1.02 OOP. AND I earned a $4 OYNO

I actually ended up with overage using less coupons than I needed. I had 3 1.50 Tava and 1 Free Crystal Light coupons that couldn't be scanned because my total was too low ($1.02). So I paid $1.02 and kept the leftover coupons. For some reason the cash register automatically took the non sales price off for the free item coupons. The cashier just kept pushing them through... That is why I didn't actually use all the coupons I intended. Oh and he had already scanned my safeway card, so the sale prices were ringing up, so I am not sure why he didn't "fix' the coupons, but Whatever, better for me. I had an extra Free crystal light coupon to use at Frys.

6 malt o meal cereals - 1.00 IPs
Dole Pineapple/Orange 100% Juice marked down to .99
Total $.99 on a gift card (from a RX transfer)

3 nature valley granola bars - .60/1 IPs
1 Fiber one bars - .60/1 IP
5 Crystal Light - Free WYB MQ
15 Koolaids
- $4 Granola Bar Promo WYB 4
Total $3.00 OOP AND I earned a $3.00 OYNO coupon :)

Starting Budget $60
Less $4.02 spent OOP tonight
Budget remaining $55.98

I am pretty impressed with my start! :)


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