>> August 02, 2008

I send Peter and Quinn to Safeway and the bank for an adventure out of the house, it allowed me a little time to work on my desk area.
6 Jennie O Extra Lean Ground Turkey (1.25 lbs for 6.99 BOGO)
~10 lbs of extra lean 93% ground beef (1.99 a lb)
4 lbs of seedless grapes
1 gallon fat free milk
pluots and peaches
- $10/$50 coupon
-Milk super coupon (to make it 1.99)
-Grapes super coupon (to make it 2.99)
Total 41.89

They did great. The only bummer is some of the turkey packages had 1.00 coupons on them that he could have used... or found all packages with coupons and used them. I might go back and get some more turkey to freeze and either use them or get a refund form customer service, but the great news they are NED... so really no big deal, we can use them another time. There is no pressure to get back over there. :)

Ok back to my paperwork and coupons :)


Precious August 2, 2008 at 5:09 PM  


Your hubby and your son did great. Your organizing post made me share my organizing notebook. I put all the details online and linked to your blog too!

Precious August 3, 2008 at 6:35 AM  


I apologize to you. On my organizing post I accidentally linked Lisa's blog instead of yours.

I have corrected it. Unfortunately I was not on the computer last night or I would have become aware of it sooner. Both Lisa and my DIL let me know.

I shluld know better than to post when I am rushing! UGH!

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