Tighten that Grocery Budget Challenge

>> August 10, 2008

I am joining Precious at http://frugalmakescents.blogspot.com in a grocery budget challenge. Basically lots of people work at building up their stockpile of food, but once they have a good amount put aside, they could really cut back on your grocery budget and focus on using their stockpile. Not everyone is good at doing this, ME especially. I really want to spend less and use more of my existing food more!

So I am taking Precious up and attempting to tighten my budget and see what I can do. I am setting my weekly grocery/hba budget at $60 (everybody is different so that maybe too little or too much for you). That is less than what I was allowing us previously, but we also included eating out and other random purchases in that budget. I am hoping I can tighten our budget even more and spend less than $60; but we will see, we tend to flake out and eat out once a week. I think eating out once a week is fine, but we get lazy and just grab something. I want to work on having better meals planned and decide ahead of time when we want to eat out.

Back to the grocery budget challenge, I am setting my weekly budget at $60 cash starting today. I will focus on buying my dairy/produce with this and stocking up on what is a great deal for me. If there is $ leftover, then I will roll it over into the next week. I will not count my existing CVS ECBs, Walgreens RR or store gift cards, they will be just like "coupons" in my budget. Therefore, I will not count RR or ECBs earned into my budget either, they just sit in my coupon book waiting to be used. I am focusing solely on cash OOP.

If you're interested in joining Precious in her challenge too, hop on over and let her know. If not, stop by and see how we are doing each week. :)

** Oh and I did FANTASTIC tonight on my store run, see my next post to see what I bought $4.02 OOP *** I impressed myself tonight :)


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