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>> August 09, 2008

Ok here is the pic.. but I am missing the ball, some bubbles and few snack bar things from walgreens, they must be out in the car still....

10 Clean Team packs
- 5 $3/2 MQ
Total $2.73 OOP

1 Zoe doll .70 (90% clearance)
3 Flashlights .87 (75% clearance)
Total $3.58 on a gift card (I used no coupons.... WILD!)

4 smart start with berries
1 smart start bar
2 rice krispie treats
2 nutrigrain bars
1 bouncy ball (.45 because 75% off)
3 big bottles of bubbles (.74 because 75% off)
Dino Flashlight ($1.50 because 74% off)
4 Glade fabric air spray stuff
- (5) 1.00 smart start coupons
- 1.00/2 rice krispies MQ
-1.00/2 nutrigrain bar MQ
- (4) 1.50 Glade coupons
- ESR Glade coupon (1.50 each)
Total 19.94 OOP

I had a little trouble with this at Walgreens, I am guessing one of the snack/cereal bars wasn't programmed for the RR. Only 1 $5 RR printed and I expected 2. The cashier claimed it was because I used coupons and it brought my totals below $10 for each promo. But I know that isn't the case, because I did buy 4 cereals earlier this week, used 4 1.00 coupons, paid only $6 and still earned a $5 RR. The cashier was very nice and tried to be helpful but kept claiming it was my coupon's fault. We started ringing the promos up separately but since I am going to do the $10 Kelloggs rebate (from last weekends inserts), I needed all 10 purchased on one receipt. So she re rang it up and it still only produced 1 $5 RR, but she let me keep both, so in the end it worked for me.

So total was $19.94 OOP, I received 2 $5 RR and will submit for the $10 Kelloggs rebate, so I guess the whole order was free in a sense. Not bad.

I did actually pay $19.94 CASH. I was hoping I would get my rebate gift card reloaded from July's rebate sometime this week, but it never happened. That is why I waited until the last minute to do my Walgreens deal.


Lisa August 10, 2008 at 7:34 AM  

Those are great buys!!
I've been trying for 3 weeks to use my clean team coupons at my Wally World. They are doing some MAJOR remodeling and the shelf has been empty. :(

kc August 10, 2008 at 8:57 PM  

That is a bummer. I am not a big fan of walmart.. they are SUPER Walmarts here, so they're always jam packed and it takes 300 years to get through the store and check out.
I have been lucky, the two times I have gone in, they had plenty on the shelf so I was able to leave some for the next person. I think I only need to hit them up one more time and I will be done with my coupons.

Hopefully they will stock more and you will hit your store at a good time!

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