Walmart, Redbox, and Walgreens

>> August 04, 2008

I hit up Walmart yesterday evening, we had a free movie from redbox to return. It was our first time using redbox and it was pretty easy and you can't beat free. Check out If you sign up you get a free code for your first time, although I believe its one free code per account, which is done by credit card. So if you have more than one credit card, you should be able to use the free code again.
Also there are other free codes out there, check out for additional codes. Normally its $1 a night per movie, which is significantly cheaper than the typical movie rental place (i.e. blockbuster). The boxes only seem to carry newer movies and also only have so many copies. However, you can check the inventory of your local redbox online before you and also reserve it online, so you can decide before you go and KNOW it will be there for you.

Ok. Anyway....

Walmart, I am not generally a huge walmart fan, I don't think it has SUPER great prices and its so HUGE that its always a big trip to get in and out. However, I do note deals that other people are finding with coupons and I make a list and see if my store has any...

I managed to find
14 clean team wipes ($0.14 each after coupon)
3 boca chick in bun ($1.00 each after coupon)
2 Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes ($0.34 each after coupon)
1 All You Magazine (has great coupon this month)
1 plain yogurt cup
- 7 $3/2 clean team coupons
-3 $1 Boca Coupons
-2 $1 Muir Glen Coupons
Total $9.38 (including tax) OOP

**I was also looking for cheap TAVA and lysol ultra minis, I couldn't even find TAVA in my store and the lysol ultra mini things were 9.xx, which is a bummer, we could totally use those. **

4 special K with berries
-4 $1.00 coupons
Total $6.00 on a gift card & earned $5 RR, (net result .25 per cereal)

** We don't need cereal, we are still working on the stock I have from several months ago, however, we do need a little variety, so I do try to get a new kind when its free or cheap to keep us cereal sane :) **


Sarah S. August 7, 2008 at 4:30 PM  

First time you go to Redbox, use the code REDBOX on the card. You can only use that code the first time you use your credit card the first time.

You can also find lots of codes on

kc August 7, 2008 at 11:07 PM  

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for stopping by. When we gave our email address at our 1st time use code was BREAKROOM, but I am guessing its only 1 first time code per account regardless of what the actually code is. Thanks for sharing that one though!

Also I just received an email that, in addition to free movie codes on Monday, there will be a free movie code for every Wed. in August too! We used one yesterday, which was awesome.

I hope other people take advantage of this great deal!

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