Today's Deals

>> September 19, 2008

Sorry, I have been a bit absent the past few days. We actually had 2 last minute surgeries this past week to deal with, plus Quinn's 1st b-day is Monday with a party tomorrow. And of course our upcoming Disneyland trip (we leave next saturday).
Here are some deals I found today..

2 1/2 gallons Shamrock farms organic milk- on sale 40% this week = $1.97 each
4 Glade gel warmers - 2 BOGO MQs + earned $2.00 OYNO for each one = $8 total!
~4 lbs bananas
- $6.06 in pharmacy rewards (for transferring a Rx there)..
-$4 OYNO coupons
Total $1.63 OOP and I earned the $8 OYNO coupons for the glade purchases!!

I totally forgot to do the powerade deal though. Apparently there you will receive a $4 OYNO coupon when you buy 6 powerade zeros. Powerade is on sale this week for $0.50 each.. so spend $3, earn $4. There has been some reports on PYP that regular powerades also work. I am hoping this is true because we use powerades for low blood sugar around here! I plan on trying this sometime this weekend and will let you know what I figure out.

99 Cent Store
2 Yoplait kids 6-pack yogurt
yellow bell peppers
2 turkey hot dogs
2 toilet brushes
1 mini sweeper thingy
Total $10.13 OOP


CVS & Safeway

>> September 15, 2008

6 Ragu - .65/1 MQs
2 Purex - .50/1 MQs
-$9 ECB
Total .08 on a gift card
Earned $3 (ragu) and $2 (purex) ecbs

6 Tava- $1.50 IPs
3 Crystal Light - Free MQ
6 Nutrigrain bars -1.00/2 MQs
9 KoolAid
1 Minute Brown Rice
1 frozen white corn
1 Tostitos
2 Safeway Select Salsa
Super Cute Personalizable Magnetic Calender (75% off = $2.25)
Fun Lap Top Sleeve (75% off = $6.25)
- (3) $5 store promos (tava, crystal light and nutrigrain)
-10% (attached to my store card)
Total $14.10 OOP

Starting Budget $50 + $6.50(left over from last week) = 56.50
Less $14.10 OOP
Budget remaining $42.40


I snagged some deals tonight!

>> September 13, 2008

Walgreens #1

  • 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes - (4) 1.00 MQ
  • 3 Windex antibacterial spray - 1.00 IP and .75 Peelie (I had 2, but the computer wouldn't take the 2nd one...)
  • 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Kit - $5 MQ
  • 3 Visine - 2.00 ESR Q (each one) - (3) $3.00 MQ = $.21 overage each
  • - $10/40
  • -10 RR
  • Total $8.59 on a gift card
  • Earned $10 RR for cleaners, $10 for Scrub shower kit
  • Summary: $1.41 money maker and all cleaners I like + visine!

Walgreens #2

  • Crest Prohealth Rinse - .75 MQ
  • 3 Robotussins - 3.00 IPs
  • Loreal Eye Cream (FAR this month)
  • Walgreens Acid Controller (FAR this month)
  • 2 candy bars + 2 movie candys (needed to reach $40 subtotal and kept my brother who I dragged along happy)
  • - $10/40 - (2) $10 RR
  • Total $2.71 on a gift card, Received $4.50 RR (crest) $5 (robotussin)
  • 2 Issues... on this order... the robotussin only gave me $5 instead of $10 and I didn't notice it in the store and I think the reason I needed the fillers is because the loreal eye stuff rang up $12.36, so I need to make sure its the right FAR item....
  • Will receive $7.99 and $12.36 + 10% back on rebate card... I might just return the robotussin with the $5 RR or see if they will give me another $5, I need to save the ad tonight, because otherwise they will think I am crazy...

Walgreens #3

  • 3 Robotussin - $3.00 IPs
  • 1 Crest Pro health rinse
  • 1 Crest Prohealth toothpaste (FAR) - .75 MQ
  • -$10 RR
  • Total $1.74 on a gift card
  • Earned $10 RR and $4.50 RR and will receive $3.79 + 10% back on my gift card.

  • 2 gallons of milk ($1.99 each)
  • 2 dozen eggs ($.75 each)
  • 1 gallon albies oj ($2.19)
  • 4 1/2 lbs of nanas ($3.09)
  • - $2/10 CVS coupon
  • Total $8.76 OOP

Starting Budget $15.26

Less $8.76 OOP

Budget remaining $6.50 (I will roll this over into next week's budget)


Walgreens #2

>> September 12, 2008

  • 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes - 2 BOGO IP
  • 3 Windex antibacterial - 3 1.00 IP
  • 3 Robotussin - 3 3.00 IP
  • 4 Chex mix - 4 .60 IP
  • 1 Crest Pro Health Rinse - .75 MQ
  • 1 Revlon Cuticle Creme - 2.00 MQ
  • - $10/40
  • Total $12.26 on a walgreens gift card
  • Earned $10 RR (cleaners), $10 RR (robotussin), $4.50 (crest prohealth) & will receive ($4.79 + $0.48 ESR for the revlon)

Not bad.. I like windex all purpose spray for counters and the wipes are nice for the bathrooms. The only thing we won't use is the robotussin, since I already have several from earlier this week. I will have to giveaway to family.. and then perhaps donate.


Walgreens another $10/40 coupon good today and tomorrow

There is another $10 off $40 coupon good at Walgreens today and tomorrow. I have managed to go once today, will try and hit another store tonight to see what deals I can come up with.

I bought

  • Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaning Starter Kit -$5 MQ
  • Crest Pro Health - .75 MQ
  • 4 Dove Bars - (4) 1.00/MQ - 1.00/2 WAG ESR Q - sale coupon 2/$3 7-day WAG Q
  • 3 Robotussins - (3) $3.00 IPs
  • -$10/40 Coupon
  • Total $13.31
  • I received $10 RR for Scrubbing Bubbles, $10 for Robotussin, $4.49 Crest Pro Health
  • Profit of $11.18



>> September 11, 2008

And this is why I need to have a higher budget.. we bought 3 items last night at costco, completely restrained ourselves and we still spent ~$30
Pedigree dog food
2lb Colby Jack Cheese
Total $31.96

Starting Budget $47.22
Less $31.96 OOP
Budget remaining $15.26


Disney Funds Update

>> September 09, 2008

Ok so its been awhile since I have updated my Disneyland funds total. I wanted to post about my Disneyland budget and savings so that you might understand where I am getting my budget numbers from. If you missed those posts you can find them here.

Disneyland Posts

I have $103 cash to add from doing some mystery shopping in June (there is often a delay of 30-60 days when getting paid for mystery shops), I also received another rebate of $8, so I am adding $111 cash to my total. In addition, we earned another $44 in Disney rewards, $24 (july) and $20 (august). I also have $50 in Albertsons gift cards to use for groceries (from Rx transfers).

So here is what we have saved for our trip as of today.
$250 SWA GC
$809 Cash
$200 American Express
$25 Gas Card
$25 Rain Forest Cafe GC
$217 Disney Rewards
$50 Albertsons GC
$1576 Total
So here is my updated ticker. I am going to say we are done... My goal was $1580.60 I had a little wiggle room with my updated budget, so within ~ $5 is good enough for me.


A few more deals

I am not sure I will get a picture up... but I did get some deals today..

I did the Kashi Cereal deal again. I was hoping to find the kashi frozen waffles, which end up being a pretty great deal without coupons.. close to $5 for 4 boxes and you earn a $5 giftcard. My store didn't appear to sell wafflers. Bummer.

8 boxes of kashi (4/$11) - 3 $2 and 5 $1 Coupons= $11 (used target gift cards), received $10 in target gift cards.

21 Yoplait Yogurts - .40 MQ (doubled) - (2) .50 and (1) .60 IP (not doubled)
3 apples
Total $9.84 OOP

I should have recognized the little lady at the self checkout today, she is a doubling coupon nazi. Normally self check out is the better way to go, but it was our last stop on a long afternoon run and wasn't paying attention to who the cashier was.

5 Safeway Select 8 oz bottle liners (50% off in the clearance section)
Total $19.10 OOP

I managed to do a few robotussin deals (see my post from sunday for the details).

I did have trouble at one store. I bought 3 robotussins, used 3 coupons and the RR didn't print. A clerk and manager both claimed it was because I used coupons and it won't work with coupons. I just returned it and went to a different store. I hate dealing with mis-informed employees. I have no idea why the deal didn't work at that store, but it wasn't because of my coupons. I have done the deal at 3 different stores and it worked each time. Anyway.. enough ranting.

I went back and picked up the rest of the playskool toys + a barney cash register toy. I used the $2/10 cvs coupon, $6 in ECB and paid ~$2.xx on a gift card.

I have been using up most of my ECBS lately, because I found such great toy deals. We do go on vacation in a few weeks, and I prefer not to have to worry about rolling the ecbs. I did transfer a RX there today, though so that will give me another $25 in CVS gift card money to use for any upcoming deals.

Starting Budget $76.16
Less $28.94 OOP
Budget remaining $47.22


Some Great Finds at CVS and Walgreens again!

>> September 08, 2008

** only a few things pictured***

I heard a rumor that the Magic Bullet Blender was clearanced at 75% off (to $15.49). I have checked a few different stores, some had the cheap priced listed, but no blender, others no longer even had a tag for the blender.

However, I did have success at my least likely Walgreens, a very busy 24 hour location. I found it stashed on top of the aisle with all the extra appliance stock, so definitely look up high if you need one!

Anyway.. My deal was this...
Magic Bullet Blender $15.49
- $10 RR (From earlier Robotussin deal)
= $6.74 on a gift card.

CVS #1

Then at CVS, I have been watching the Summer Clearance, but didn't find anything that really interested me. (Besides the sunscreen I found sunday!) I did find some more infant/toddler toys, they were 75% off!

2 Playskool Flashlight $2.50 each
Playskool Balls $2.00
Fisher Price Arcade Game $5.00
-$2/10 CVS Coupon
- $10 ECB
Total $0!!!

We actually already have the Arcade toy, my mom spoiled quinn one day while we were in CVS and bought it for him at full price ($19.99). Quinn will get 2 of my finds and I will save the other 2 for xmas gifts.

CVS #2
At another CVS store I found their summer stuff marked down to 90% off. Again I didn't find much that I needed, but I did buy....
6 Airborne Peach Tea (75% off = $1.95 each)- $2.00 MQs
2 Rightguard Deodorant - 2 $1.o0 MQs
2 Revlon Nail Polish - 2 $2.00 MQs
1 Ball (90% off =$ .17)
1 Sprinkler Toy (90% off= $.79)
- $2/10
-$5.79 ECB
Total $2.44 on a gift card. I earned $6 ECB for the Revlon and $4 for the Right Guard. So factoring in the ECB and gift card funds I used, this order was still a money maker.

I also stopped by Albertsons and bought 7 more quaker simply harvest granola bars (the dark chocolate flavor is great!) + 12 free scott TP. I used the quaker coupons found inside the previous boxes. I also had 12 1.00/1 Scott TP MQs to use. This left me with a total of $4.73 on a gift card ($4 for the granola bars and $.73 in tax on the TP).

4 Kashi Go Lean Crunch - (2) $2.00 IPs and (2) $1.00 IPs
Total $5 on a target gift card + I earned another $5 target gift card. So 4 boxes for free!
Moneysavingsmom has the the deal spelled out well! Check it out here!

Office Max
2 $.01 mini highlighters
2 $.01 mini sharpies
Total $.04 OOP

I wouldn't make a special trip for these, but OM is right next door to Target, so I just bopped when I was done at Target. There was limited colors and quantity left though, so who knows how long the stores will have some in stock.

Starting Budget $76.20
Less $0.04 OOP
Budget remaining $ 76.16



My husband ran out to Albertsons last night for me. It was a relatively simple order, but we needed bananas and I wanted to use my last 3 free sara lee bread MQs before they expired.

3 Sara Lee Breads - Free MQs
2.89 lbs Bananas
7 Harvest Simple Quaker Granola Bars - (7) 1.00 MQs (Each box has a new 1.00 coupon inside!) -2/10 CVS
Total $4.13 OOP

I am going to drop my weekly budget down to $50, since I have been generally come in well under my $60 mark. I hestitate to drop it too much, given that we haven't been to Costco lately and we can do some damage there if we aren't careful.

Starting Budget$50 + $30.33 = $80.33
Less $4.13 OOP
Budget remaining $76.20


I scored at CVS today!

>> September 07, 2008

9 Huggies Little Swimmers Sunscreen (90% off = .89 each!) - (4) 2.00 MQs= .01 + tax for all the Sunscreen
3 Revlon Nail Polish - (3) 2.00 MQs
1 Little Shots Digital Camera (75% off= $7.50)
-$2/10 CVS
-$10 ECB
Total $2.42 on a gift card + I earned $9 ECBs for the nail polish

My net loss of ECBs and gift card funds was $3.42 for my order, not a bad price for the cute little camera. I will stash it away for next year, Quinnie is a bit too young for it. I am stoked about the sunscreen its good for another 18 months, so we are set! I made sure to buy $8 + of the sunscreen, so that my $8 in MQs would scan properly. Lucky for me 9 sunscreens = $8.01!

I also stopped at Walgreens
3 Robotussin - 3.00 IPs
Total $3.70 on a gift card, earned $10 RR

The walgreens deal is pretty sweet. You can print the coupon here. I plan on doing that deal a few more times for the overage. I imagine I will be giving away quite a bit


Saturday Night Trip

I ran over to target last night, hoping to score 12 poptarts... so send for another $10 Kelloggs rebate (for my mom), but they only had 5 poptarts left from the sale. So I did buy 4 more (since the deal worked in groups of 4).

4 Poptarts - (4) .50/1 Target Qs
Total $7 - $5 Target GC, $2 OOP
Earned another $5 Target GC for buying 4 poptarts. $.50 a box (big box) for poptarts isn't too bad. Plus we enjoy them as a treat.

I also stopped at Walgreens, I had a $4 RR that was expiring and needed to use.
1 Crest ProHealth Rinse
1 Excedrin -(sale $1.99)- 2.00 IP
- $4 RR
Total $.85 on a WAG gift card, I earned $4.50 RR (for the crest) and $1 RR (for the Excedrin)

Finishing up Last Weeks $60 Budget...
Starting Budget$32.33
Less $2.00 OOP
Budget remaining $ 30.33



>> September 06, 2008

3 Purex Laundry Soap (on sale $2.99) - $.50 MQs
3 Dawn Dish Soap (on sale $0.99)- $1.00 MQ's
- $2/10 CVS Coupon
-$5 ECB
Total $.85 on a gift card, Earned $3 ECBS (for purex).

This resulted in a net cost of $2.85 for 3 laundry soaps (the dish soap was free anyway), of course I used all CVS $ which is "free money" to me anyway. However, I still like to find a good deal when spending my CVS $.


How Much Did This Gift Cost?

>> September 05, 2008

Hey I just wanted to share the goodies I put together for my cousin's baby shower tomorrow. I grouped them into 4 bags, each bag has a theme. Anyone recognize the bags?

Diaper Bag Goodies:
Travel J&J Shampoo and Travel J&J Lotion
2 Bordeaux on the go butt paste (3-packs)
Baby Orajel
Huggies Changing Pads
CVS Soft Cloths Travel Pack

Baby Goodies:
1st years brush and comb set
A&D Diaper Creme
2 playskool spoon 2-packs
1 Playskool nail clippers
1 J&J Baby Powder

Swim Goodies:
Coppertone Water Babies SPF 30 Stick
CVS Spray Baby Sunscreen 50+ SPF
Rubber Duckies
Circo SPF 50 Sun Hat
Circo Sun Glasses
Similason Ear Ache Relief
Huggies Swim Diapers

Mommy Goodies:
Softsoap Spa Body wash
EOB Nail Brush
BBW Nail File
Sally Hansen Advanced Clear Nail Polish
EOB Toe Nail Separators
EOB Nail Brush
Lamasilk Daily Hydrating Creme
Be Fine Exfoliating Wash (sample pack)

Any guess on how much I spent on these goodies, factoring in CVS ECB deals, Walgreens deals, Coupons, etc? I'll give you some time to think about it :)

Here is a picture of the gifts, I am not great with presentation, but hopefully its cute enough. :)

I am basically stashing the "goodie bags" into 2 gift bags and thowing tissue paper on top. Same with the Boppy, I pulled it out for "show and tell", but its going back into the big gift bag with tissue paper.

I also found a Boppy 75% off at Target ($11.74). So the Boppy is my TRUE gift :) And it was a fabulous deal. Every mom should have a Boppy, it has made feeding so much easier with a little one! I never realized how "necessary" a Boppy was!

Ok has that been enough time?


I would estimate that the 4 goodies bags cost ~$10 OOP. What do you think? Would you enjoy receiving this gift?


Summer is 75% off at CVS

>> September 04, 2008

Three of the CVS stores near me have 75% off summer clearance. Its sort of hit and miss what they have marked. I did see some patio furniture at one, that might be interesting to some people. My mom bought citronella candles. The flip flops are included, but not the fake crocs.


I needed bottle liners, and so I picked up a clearance essence of beauty gift set (I was low on bubble bath) and some straws (75 % summer clearance).

CVS bottle liners
Essence of Beauty Gift set
1000 ct. straws
- $2/10 CVS
-$8 ECBS
Total $0.68 on a gift card

We also stopped at a Target and found their summer goggles and speedo sandals were marked 75% off even though the said 30% off. My mom picked up a cute pair of sandal/water shoes for Quinn. :)


CVS & Sprouts

>> September 03, 2008

I had to run out and use an ECB at CVS that expired yesterday. My favorite store will take them a few days past expiration if I forget or run out of time. It was a big one too.. $11.58, so I ran out after dinner

I actually scored pretty well on some clearance items, which was nice because I planned on getting diet coke 3/$10, but had some coke coupons and a $2/10 cvs coupon to use, so I need some fillers.

I found a unicorn webkinz, baby brush, playtex drop in nipples (I was most excited for these) for 90%
Also big canister of lysol wipes, & selenium 75% off

3 12 pack diet coke (3/$10)- 1.00/1IP and 1.00/2 peelie
3 playtex 2-pack drop in nipples ($.45 each)
1 Unicorn Webkinz ($1.50)
1 First years brush/comb set ($.59)
1 Life Fitness selenium ($1.94)
1 Clorox wipes ($1.37)
2 chocolate covered peanuts ($.99 each)- 2.00/2 gold emblem nuts CRT coupon
-$2/10 coupon
- $11.58 ECB
Total $1.15 on a gift card

I also stopped at Sprouts to grab some fruit. Wednesdays is double ad day, meaning the old ad and new ad are both valid today.
2.13 lbs Pluots (.99/lb)
2 pints Blueberries (2/$5)
5.06 lbs Black Seedless Grapes (.69/lb)
1 Dryers Ice cream ( fruit and ice cream, make sense right???)
- .10 BYOB
Total $14.00 OOP
Starting Budget$46.33
Less $14.00 OOP
Budget remaining $32.33



4 1/2 gallon milk
4 scott TP - (2) .75 MQ and (2) 1.00 MQ
4 Quaker Instant Oat Meal - (4) 1.00 IPs
3 Simply Harvest Granola Bars - (3) 1.00 IPs
2 sara lee breads - 2 free MQs
4.13 lbs Bananas
2 Tomatoes
French bread - free receipt coupon
Sun Dried Tomato specialty bread marked down 50% (1.99)
- 3.00 Quaker Promo
-2/10 CVS coupon
Total $ 9.98, $5.29 on a gift card and $4.69 OOP

Starting Budget$51.02
Less $4.69 OOP
Budget remaining $46.33


A few cool contests to to enter!

>> September 02, 2008

Ok so I have been inspired by my friend's entry into the etsy contest. Hopefully you were able to go over and vote! Remember you get one entry into that contest for each category you vote in. Here was my blog about it...

I found a few more contests to enter (link through money saving mom) These are the ones I really liked.

Deal Seeking Mom
You can win a free flip digital camera from deal seeking mom. In addition, there are tons of great information listed in this contest from the entrants. Check it out here.

Thrifty & Chic Mom
This is a fun contest to win a Hip-T. I have been watching bloggers talk about these for awhile and it would be awesome to snag one. :) Check out this contest here.

Saving Some Green
Who couldn't use an extra $25 at target. There are always great deals to be found there or use it for christmas shopping. Michelle is celebrating the 1 month anniversary of her blog. Check out the contest here.

Mommies With Cents
Hey I am a mommy too! :) And this blog is giving aways some great children's books. I know Quinn would love these (well some day at least) :) Check it out here.

Tea and Thee
We are big yogurt fans around here and yoplait is one of our favorites. Enter to win a kids yoplait pack here.

The Hunters Wife is giving away a $50 Cabelas gift card to a lucky reader. Check out this contest here.

Do you know of any other cool contests to enter? Let me know, I would love to win something. :) Or if YOU win one, let me know too!


Frys and Target

Ok I have some catching up to do.

Last week I had a quick trip for oj and tortillas at frys that cost $5.98. In addition I hit up Albertsons and used the $10 off $40 walgreens coupon in addition to some formula checks and made out pretty well. I was actually buying some groceries for my dad, so he had ~$20+ and I was able to combine his groceries with 4 enfamil RTF quarts (6.19 each) + a toddler plate/bowl thingy that suctions to the table (~$6.50). This allowed me to use the $10 coupon in conjunction with formula checks: $10, $5, $4 and $4. The coupon and checks paid for the formula and plate thingy and also helped me dad's total by a few dollars. So no OOP for me there.

Therefore $30.23 - $5.98 (frys) = $24.25 to roll over from last week.

I hit frys and target today:
7 Bounty basic paper towels (.99 sale - .25 MQ tripled)= $0.24 each
5 McCormick Grinders (.99 sale - .25 MQ tripled)= $0.24 each
5 pepsi 12 packs (not pictured)
Total $15.23 OOP

12 Poptarts (big boxes on sale for $2.25 each) - (3) 1.00/2 MQ and (12) .50/1 Target coupons
Total $18.00 OOP + earned $15 in Target gift cards
The promo is by 4 poptarts for $9 and earn a $5 gift card. You can do multiplies in one transaction, so I earned $15 in gift cards. Net cost is $3 for 12 large boxes of poptarts. Plus I will submit for $10 Kelloggs rebate.

I actually tried to do the Kelloggs $10 rebate last month at walgreens, but they were out of stock of so many items, and I had trouble getting the RR to work right, in the end, I messed up and only purchased 9 items. With this particular rebate all 10 kelloggs products had to be on the SAME receipt, so the walgreens order was useless for the rebate.

Summary of my pop tart deal: $27 sale price for 12 boxes - $9 in coupons = $18 OOP, + I earned $15 in Target Gift cards and will earn $10 rebate from Kelloggs. Oh and most of the poptarts have a mail in promo for free kids books, so I will send away for several free kids books :)

I might do this deal again later this week (I don't have any MQ's left though), so I can send the $10 kelloggs rebate in for my mom too. We will see if we get over there again.

How can you do this promo?
If you don't have any newspaper coupons or the Kelloggs rebate form then you can still do ok.
Buy 12 poptarts for $27 - 12(.50/1) target coupons = $21 and earn $15 in target gift cards. The cashier will just hand them to you, the cash register prompts them to do it after 4 poptarts are scanned. You can print the target coupons here at HCW using their coupon generator. If you happen to have some MQ's from the paper (they came a few weeks ago in the Kelloggs coupon insert) and the rebate form, then you can do even better!

Ok so my weekly budget...
Starting Budget$60 + $24.25 (left over from last week) = 84.25
Less $33.23 OOP today
Budget remaining $51.02 (+ I have the $15 in target gift cards, I might use this week or save for another time)

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