>> September 08, 2008

My husband ran out to Albertsons last night for me. It was a relatively simple order, but we needed bananas and I wanted to use my last 3 free sara lee bread MQs before they expired.

3 Sara Lee Breads - Free MQs
2.89 lbs Bananas
7 Harvest Simple Quaker Granola Bars - (7) 1.00 MQs (Each box has a new 1.00 coupon inside!) -2/10 CVS
Total $4.13 OOP

I am going to drop my weekly budget down to $50, since I have been generally come in well under my $60 mark. I hestitate to drop it too much, given that we haven't been to Costco lately and we can do some damage there if we aren't careful.

Starting Budget$50 + $30.33 = $80.33
Less $4.13 OOP
Budget remaining $76.20


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