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>> September 03, 2008

I had to run out and use an ECB at CVS that expired yesterday. My favorite store will take them a few days past expiration if I forget or run out of time. It was a big one too.. $11.58, so I ran out after dinner

I actually scored pretty well on some clearance items, which was nice because I planned on getting diet coke 3/$10, but had some coke coupons and a $2/10 cvs coupon to use, so I need some fillers.

I found a unicorn webkinz, baby brush, playtex drop in nipples (I was most excited for these) for 90%
Also big canister of lysol wipes, & selenium 75% off

3 12 pack diet coke (3/$10)- 1.00/1IP and 1.00/2 peelie
3 playtex 2-pack drop in nipples ($.45 each)
1 Unicorn Webkinz ($1.50)
1 First years brush/comb set ($.59)
1 Life Fitness selenium ($1.94)
1 Clorox wipes ($1.37)
2 chocolate covered peanuts ($.99 each)- 2.00/2 gold emblem nuts CRT coupon
-$2/10 coupon
- $11.58 ECB
Total $1.15 on a gift card

I also stopped at Sprouts to grab some fruit. Wednesdays is double ad day, meaning the old ad and new ad are both valid today.
2.13 lbs Pluots (.99/lb)
2 pints Blueberries (2/$5)
5.06 lbs Black Seedless Grapes (.69/lb)
1 Dryers Ice cream ( fruit and ice cream, make sense right???)
- .10 BYOB
Total $14.00 OOP
Starting Budget$46.33
Less $14.00 OOP
Budget remaining $32.33


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