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>> September 02, 2008

Ok I have some catching up to do.

Last week I had a quick trip for oj and tortillas at frys that cost $5.98. In addition I hit up Albertsons and used the $10 off $40 walgreens coupon in addition to some formula checks and made out pretty well. I was actually buying some groceries for my dad, so he had ~$20+ and I was able to combine his groceries with 4 enfamil RTF quarts (6.19 each) + a toddler plate/bowl thingy that suctions to the table (~$6.50). This allowed me to use the $10 coupon in conjunction with formula checks: $10, $5, $4 and $4. The coupon and checks paid for the formula and plate thingy and also helped me dad's total by a few dollars. So no OOP for me there.

Therefore $30.23 - $5.98 (frys) = $24.25 to roll over from last week.

I hit frys and target today:
7 Bounty basic paper towels (.99 sale - .25 MQ tripled)= $0.24 each
5 McCormick Grinders (.99 sale - .25 MQ tripled)= $0.24 each
5 pepsi 12 packs (not pictured)
Total $15.23 OOP

12 Poptarts (big boxes on sale for $2.25 each) - (3) 1.00/2 MQ and (12) .50/1 Target coupons
Total $18.00 OOP + earned $15 in Target gift cards
The promo is by 4 poptarts for $9 and earn a $5 gift card. You can do multiplies in one transaction, so I earned $15 in gift cards. Net cost is $3 for 12 large boxes of poptarts. Plus I will submit for $10 Kelloggs rebate.

I actually tried to do the Kelloggs $10 rebate last month at walgreens, but they were out of stock of so many items, and I had trouble getting the RR to work right, in the end, I messed up and only purchased 9 items. With this particular rebate all 10 kelloggs products had to be on the SAME receipt, so the walgreens order was useless for the rebate.

Summary of my pop tart deal: $27 sale price for 12 boxes - $9 in coupons = $18 OOP, + I earned $15 in Target Gift cards and will earn $10 rebate from Kelloggs. Oh and most of the poptarts have a mail in promo for free kids books, so I will send away for several free kids books :)

I might do this deal again later this week (I don't have any MQ's left though), so I can send the $10 kelloggs rebate in for my mom too. We will see if we get over there again.

How can you do this promo?
If you don't have any newspaper coupons or the Kelloggs rebate form then you can still do ok.
Buy 12 poptarts for $27 - 12(.50/1) target coupons = $21 and earn $15 in target gift cards. The cashier will just hand them to you, the cash register prompts them to do it after 4 poptarts are scanned. You can print the target coupons here at HCW using their coupon generator. If you happen to have some MQ's from the paper (they came a few weeks ago in the Kelloggs coupon insert) and the rebate form, then you can do even better!

Ok so my weekly budget...
Starting Budget$60 + $24.25 (left over from last week) = 84.25
Less $33.23 OOP today
Budget remaining $51.02 (+ I have the $15 in target gift cards, I might use this week or save for another time)


Denae September 2, 2008 at 8:49 PM  

I definitely want to do this. I was hoping another good deal would come along so I could use my $10 rebate. Question: Is the Target gift card deal just going on this week only?

kc September 2, 2008 at 9:28 PM  

I am pretty sure this promo is only going through this weekend. I guess if I had been paying attention I could found some more coupons. But even without MQ's or doing the rebate, its a pretty good deal (that is of course if you eat poptarts). :)

Denae September 3, 2008 at 9:03 AM  

Yeah, it is a lot of poptarts, so good thing my kids like them. I still have all my MQ's and w/ the Target coupons, I'm excited. Thanks for the tips!

Precious September 3, 2008 at 9:08 AM  

KC, You are doing fantastic on your budget. Keep up the great work while I am in New York!

kc September 3, 2008 at 10:00 AM  

I wish I had more MQs. That was the first week I was supposed to get the 6 sunday paper deal with the AZrepublic.. but it took a few weeks for them to get it right. So I only had 3 copies. Oh well I still did ok and with the target coupons, its a pretty sweet deal. :)

And unfortunately I wish I could say I was buying them for my kids. But my kid is only 11 months old, so I have to admit Peter and I eat them :) I just need to find a good place to hide them, so we don't go into sugar overload. :)

Thanks for the encouragement precious, I have enjoyed the budget challege, I have definitely held myself back from buying certain things, when my budget was low!

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