Saturday Night Trip

>> September 07, 2008

I ran over to target last night, hoping to score 12 poptarts... so send for another $10 Kelloggs rebate (for my mom), but they only had 5 poptarts left from the sale. So I did buy 4 more (since the deal worked in groups of 4).

4 Poptarts - (4) .50/1 Target Qs
Total $7 - $5 Target GC, $2 OOP
Earned another $5 Target GC for buying 4 poptarts. $.50 a box (big box) for poptarts isn't too bad. Plus we enjoy them as a treat.

I also stopped at Walgreens, I had a $4 RR that was expiring and needed to use.
1 Crest ProHealth Rinse
1 Excedrin -(sale $1.99)- 2.00 IP
- $4 RR
Total $.85 on a WAG gift card, I earned $4.50 RR (for the crest) and $1 RR (for the Excedrin)

Finishing up Last Weeks $60 Budget...
Starting Budget$32.33
Less $2.00 OOP
Budget remaining $ 30.33


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