Some Great Finds at CVS and Walgreens again!

>> September 08, 2008

** only a few things pictured***

I heard a rumor that the Magic Bullet Blender was clearanced at 75% off (to $15.49). I have checked a few different stores, some had the cheap priced listed, but no blender, others no longer even had a tag for the blender.

However, I did have success at my least likely Walgreens, a very busy 24 hour location. I found it stashed on top of the aisle with all the extra appliance stock, so definitely look up high if you need one!

Anyway.. My deal was this...
Magic Bullet Blender $15.49
- $10 RR (From earlier Robotussin deal)
= $6.74 on a gift card.

CVS #1

Then at CVS, I have been watching the Summer Clearance, but didn't find anything that really interested me. (Besides the sunscreen I found sunday!) I did find some more infant/toddler toys, they were 75% off!

2 Playskool Flashlight $2.50 each
Playskool Balls $2.00
Fisher Price Arcade Game $5.00
-$2/10 CVS Coupon
- $10 ECB
Total $0!!!

We actually already have the Arcade toy, my mom spoiled quinn one day while we were in CVS and bought it for him at full price ($19.99). Quinn will get 2 of my finds and I will save the other 2 for xmas gifts.

CVS #2
At another CVS store I found their summer stuff marked down to 90% off. Again I didn't find much that I needed, but I did buy....
6 Airborne Peach Tea (75% off = $1.95 each)- $2.00 MQs
2 Rightguard Deodorant - 2 $1.o0 MQs
2 Revlon Nail Polish - 2 $2.00 MQs
1 Ball (90% off =$ .17)
1 Sprinkler Toy (90% off= $.79)
- $2/10
-$5.79 ECB
Total $2.44 on a gift card. I earned $6 ECB for the Revlon and $4 for the Right Guard. So factoring in the ECB and gift card funds I used, this order was still a money maker.

I also stopped by Albertsons and bought 7 more quaker simply harvest granola bars (the dark chocolate flavor is great!) + 12 free scott TP. I used the quaker coupons found inside the previous boxes. I also had 12 1.00/1 Scott TP MQs to use. This left me with a total of $4.73 on a gift card ($4 for the granola bars and $.73 in tax on the TP).

4 Kashi Go Lean Crunch - (2) $2.00 IPs and (2) $1.00 IPs
Total $5 on a target gift card + I earned another $5 target gift card. So 4 boxes for free!
Moneysavingsmom has the the deal spelled out well! Check it out here!

Office Max
2 $.01 mini highlighters
2 $.01 mini sharpies
Total $.04 OOP

I wouldn't make a special trip for these, but OM is right next door to Target, so I just bopped when I was done at Target. There was limited colors and quantity left though, so who knows how long the stores will have some in stock.

Starting Budget $76.20
Less $0.04 OOP
Budget remaining $ 76.16


Precious September 9, 2008 at 10:19 AM  

I am SO JEALOUS of your deals and the fact that I have no room in my luggage to bring anything back!

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