Some deals

>> October 28, 2008

4 BIC 3 Razors- 2.00 MQs
1 Orajel toddler training paste
1 diet coke
- $12 ECB
Total $2.84 on a gift card.
Earned $16 in ECBS

2 Bic 3 Razors - $2.oo MQs
6 Halls Cough Drops - 3 BOGO MQs
- $8 ECB
Total $3.37 on a gift card, earned $8 in ECBS

2 Gallons of milk (1.88 each)
5 12-packs soda
1 Pedigree treat - free coupon
6 Glade Scented Oil Warmer - 3 BOGO
2 Dreyers ice creams (Pumpkin and Peppermint!! I love the holidays!!)
-$5/50 Bashas Coupon
- 8 $4 OYNO coupons
Total $2.17 on a gift card. I earned 6 $4 OYNO coupons, but the cashier let me used 3 of them on this order, so I ended up with 3 remaining $4 OYNO coupons ($12 total).. so I sort of made ~$10 for this order! :)

Also found the lime green shoes for Quinn at Carters.. $3.99 and the camo slip ons at target for $3.24!


Walgreens $5/$20

>> October 25, 2008

There is another $5/20 Walgreens coupons, good through today! Here is the coupon!

I did 4 transactions earlier today. I may go out again...I might hit another store later, although most of the good deals are sold out at my stores.

St Ives Scrub - 2.00 IP
2 Reeses pumpkins (fillers)
1 Loreal Revitalift -1.00 MQ (FAR -Oct)
1 Loreal Wrinkle concentrate - 1.00 MQ - Store promo making it free with revitalift purchase
-$8 and $4 RR
Total $2.49 on a gift card (earned $5 RR for st. ives and will receive $16.49 + 10% ESR)

Gillette Fusion Gift set - $4 MQ
Halloween Pencil (filler)
- $5 RR
Total$.68 on a gift card, earned $4 (gillette)

Nivea Mens Body Wash - 1.00 MQ
Gillette Fusion Gift set - $4 MQ
Nuetra Air - $5 MQ
Energy Drink - 6hour
- 5/20
-8 RR
Total$2.12 on a gift card, earned $4 RR (gillette) + (~$12 +10% ESR)

Tropicana OJ (filler)
Neutra Air Kit - $5 MQ
2 Snickers pumpkins (fillers of course!)
1 Loreal Revitalift -1.00 MQ (FAR -Oct)
1 Loreal Wrinkle concentrate - 1.00 MQ - Store promo making it free with revitalift purchase
-$4, $4, $5 RR
Total $2.55 on a gift card (will earn $16.49 + $3 + 10% ESR)


Walgreens + Albies

>> October 22, 2008

I stopped in at Albertsons to pick up an RX, and used a CVS RX transfer coupon. The pharmacist told me that they no longer "price match", which is what I guess they call honoring other store's coupons, but she would do it for me this time. So my RX places are dwindling... I hope Albertsons puts out another coupons soon!

I would also like to point out that the RX transfer coupon in Safeway's ad is also good on NEW Rx's, which makes it even better, as most coupons are only for transfers.

I stopped by Albies Customer Service and they gave me $5 for the mix up last night (the $5 didn't come off automatically). In addition I picked up 4 Glades, gum and diet pepsi, used $5/25 Whole Foods coupon + 2 BOGO MQs for the Glade. I earned 4 $4 OYNO coupons from this transaction. The Glades should be producing the $4 OYNO coupons until 11/2. Of course if you buy 2, use a BOGO coupon, and only pay for one. you still get 2 $4 coupons.

On to walgreens, well 2 different walgreens.

3 Benefiber kiwi strawberry 16-ct sticks - $5 ESR - $2 MQs
1 pencil (filler)
2 Lysol Neutra Air - $5 MQs
-$4 RR
Total $3.28 on a gift card, earned $8 RR (benefiber).

3 Benefiber kiwi strawberry 16-ct sticks - $5 ESR - $2 MQs
1 pencil (filler)
1 Alkaseltzer Cold - $1 MQ
3 Pertplus - $2.50 ESR -$2 MQs
-$4 RR
Total $2.47 ($2.41 was tax!!), earned $8 (benefiber) and $5 (Alkaseltzer)
Fusion Razor Gift set - $4 MQ
Pencil (filler)
-$5 RR
Total $.68 on a gift card and I earned $4 RR


Safeway Rx Transfer Coupon

lildebbie @ pyp has reported that the Safeway ad has a $30 RX transfer coupon on the back of the ad, good through Nov. 30!

Based on my experiences with RX transfers, this is the best coupon out there. Safeway is the only store where I can get "other" gift cards with my transfer. In fact their coupons typically advertise it this way. Albertsons used to allow you to purchase "other store" gift cards with their gift cards (that you receive for an Rx transfer), but ever since the economic stimulus checks and stores offer the bonus 10% for cashing them, albies has stopped allowing the purchase of gift cards with their gift cards. :( Bummer.

Another change within the past year, is that Safeway doesn't honor competitor's coupons, so the only way to earn a gift card their is with their coupons, which don't come out too frequently. So a safeway RX transfer coupon used at safeway is the only way I can get "other gift cards".

This particular coupon is nice because its a higher value, $30, vs. $25 that CVS usually offers.

And other stores will honor the safeway coupon. I know my Frys, Albertsons and CVS still honor competitor's RX coupons, so I will be able to use this coupon there as well!


Frys and Albertsons

>> October 21, 2008

I couldn't get it all in one pictures...

5 Bounty Paper towel - .25 MQ (tripled) = $0.13 each
4 Purina cat treats- 1.00 MQ= free
1 Shamrock milk - .55 MQ (doubled)= free
10 Spaghettios - .40/2 (tripled)= free
8 Hunts Spaghetti sauce - 1.00/2 IP and .40/2 (tripled) = $.27 each
5 Big K 2-liters
3 Betty Crocker Potatoes - .40 MQ (tripled) = free
6 Libbys Veggies - .50/3 (doubled) = ~$.16 each
- $5 Whole Foods Coupon
Total $3.31 OOP
(they missed one coupon, so I need to go back and get my $1 next time I am there)

10 Green Giant Steamers (rain check for $1 each)- $1 MQs= free
6 Eggos - .55 MQ (doubled)
4 Sara Lee bread
2 Gallons Milk ($1.88 each)
-$5 Whole Foods Coupon
- $5 OYNO Coupon
Total $4.86 on a gift card
The cashier had a hard time with my coupons, my eggo coupons didn't double automatically, so e had to fix that, then because of my rain check he scanned 1 Veggie and charged me $10 (lazy I guess) and then when he went to scan my coupons, only the 1st one scanned, and he had to force the rest through . It looks like he scanned them a few times too many, however my $5 for buying the eggos and sara lee didn't automatically come off, so I need to go back and get that fixed too)...
Still not too bad :)


Albertsons, CVS and Walgreens

6 Glade Oil Warmers - 3 BOGO
-$5/25 Whole Foods Coupon
Total $15.25 - 4 $4 OYNO coupons, received $.75 change back.
I checked out at self checkout and the clerk asked if I wanted to use the $4 OYNO coupons that printed (for the glade oil warmers) right then... Sure.. :) In fact she used 4 of the $4 coupons and I received $0.75 in change back. So they paid me $.75 and $8 in OYNO coupons (1 $4 for each glade) to buy the glade and bananas!

2 Brachs Candy Corn
1 beer book (clearanced out $1)
1 Welches Light Grape Juice
Total $4.81 on a gift card, earned $2.58 ECBS

Alka Seltzer cold meds - $1 MQ
Gillette Fusion Razor Set - $4 MQ
Vanilla Cookies (filler)
-$10 RR
Total $1.62 OOP
Earned $4.99 RR for Alka Seltzer and $4 RR for Gillette

Gillette Fusion Razor Set - $4 MQ
1 pencil (filler)
-$5 RR
Total $0.68 OOP
Earned $4 RR for Gillette


Frys and CVS

>> October 20, 2008

I had a great run at Frys today. I plan on trying to hit it again tonight.
3 Purina Cat Treats = free
3 Betty Crocker Potatoes - .40 or .35 MQs (tripled)= free
6 Bounty Paper Towel - .25 MQ (tripled) = .13 each
1 soft soap handsoap - .35 (tripled) = free
8 hunts spaghetti sauce - 1.00/2 = $.27 each
6 libbys veggies - .50/3 (doubled) = .94 for all 6
6 spaghetti-o's - .40/2 (tripled)= free
6 Big K soda 2 liters
- $5/25 Whole Foods coupon
Total OOP $2.55

Yah me! :)

I also grabbed 2 bags of candy corn at CVS (Free after ecb). Total $2.58 on a gift card, earned $2.58 in ECBS back.



>> October 19, 2008

I found a couple of great contests to enter. First of all I found a huge list of blog contests at Deal Seeking Mom.

Here are a few that I entered:
Babies Gotta Have It is giving away a Nokia Smartphone! Check it out here!

My Thoughts Ideas and Ramblings is giving away a nice Land End top, your choice. Check it out here!

I will see if I can find anymore...

Ok I am back.. here are a few more:

The Hunter's Wife is giving away a $100 gas gift card, who couldn't use that? Enter here!

Deal Seeking Mom is giving away an IToys Gaming System, it requires you to earn points with physical activity in order to play. That sounds like a great idea! Enter here!



>> October 18, 2008

I hit up walgreens today to use the $5/25 coupons
9 Ragu - (4) $1.00/2 MQs
1GB SD camera card
3 Robotussin - (3) $2.00 IPs
1 Lypsyl
- $5/25 WAG
-$25 RX transfer check
Total $1.17 OOP
Earned $10 RR and $5 RR.

I had trouble with my RR not printing, which of course the cashier and Assistant Manager blamed on my coupons. However, when they re rung it at the same register w/o coupons, it didn't print either. I hate when the Catalina Coupon machine isn't working right, because they always blame my coupons for why the RR doesn't print. Most often you can get them to fix it, particularly if you have them re-ring it on another register to see if it will work, however, sometimes this can take up too much time. I hate dealing with Walgreens RRs, CVS ECBs are so much easier to deal with.


Reuse and Recyle: Its better for the planet and for your wallet!

>> October 15, 2008

With the current economic situation being quite grim, more and more people are looking for bargains. Even people who normally wouldn't bother to seek out a deal are starting to look for ways to reduce their costs. Finding gently used items is better for the environment and for your budget! There are several great local resources that most towns have and where you can find "used" deals if you are patient.

#1 Craigslist

Craigslist is a great alternative to ebay for buying and selling things locally. We have found some great baby bargains on there and have sold some stuff as well. Its nice to know you can pick the item up locally (in a public place to be safe!) and not paying shipping. Plus you can inspect the item before you purchase it. And if you are selling an item, there are no fees involved, unlike ebay.

#2 Freecycle

Craigslist has a "free" section, but the best resource is for freebies is Freecycle. Freecycle actually started in Tucson and there is a very large Freecycle community. I find it can be hard to "get something" on Freecycle, because most stuff goes INSTANTLY! However it is worth a shot and I have received a few items including a lady who gave me a ton of baby boy stuff, several bags full including a stroller. She happen to be in OroValley which would be far for some people in Tucson, lucky for me!

We have definitely be able to get rid of things on freecycle that would have been hard to sell and a pain to trash/donate including a full set of kitchen cabinet doors, an outdoor spa, old bathroom fixtures (we were remodeling) and a huge oak desk. It was great to have someone come and take it away and know it was going to be used somehow!

#3 Consignment Shops

I regularly frequent a consignment shop in Tucson called Twice As Nice, there are locations in Phoenix too, but most cities have something similar to it. Twice as Nice actually take all types of clothing (men, womens, maternity, kids, babies and baby gear). We have found some great toys and baby gear for quinn . We also picked up some necessities like warm pjs when it suddenly turned cold (it does happen for a few months here every year) and we realized we didn't have any warmer Pj's for him.

It was great not to spend any cash, with a last minute purchase that we hadn't expected. I try to regularly simplify our wardrobes and keep taking anything we don't use in to trade for credit in their store. I have family members who also take clothing there, but don't shop there, so they give me their credit! We are lucky. :)

#4 2nd Hand Stores
I don't normally go to 2nd hand stores (goodwill and salvation army), but I have in the past. It can take time and patience, but they do have bargains! I hope to find time to ocassionaly stop in and see if I come across anything.

#5 Swap Meets/Yard Sales
I also don't normally go to Swap Meets or Yard Sales, but you can definitely find bargains at both places. I know our Swap Meet has both dealers with new stuff and also regular people selling their used items. My area of town is a hotbed for yard sales, which is cool. But again, I haven't had a ton of time to go bargain hunting at either the swap meet or yard sale, but they are both great places to look if you have time.

#6 Freepeats
Freepeats is a new service that I hope to take advantage of soon! Its similar to Freecycle, but its all baby, kids, maternity stuff. There isn't a Tucson chapter yet, but they are in 31 cities currently! Check them out here! If they don't have a chapter in your city yet, then please fill out the form here! Angie at babycheapskate mentioned today that once 50 people sign up for a city, she plans to open up a chapter there. So hopefully there are some Tucson folks reading this... please go sign up here!

Did I miss anything?


Frys and Albertsons

>> October 14, 2008

My frys restocked overnight, yeah!!
I managed to get
6 hunts tomato paste - .40/2 MQ(tripled) = .29 each
6 betty crocker potatoes pouch - .40/1 MQ (tripled)= free
6 tic tacs (orange of course) - .55/2 MQ (doubled)= free
5 softsoap hand soap - .35/1 MQ (tripled)= free
2 Cottonelle TP - .50/1 MQ (doubled)= free
6 Shamrock Farms Rockin' Refuel Chocolate Milk - .55/1 MQ (doubled = free
1 Lays Kettle cooked chips
1 2 liter diet coke
Total $7.05 OOP

I went back to albies to get some cheap milk and ice cream
Order #1
4 Glade Oil Warmers - 2 BOGO MQs
Total $12.10 on a gift card, earned $16 OYNO coupons

Order #2
3 Gallons of milk ($1.49 each!)
2 Blue Bunny ice creams ($1.99- 10%- 1.00 MQ)= $0.79 each
La Victoria Salsa
2 bags Tostitos Chips
Total $15.49 - $12 OYNO coupons (from 1st order) = $3.49 on a gift card (still have $4 OYNO coupon from 1st order)



>> October 13, 2008

There are a couple good deals through tomorrow at Frys: I picked up a few tonight, but I am hoping they restock overnight, because they were out of a few things. They are tripling right now, so coupons from .33- .99 are worth $1.00 (normally only .50 and up)

Cottonelle 4-pack tp - free with .50 MQ
Tic Tacs - free with .55/2 MQ
Softsoap - free with .35 MQ
Betty Crocker potatoes (pouch) - free with .35 and .40 MQs
Hunts tomato paste $.29 each with .40/2 MQs

I always double check over at PYP for any other good deals. Their AZ specific board is awesome!


Pet Vaccinations!

>> October 12, 2008

I have been doing a lot of research on dog vaccinations lately. Our dogs were overdue for their shots, we used to pay for the Banfield (Petsmart) wellness program, that included annual checks and all their shots. However, they raised their prices for several years in a row to the point that we couldn't afford the monthly fee anymore.

We dropped it about a year ago. I found that our Humane society does have a "cheaper" shot clinic twice a week, however its either early saturday morning or monday evenings. I convinced my husband to take them early one saturday morning, unfortunately, the clinic is such a deal that a "million" other pet owners were also there and the wait was going to be at least an hour. Needless to say, he left without getting the shots.

I kept researching other places, and found that our Banfield had a shot clinic each Thursday afternoon that allowed you to pay just for the shot with no office visit ($17 for rabies). I called several vets near me and found they all charged an office fee of about $50 in addition to the price of the shot.

Anyway, I found a smoking deal at at place Animal Birth Control of Tucson that offers shots several days a week, and only $10 a shot with no office visit fee. The only catch, they are WAY across town from us and I just couldn't justify the time/gas to go across town.

I also found that Petco has a vet service that comes in every 2 weeks on Saturday afternoons and their prices were cheapish and the timing was better for me. Our petco uses THIS service. The best part of the deal is this service price matches!! I found an old flyer from Petco that stated they would "price match," I wasn't sure if they still did, because I found no price match policy listed on their website. But much to my delight, they did price match the ABC clinic, which meant the boys got all 4 shots ($10 each) for cheaper than the rabies and DHPP alone at the petco clinic.

I was so excited about the price matching! I arrived about 1o minutes before the clinic started, we were 2nd in line and out by 4:05! The whole experience was awesome! Cheap and easy!
:) YAH me!


Albertsons, Walgreens, CVS

>> October 11, 2008

We have had another busy week, with the wedding last night. In fact, I was a bridesmaid in it, so it was a little bit more involved for me than normal. It was a super fabulous affair and we enjoyed ourselves! (Thanks Lee and Andy) :)

Anyway, we made it over to Albertsons for a quick dinner fix.
1 Rotisserie Chicken
1 French Bread- Free CRT survey coupon
1 Gallon Milk (super sale price of $1.49!)
2 Blue Bunny Ice Creams - (on sale 1.99)-10% frozen food promo - (2) $1 IPs
- $9 OYNO coupons
Total $1.25 on a gift card!

After dinner I hit Walgreens and CVS

Order #1
Always Infinity Pads - $4.98 ECB
Total $0 OOP, earned $4.98 ECB

Order #2
2 Bic Soilel Razor Refills - $2 MQs
- $3 ECB and $4.98 ECB
Total $.24 on a gift card, earned $8 ECB

Order #3
3 Bic Soilel Razor Refills - $2 MQs
2 Colgate Toothpastes - $1 MQs
1 CVS anti fungal creme
- $10 ECB and $8 ECB
Total $8.15, Earned $16 ECBs

Orders #1-4
Glade Flameless Candle - $5 MQ
Total $1.48 on a gift card, earned $3 RR

Order 5
2 Fantastiks - $1.50 IP
3 Windex - $2 IP
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foamer
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner - $10 IP
Gazelle Vacuum Cleaner (50% off = $40)
4 Halloween Candies (fillers)
- (4) $3 RR (from above)
Total $46.25 on a gift card and $2.00 OOP.
(Will earn $16.50 Rebates for Cleaners and $20 for the Gazelle= $36.50 + 10%= $40.15)


Albertsons... again :)

>> October 07, 2008

I saw that Bashas has their milk 1.88 a gallon starting tomorrow, so I held off on getting milk. However, I did need to get more yogurt, tp and few other items. Again, no pictures.. Quinnie and I both are feeling under the weather, hopefully just a cold or something.

Order #1
albertsons parm cheese
2 albertsons tomato paste
1 albertsons light sour creme
1 ranch dip mix
8 yoplaits - 1.00 IP
2 yoplait yoplus 4 packs - 1.50 MQs
- $14 OYNO coupons
Total $.40 on a gift card
Earned $5 OYNO coupon

Order #2
6 yo plus 4-packs -1.50 MQs
4 yoplait - 1.00 IP
- (2) 2.00 OYNO
Total $0
Earned $5 OYNO coupon


Albertsons and CVS

I hit CVS take advantage of the diabetes monitor deal.
Order #1
1 Breeze Monitor - $14.99 MQ
1 Always Infinity
-$2 & $3 ECB
Total $0 OOP, earned $10 ECB and $4.98 ECB

Order #2 (mom's card)
1 Breeze Monitor - $14.99 MQ
1 Always Inifintiy
1 $1 box cookies
- $4 ECB
Total $2.12 on a gift card, earned $10 ECB and $4.98 ECB

6 Glade Gel Starter Kits - 3 BOGO IP
4 1/2 Gallons Milk
10 yoplait yogurts - .50/6 IP
- 5 $2 and 1 $3 OYNO coupons
Total $2.87 on a gift card
Earned 6 $2 OYNO coupons (glade) and $5 OYNO coupon (yoplait)

I plan on hitting albertsons again today for more milk, since .99 1/2 gallon is best we have seen in awhile and you can't always find it on sale ever week. Plus yogurt and green giant veggie steamers (supposed to be free with 1.00 MQs, I will see if I can find these..)
The yoplait (general mills) $5 OYNO and Glade $2 OYNO deals are only good through today.


Quick Albertsons Trip

>> October 05, 2008

Thanks to Christy over at PYP I found another deal to combine with the yogurt.. popcorn! I don't actually need any popcorn at the moment, but I need to start working on my movie night gift baskets, so this worked great.

6 yoplait yogurts - .50/6 IP
4 pop secret coupons - (2) .60/2 IP
2.67 lbs Bananas
- 4 $2 OYNO coupons
$1.14 total on a gift card
Earned $5 OYNO (yoplait+popsecret) and $3 OYNO (pop secret)

** the pop secret $3 OYNO works only through today though... ***

2nd order
6 Glade Gel Warmers - 3 BOGO MQs
10 Yogurts - .50/6 IP
- 2 $5 OYNO coupons
Total $2.44 on a gift card & I earned (6) $2 and (1) $5 OYNO coupons

Sorry, I don't have any pictures.. I ran in after a movie with a friend and had to get home to dinner.. not time to get pictures before dinner :)


Walgreens & Albertsons

>> October 04, 2008

I had a few OYNO coupons to use that expired yesterday, so I made a quick evening trip out.

L'Oreal face cleanser (FAR)
6-hour energy (FAR)
Rimmel makeup - 1.00/1 MQ (FAR)
Oral B Toothbrush - .75 MQ (FARR)
- 2 $4.50 OYNO coupons
Total $8.31 on a gift card
Earned $4.50 RR (toothbrush) & will get x.xx for WAG Easy Saver Rebate.

Order #1
4 Glade Gel Warmers - 2 BOGO MQs
-2 $2.00 OYNO coupons
Total $.91 OOP
Received 4 $2 OYNO coupons (1 for each glade)

Order #2
10 Yoplait Yogurts
4 1/2 milks
-4 $2 OYNO coupons
Total $1.00 OOP
Earned $5 OYNO for the yogurt.

This is a great deal for yogurt, 10 yogurts are $5 and you earn a $5 OYNO coupon = free! Actually if you dig out a MQ, it can be a money maker. I grabbed the wrong yoplait coupons when I rushed out last night. But I will go back and grab at least another 10 or 20... since we do eat a lot of yogurt around here.


I'm Back...

>> October 03, 2008

Sorry I disappeared for a little while. Hopefully there are a few people out there still :)

We are back from our Disney Trip and had lots of fun despite the abnormal heat wave we had while we were there. We are already planning our next trip! :)

I have lots of unpacking, laundry, cleaning, organizing, shopping to do in order to get us up and running again.

However, these are the deals that look great right now....

Walgreens has another $5/20 coupon good today and tomorrow only! I hope to get some October rebate deals using the coupon.

KMart is Super Doubling coupons through Oct 5th. That means that coupons up to $2 value will double (up to $4). The only Kmart left in our town is pretty far... so I most likely won't be able to do this deal. However, if you have a Kmart nearby I would take advantage of this deal! For some deal ideas check out PYP.

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