Frys Mega Sale

>> January 31, 2009

I count myself lucky twice tonight, 1st that I realized my 1.00 steamer coupons were expiring tonight and 2nd that my store had a end cap in the frozen section with plenty of steamers left!

20 Green Giant Steamers - $1 MQs = free
5 Nature Valley Granola Bars - .50 MQs= $1 each
2 Rotel Tomatos - .30 MQs = .50 overage each!
3 Kleenex - .40 MQs = .24 overage each!
3 Suave Deodorant - 1.00 MQs= free

My prices included (3) $5 Mega Savings.

Total $3.59 OOP & earned $3.50 OYNO Catalina. So $0.09 net cost!


CVS & Bashas

I ran by CVS on the way home from a dress appointment today.

CVS #1
5 Gillette Shampoos - $2 MQs
3 Gillette Fusion Gamer Razors -$4 MQs
-$5/30 ECB
-$21 ECBS
Total $2.78 on a gift card
Earned $15 ECB (shampoo) and $12 ECB (razors)

CVS #2
3 Gillette Shampoos - $2 MQs
4 Gillette Fusion Gamer Razors - $4 MQs
1 disney freeze dried fruit 50% off = .49
-$25 ECBS
Total $1.77 on a gift card
Earned $16 ECBs (razors) and $9 ECB (shampoo)

We will keep some of the razors and manly shampoos, but I mostly wanted to roll my ECBS into a longer expiration date. I had one expiring tomorrow! So the pressure is now off! :) I left another 6-7 Razor Qs with one of my fave cashiers for anyone to use (they expire today anyway). I let her know they were free with the Qs and ECBS.

Bashas (no picture, put it away last night)
Bashs is SUPER DOUBLING through Tuesday, so 1.00 Qs become $2.00 Qs!

6 Manwhich - .50/2 MQs = .50 each
1 Hotdog buns - Free wyb manwhich (bashas ad Q) = free
3 Shamrock light sour cream - .50 MQs = .49 each
1 Shamrock cottage cheese - .50 MQ= $1.49
4 Rice Krispies - $6 bashs ad Q- 1.50/2 MQs (super doubled to $2.00) = .50 each
1 Blue Bunny ice cream - Bashas super ad Q = 1.99
1 Nature's Own Bread - 1.00 MQ= f ree
3 Chinet Plates - 1.00 MQs = $.50
Total $11.21 OOP


3 Nights Free... San Diego for me!!!

>> January 30, 2009

I am loving the promo. I rambled about it on the blog a few days ago. I manged to get 4 nights for free in NYC! Last night, we were able to book a 2nd free hotel stay under my husbands name last night. (The rules state one per person).
We are staying 3 nights at the Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay in San Diego. I already had free rooms under the Wyndham Best Rate Guarantee program, but that required us to change hotels each night in SD. Plus they were just days inn type motels, basically places to sleep with free breakfast.
Now, we are staying in a Bay View Suite with plenty of space and opens right up to the beach! We have never stayed at this particular resort before, but its looks nice and has stuff on site like parrots, ducks and koi pond that Quinn with love. And of course we are right on the bay with a quick walks to the Ocean! This solves the problem of what we can do while we were are in San Diego! I wanted to keep costs low, so we weren't going to do the zoo or sea world anyway. We will just chill at the resort and beach!

Ok. So anyone interested in trying for this promotion, it isn't easy, but I can assure you its worth it! Go check out the website here....

Any Questions for me?


Twice as nice!

>> January 29, 2009

A couple of little gems I found on Wednesday. I will be taking Quinn to Salt Lake City next weekend for a quick trip to see one of my best friends are her sweetie pie little girl! I needed a big coat for him and found this gem for $6.99! And the cute brown sandals were only $5.99, brand new! I noticed they were in great shape at the store, but didn't see the original packaging stuffed in one sandal until I got home. They are size 8 (he is only size 7 right now), but should be great for the summer. I used our trade credit, so $o OOP for me. :)


Frys Mega Sale

>> January 28, 2009

Ok finally did a decent size run at Frys. I never made it last week and I was glued to my laptop on Monday and Tuesday trying for my free NYC hotel room! I was successful, see previous post for more information on the super contest running for free hotel rooms!

3 Steamers - .50 MQs
6 Hormel Chili - .50/2 MQs
2 Shredded cheeses - .75 blinkies
1 kraft singles - .75 blinkie
1 kleenex (mom took it) - .40 MQ
2 Sobe Water
2 Mayos - .75 MQs
3 Kens dressings - 1.00 MQs
3 cottonelle tp - .50 IPs
3 powerade zeros - .50 MQs
corn tortillas

2 $5 Mega savings came off... I bought 20 of the special items. (I have a few extra chili and steamers in my picture.. I had my mom buy a few with her order for me.)

Total of $8.43 but I used my Frys Pharmacy RX $, so $0 OOP!


$100 a hour? How about free hotel rooms??

>> January 27, 2009

DUDE!!! I am so excited. I have been absent from deals, blogging, grocery shopping, for the past 2 days. In fact I spent a good chunk of time today online to "earn" my free hotel room!

Let me back up a second... We have recently learned of a friend's wedding being held in NY in June. I immediately started planning things out to figure out the cheapest way we can go and still have a blast. We have never been to NYC, so we want to hit lots of sites, in addition to the wedding.

A week or so ago, I stumbled across this website that was going to offer $1 rooms for up 7 nights, anywhere in the world. It was a crazy promo, but intriguing. It officially started yesterday, the website is Last Minute Travel. The details of the promo is here.

Lets jump to the good news!!! I have the Fitzpatrick Grand Central for 4 nights, for the grand total of $4! I had never heard of it before, but that isn't a surprise, we have never been to NYC and there are a million hotels there. This website listed it as a 4 star... although it looks like expedia calls it a 3 star. There are tons of awesome reviews on trip advisor for it too!

The iffy news on the promotion, is that the 15 minutes a day, has been broken up into smaller time periods each day. Yesterday was 2 random time periods at about 7 1/2 minutes each. Today was 3 random 5 minute time periods. And they force you to watch promo videos when it starts, so it eats up some of the time. I spend quite a bit of time, searching my dates ahead of time to be prepared, however, once the time starts, not all the hotels are available. This screwed me up a few times as I wasted sweet seconds thinking about what I wanted instead. There is NO time to think! You have to search for your hotels, watch 2 videos and fill out of the required information to book before time runs out. It is very nerve racking! I ended up just going with the highest class midtown hotel I could find.. only 2 popped up for our dates and 1 listed a double bed, this one said queen, so it was an easy choice.

So I did spend about 15 hours with my laptop, monitoring the website today. Quinn and I hung out at home all day. .. maybe a waste of time to some people, but a real bargain for us.

The same room booked for dates on expedia would be $1500 with taxes and fees. That works out to about $100 an hour. :) or even $50 an hour if we had ended up pricelining something for half that price.

So yeah... I just wanted to post this out there... in case anyone was wondering what deals I have been finding lately. I would definitely recommend trying for this promo.. maybe not spending as much as time as me, but you never know if you will get lucky!


Saturday trips...

>> January 25, 2009

I am a little delayed in posting, but here are a few trips I managed at CVS and walgreens yesterday.

CVS #1
6 Hallmark .99 cards
nasogel - $2MQ
6 Duracell batteries - $5/2 Cvs Qs - .50 MQs
-$12 ECBS
$0.26 Total on a gift card
Earned $6 ECB (hallmark) and $7.99 (nasogel)

CVS #2
9 Hallmark .99 cards
Nasogel -$2MQ
6 Duracell batteries -$5/2 CVS Qs- .50 MQs
-$7.99 & 6 ECBs
$1.32 Total on a gift card
Earned $9 ECBS (hallmark) & 7.99 (nasogel)

Walgreens (Items not pictured)
5 Pepsi 12 packs - $3 MQ
2 Tostitos
1 Tostitos Dip - $2 MQ
1 $25 Shell gift card
-(4) $10 RR
$5.11 Total on a gift card. Earned $10 RR (pepsi deal)

Unfortunately I overpaid by $2.61 on this order. My 4th RR was faded and wouldn't scan, the young cashier started pushing buttons, trying to force it in, and at some point, it said "special tax $2.62" on the register. Eventually he tried scanning one of the other ones again. My total was $5.xx. I mentioned the special tax thing to him, but he had me go to the beauty counter and called up a manager. She wanted to get all my Qs back and re-ring everything. I didn't want to deal with the hassle, so I told them 'no big deal'. It burns me a little to pay extra, but sometimes things work in my favor sometimes they don't, I think it all evens out in the end. Besides.. I paid $45.11 ($40 RR and 5.11 gift card) and received $25 gift card + $10 RR, so a $35 value right there. So $10 for 5 sodas, 2 chips, and a dip, with no true OOP is decent. Plus I was able to convert some of the RR into a gift card for our disney trip. And I will send off for the pepsi superbowl coupons rebate.


Meal Plan

Ok, we did pretty decent with our meal plan last week... maybe only missed one planned meal and we only ate out once, so that is awesome!

Sunday- Turkey hot dogs, with turkey chili and home made potato wedge/fries (1st time attempting this!)
Monday- Spaghetti with crockpot sauce
Tuesday- Mexican
Wednesday- Grilled Cheese & Cream of Tomato Soup
Thursday-Crockpot Chicken, Frozen Veggies & ??
Friday- Eat out
Saturday- Free chipolte burritos, Go Cardinals!

I am not sure if anyone else is getting anything out of my meal plans, but I am all about saving money and I think this has helped us out the past few weeks!


Frys Mega Sale

>> January 23, 2009

Frys Mega Sale

3 Quaker mini rice cakes - $1 MQs= free

2 Rotel Tomatos - .30 MQs = .10 overage each

4 Hormel Turkey Chili - .50/2 MQs= free

2 Kens Dressing - $1 MQs= free

2 French's Mustard - .50 MQs= free

(Bought 10 items, everything but the quaker, which took $5.00 off my order)

Total was -.20... self check out guy didn't give me my change :) But I did save 100%!

My store was completely out of green giant steamers, which is a bummer, I plan on grabbing plenty of those for free! I did get a raincheck, but need to hit the store several more times to make sure I can get some during the Mega sale. The limit is 3 $5 savings per order, so technically you could buy 30 MEGA sale items at a time, but I am hesitant to use all of my coupons, because I will need to use them with my steamers coupons. My frys often will only double the 1st three like coupons, so I can't really plan on getting more than 3 steamers in an order with the .50 MQs, so I need to save some of my other coupons to use with my steamers coupons, in order to meet the buy 10 requirement.

99 cent store only

I found a few other gerber graduate toddler stuff at the 99 cent store today. I really like the snacking bowls, I bought one pack at Target before Christmas, I am pretty sure it was about 3.xx, so $1 each pack (2 bowls per pack) is great. They have these neat flexible tops, that allow the kid to stick his fingers in, but makes it difficult for the food to spill out. The spoons are a lot deeper than our other little guy spoons, better soup or liquidy type eating.


I ROCKED at walgreens!

>> January 22, 2009

I ran out for a few errands with my mom this morning which included walgreens. We picked up some garnier hair dye for overage (plus my mom will use it!)

Walgreens #1

4 Garnier hair color (not pictured, mom took it with her) $3.19- $2MQs-$2 ESQ= $0.81 overage each
8 Sunsilks (7 were $1.19 and 1 was $2.xx) - $2/2 MQs
4 Macadamia nut chocolates - $3/2 ESQ
Total 3.xx? on a gift card (mom threw out my receipt.)
Earned $10 RR for the 8 Sunsilks...
Apparently not everyone is getting the RR with the clearanced sunsilk, so I feel lucky!

Walgreens #2

(My mom loved her free hair color, she suggested a walgreens a litte further away to see what they had clearanced out, which was great, this store was WAYYYY behind on clearance, they had lots more hair stuff left and even had a basket of xmas stuff... crazy!)

7 Garnier hair color (again, not pictured) $3.19 - $2 MQs $2 ESQ = $0.81 overage each
8 Sunsilks (all were $1.19 each)
3 Macadamia nut chocolates - $3/2 ESQ
1 Sally Hansen Nail thingy... my mom wanted and found on clearance
Total $3.23 on a gift card ($0.44 subtotal with $2.79 tax)
Earned $10 RR for the 8 Sunsilks

I was extra careful here to make sure I bought enough stuff to cover the overage on the hairdye, I like to fly under the radar so I quickly estimate in my head how much extra stuff I need to ad to my order.

I am not sure how many more Qs I have left for the hairdye or sunsilk, but I might try another store tomorrow if I have enough that makes it worth it.

I also picked up 10 Sobe Waters at Target on sale for $1 with a $5 Gift card when you buy 10. I believe this deal has been running for at least a week, but I didn't pay much attention to it. What makes it great, is that apparently there are numerous hang tag coupons that are easily found. Again, I wasn't trying to do this deal, but we were in target checking on toys (to see if more stuff was marked down to 75% off) and I passed an endcap advertising the deal and I found 12 hang tag coupons! So I did this...

10 Sobe waters $1 each - 10 .50 MQs = $5
Earned $5 Target gift card.
= free :) I love free, ALMOST as much as overage!


Old Navy Extra 50% off and Frys Mega Sale

Last weekend all Old navy stores had an extra 50% off their clearance prices. Apparently some stores (maybe not all) are going to do it again this weekend. I actually heard from a friend that the Tucson Mall store already had the clearance marked an extra 50% again. (I was in there on Tuesday and the sale had ended Monday), so I was bummed, but looks like I get a 2nd chance tomorrow!

Also Frys is having a pretty good sale this week. Its a Mega Sale where you buy 10 certain items (mix and match) and you save an additional $5. There are lots of free or cheap things if you have even a few Qs. I hope to hit the sale tomorrow, but wanted to post a link to PYP for anyone interested in checking out some of the great deals. Also there is a rumour that the sale might last 2 weeks, but just in case it doesn't make sure you get there by Tuesday.

Check out the deal at PYP here!!!


I just had to return our redbox dvd..

>> January 20, 2009

2 milks $1.58 each
2 11oz/HUGE pints of blueberry $1.88 each
Total $6.92 on a gift card

8 Sunsilk (clearanced to $1.19 each) - $2/2 Qs= .19 each
Total $2.10 on a gift card
Earned $10 Register for the sunsilk!! Total money maker!!!



We ran out this morning to get the freebie offered at various department stores as a part of a class action lawsuit. You can see more information here, we had no lines and lots of products to choose from. I picked up a lancome paris mascara, retails for $23.50! Dude... who pays that much? The freebie deal is only through today.

15 Hallmark cards

7 Disney freeze dried fruits .50 each

4 Duracell batteries - $5/2 Cvs Q- .50 MQs

-$9 ecb, $7.58 ecb

Total $1.84 on a gift card

Earned $15 ECBS (for the 15 cards, free cards! oh and free batteries too!)


Afternoon Shopping!

>> January 19, 2009

My mom came over to watch Quinn for an hour today so I could run a few errands. I rented 2 free movies using the monday redbox codes and bought some bananas at circle K (.99 for 2.5 lbs).

Then I hit up Bashas & Walgreens:

2 Nature's Own Bread $1.50 - .50 MQ = .50 each
1 Nature's Own Hot Dog Buns $1.50- .50 MQ= .50 each
(not pictured)
Frozen Sweet Potato Frys
Extra Firm Tofu
Total $10.08 OOP

The sweet potato fries were great, but expensive $3.69 for a small package. Bashas only carried one kind, I will have to check a few other stores to see if I can get a better regular price.

4 Sunsilk clearance $1.19 each - $2/2 Qs = .19 each
4 Skippy PBs- $.40 Qs = $1.59 each
4 Macadamia Nut Candies -$3/2 ESR Q= .50 each
Total $9.41 on a gift card
Earned $10 RR for the sunsilk and Skippy! This paid for the candy and still a money maker! :)

We are PB eaters around here and are running out, we prefer the lower fat version of skippy, but for free/overage, we will eat the regular kind.


Catching up from weekend shopping...

Look at the movie star!
I found some decent bargains this weekend at walgreens and CVS & OLD NAVY

Editing*** to add my old navy deals, it was an extra 50% off clearance this weekend, not sure if its still going on or not though.

2 Quinnie shirts $1 each, fuzzy sleep socks $1, some various pjs 1.75-3.50.

4 kids sunglasses (clearanced to $1.59 each)
2 Windex Antibacterial - (2) .40 MQs (will send in for rebate)
2 Oust air sanitizer - BOGO MQ (up to $3.49)- on sale BOGO
Frutis Clearance Hair Putty ($2.19)- $1 MQ - $2 WAG ESRQ = $.81 overage
Frutis Clearance Hair putty with free shampoo ($.80) -$1 MQ- $.80 WAG ESRQ (adjusted from $2)= $1 overage
Total $9.21 OOP (couldn't find my walgreens gift card for some reason)

I was super excited to score the kids sunglasses, 4 for the price of 1!. I saw the orange tags on an empty display at one of my stores, and was disappointed I had missed getting any. This store (sort of out of the way and hidden) had a full display with no clearance tags, I just brought a few up and had them scan! I will be getting $3.79 back the windex on rebate as well.

CVS #1
3 Conair SwitchCut razors (90% off = $3.49 each)
4 soy joys - $3 MQs
2 "H" hand towels (90% off = $0.29 each)
- $29 ECBS
Total on a gift card & earned $24 ECBS (soy joy)

CVS #2
6 Duracell batteries - $5/2 CVS q and $1 or $0.50 MQS = free
2 CVS Allergy (free after ECB)
8 Diet Pepsi 12 packs - (2) $3/4 MQs
3 Table Toppers (not on sale, but fillers to use my Qs and LARGE ECB)
2 Disney freeze dried fruits clearanced to .50 each
-$10/50 CVS CRT
-$24 ECB
$1.49 total on a gift card & Earned $10 ECB (pepsi) & $7.58 (CVS Allergy meds)

CVS #3
6 Duracell batteries - $5/2 CVS qs and $.50 MQs= free
6 Pantene shampoo/conditioner clearanced to $1.25 each - $3/2 MQs (the last one adjusted to $1.50)
2 Nutra Trim Gum (free after ECB)
-$5/30 Email CVS Q
-2 ECB
$1.20 total on a gift card & Earned $7.98 ECB (gum)

I plan on getting another 14ish packages of batteries for free this week. I found another stack of CVS $5/2 Duracell Qs yesterday on the Duracell display. Yah me!

+ with the duracell, pantene and febreeze candles (from a week or so ago).. all were free with Qs and i will be able to submit for 2 of the $120 in P&G coupons when you spend $50 (one for my mom!)


Meal Plan

>> January 18, 2009

Ok, we maybe hit one meal on target last week, so while I am failing miserable, I still hope this exercise will end up being beneficial. Here we go for this week.

Sunday- Papa Murphy Take and Bake Pizza (football watching at our house..)
Monday- Chili/Turkey Hot dogs, Fruit Salad Sweet Potato Fries
Tuesday- Tofu/Veggie Stir fry with rice
Wednesday- Leftovers?
Thursday- Spaghetti with crock pot sauce
Friday- breakfast, egg sandwich etc
Saturday- eat out


Target Toys + Propane Tanks

>> January 16, 2009

Adding a few pictures...

Ok a quick note to those who grill, check your targets for their new & filled propane tanks, they were clearing them out at our store (I am guessing they aren't going to sell them anymore), nice new full tanks for $14.98!

Ok Toys, I managed to snag the following:
little tykes slide $9.75
Step 2 Activity/Train Table $24.98
Sponge bob portable dvd player (only 50% off)
Fisher Price Puzzles that sing... like "wheels on the bus"
Elmo Guitar
Remote Control Skunk
Mr. Potato Head Jumbo pack
Fisher Price Dance DJ
Playskool Dance Cam
Knex Grover Set
Mini Play Kitchen


Target Toys 75% off

>> January 15, 2009

My target went 75% off for most of their clearance toys. There were 2 full aisles + a little more. My mom called about 9:45 (after she had gone to check), so we didn't make it there until 10 AM. It was pretty crowded with lots of Mommy's and over flowing carts. We worked our way from 3 crazy overflowing carts, down to 2 crazy overflowing carts.

I still managed to spend $150+. My mom spent about $80. I need to drag it out of the car and evaluate what I bought. I am hoping to have xmas/birthdays pretty much done for Quinn, plus the other little ones we buy for. I might have to run back and grab a few smaller things, we will see.

I might detail what I got later... we will see if I have the time :)


Mail call!

>> January 14, 2009

I love getting packages, particularly when I got great deals on them!

Here is my new computer monitor + the free box of blow pops :) Its a 19" widescreen for $80 shipped to my house!

I also received my 3 pairs of shoes from DSW. They had each shoe box wrapped up like this, cute, huh!


Shopping today @ Safeway and CVS!

>> January 13, 2009

2 CVS stores.. looking for hidden 90% xmas stuff, I wished I had thought of that on sunday or monday. Not much left at the 2 stores I checked.

1st CVS

Conair Switchcut 12 piece facial grooming system 90%=$3.49! (My one great find)
2 xmas thingsy my mom picked out 90% off (.29)
1 cvs baby wipes - $3 CVS Q
-$2 ECB
Total $1.17 on a gift card

2nd CVS

2 xmas kleenex (in the xmas section, but didn't ring up 90% off, they had to manually override the price to .29 each)
1 Complete contact solution (used a rain check for 8.99 with 8.99 ecbs back) - $2 Q
1 GE sparkling water - 1.00 CRT Q (from the scanner, makes this a 2.03 MM)- 3 CVS Q
-$6 ECB
$1.54 Total on a gift card

Earned $9 ECBS (complete) and $2 ECBS (water)

2nd order, 2nd CVS

3 CVS xmas bibs $.39 each
1 CVS paper foam plates - $3 CVS Q
$1.16 Total on a gift card


I had a great trip at Safeway, free juice and super cheap milk!

5 Cran Grape Juices $2 each, but only $1 when you buy in multiples of 5 for the juice promo - .55 MQs = FREE!

1 Milk 1.58 - $1 (promo attached to my card)

Total $.58!

I bought the 2nd milk separately hoping to get $1 off it as well.. but it didn't work, so it must be limited to once per day.

I also got a rain checks for the 1.99 jennie o lean ground turkey (20 oz pack) and 5 lb apples for 2.99. I didn't bring the special ad coupons with me, because I intended on using a store ad for their Qs... which caused a slight problem because they ran out of store ads. I had to convince that lady I should still get a rain check, she even wrote on my rain check "must have store coupon". That works for me, I just wanted the rain check and have the ad at home still, but its a little irritating, because they were regular ad coupons, nothing special, its not the customers fault they ran out of grocery ads.

Oh and the special juice promo is good through next Tuesday. I have to decide if I have room for more apple or juicy juice for Quinn. The ocean spray was free, so that's hard to not pass up and we will use it for low blood sugar situations. I probably have about 10 bottles of Quinn juice, and you have to watch the expiration date on it, so maybe I will grab a few if I can find some with a late fall expiration date.


Airwick anyone?

>> January 12, 2009

I didn't realize my picture was so bad.. sorry..
I got a fabulous deal yesterday. 11 (really 12) free airwick ultra freshmatic thingys, 90% off at CVS xmas. I happen to run across them earlier in the week, while looking for the 1.99 febreeze candles. Both things were unmarked, but since they were placed together on a display I figured the airwick must be marked down too.. and they were from $12.99 to $3.25.
I left them hoping to return with Qs. I found some IP Qs for them and intended on going back the next day, however that didn't happen. I kept my fingers crossed yesterday, when I headed to the same store knowing that xmas was supposed to be 90%. It was mid afternoon by the time I arrived, but they still had a decent selection of xmas stuff left including hallmark ornaments. I hit the airwick endcap, and was sad to see a new display up. I figured I had missed the deal. However you can see I did indeed find them, someone had stuck them it the xmas aisle, which had several quick signs that even stated 90% off... Even without Qs, 1.29 each is pretty darn cheap, so I am surprised I found them. I figured I could snag all 12 which would $15.48, and use all 4 of my Qs.
Anyway, I bought 12 @1.29 each, used (4) $4.00 Qs (the last one adjusted down to $3.48, so no overage). I gave one of the airwicks to the cashier, who was super excited! :) Go Coupon Karma!!

I also picked up 6 hallmark ornaments at 90% for gifts next year and one GE sparkling water 6-pack (3.97) that produces a $2 ECB.

I used 1 $3 CVS brand Q, the airwick Qs and also $8 in ECBS.

My total $1.40 was on a gift card and I earned another $2 ECB for the water.

Do I keep all the airwick dispensers or just the refills (+ batteries)? Any thoughts? We already have a few dispensers in use.....

Milk is $1.58 a gallon.. and I received a home mailer last week, that advertised $1.00 off lucerne milk (for my safeway card) through march I believe. Its an automatic deduction, no coupons required. So I bought 2 gallons, one for $0.58 and one for $1.58. The sales flyer also stated I would get bananas $0.50 a lb also, which is good for us, since we are monkeys around here!

In addition, there is a juice promo that includes juicy juice, tree top, welches and ocean spray, where if you buy 5 bottles (mix and match) you save $5 off your order, combined with some coupons from recent newspapers and that means free or cheap juice!!

I bought 10 bottles of juice yesterday and only one $5 came off my order, there is no limit stated in the ad, so customer service gave me back another $5 cash. I am not sure if one my bottles weren't coded for the promotion or what, I did make sure that each bottle I picked up had a promo tag, just in case it didn't work. The customer service person, didn't even go check tags, just made sure I bought 10 bottles and handed me a $5.

I plan on going back for more cheap/free juice and milk tomorrow!

You can check out other great AZ deals at PYP (my fave site for grocery deals!)


Meal Plan Week 2

>> January 10, 2009

This whole meal planning thingy is really to help keep us accountable for our dinners, eat out less, try new things, etc. So as a part of that, I think I should document what we actually ate in comparison to what we had planned.

Day-Planned Meal-Actual Meal
Sunday- Digorno Pizza- Ate as Planned
Monday- Crock pot Spaghetti -Lunch Meat Sandwiches & Soup
Tuesday - Lunch Meat Sandwiches & Soup - Crock pot Spaghetti & Salad
Wednesday- Crock pot Chicken, frozen veggies, mashed potatoes- Ate as Planned
Thursday- Spaghetti again- Applebees (with GC from xmas)
Friday- Leftovers/sandwiches- dinner with family at Chuys (used half price gift certificate previously purchased)
Saturday- Eating out- Parents bought pizza for everyone, we were working at my brothers so our cost was $0

This Week

Sunday- Manwhich/Rolls/Frozen Veggies - Ate as planned

Monday- Chili Dogs + ?
Tuesday- Grilled Cheese and Creme of Tomato Soup
Wednesday- Taco meat, tortillas and fixins
Thursday- Spaghetti with meatballs
Friday- Digorno Pizza
Saturday- Eat out?

We will see how we do...


Vacation planning for April....

>> January 09, 2009

We have another trip planned for California in April. We plan on driving to San Diego for 2 nights and then 4-5 nights in Anaheim for DISNEYLAND of course!

Hotel Costs: $203.55 + (possible tax on my free rooms)

Free Hotel Rooms
I already have 3 free hotel rooms lined up for our trip using the Wyndham best rate guarantee. Here is a great blog for additional information. I actually didn't find any of my deals from this blog, but I do like to check it and see what is happening. There is a lot of great information for people that are unaware of how this program works. Check out the links on the right side of the page.

I have 2 different hotels for san diego and then a 3rd for anaheim. I was able to snag king suites at all 3 hotels, 2 days inns and 1 travelodge. These aren't fancy hotels, but will do fine for us. They all offer free breakfast of some sort which also helps with our budget. The hotels may charge me tax when we check out. However, this has never happened to me, so we will see when we arrive.

HOJO Anaheim
I booked the remaining 3 nights at the Howard Johnson Anaheim using their entertainment rate of $59. That results in a cost of $203.55 with taxes for the Hojo (This may go up if we decide to stay an extra night).

We are big fans of the HOJO in anaheim, which is actually closer than Disneyland's Paradise Pier Hotel and just as close at the Disneyland Hotel to the front gates at disneyland. The only advantage you have to either of those hotels, is your walk to the front gates is through Downtown Disney, which is fun, but they aren't any closer. I honestly can't justify the additional costs of those hotels. Now if I did have extra cash to spend, splurging on the Grand Californian is always fun, as its the only hotel INSIDE the park (Disney's California Adventure) and clearly super close to Disneyland.

We have stayed at the HOJO multiple times and it is definitely the best bang for your buck. There is no free breakfast, but the rooms are nice sized, great beds & linens (newer), fridge in each room (microwave in some). A fully stocked mini mart on site, with reasonable hotel prices (although we try to bring our own stuff). The customer service is great and we found with our last trip that their new play/water splash area is AWESOME for kids (even little guys like Quinn).

We are staying our 1st night at a travelodge inn just down the street from disneyland, near by but not within true walking distance to Disney. I plan on just grabbing breakfast in the morning, checking out and then checking in at the HOJO early. They probably won't have our room ready, but they will hold our luggage (or it can stay in the car), while we enjoy the park on our first day.

Disney Tickets: $0
We actually upgraded our tickets on the last day of our trip in the fall, so Peter and I have annual passes and Quinn is still free. (Technically our upgrades were ~$150 and I used $100 birthday disney gift card, so they only cost us ~$50 during our last trip)

Gas: $100
Hopefully gas prices stay decent, I google mapped our trip and conservatively estimated our mpg and how much additional driving we will do (none in anaheim, but some in San Diego), I am over-estimating at 50 gallons and $2 a gallon. I actually plan on buying $100 in shell gift cards from walgreens using my rebate gift card funds. I will be working on building it up the next few months. Perhaps a great Register Reward deal will come along too, that will help me get our gas cards.

Food: $465 ($115 cash, $350 disney $, $30 Albies GC)

Groceries: I plan on bringing some snacks and drinks, in addition to picking up a few groceries while at disneyland to keep in our room. I will sneak these into my regular grocery shopping and save an albertsons $30 gift card to use in cali (from a RX transfer), $30 Albies GC.

Traveling Meals: I think we will have 2 dinners on the road, on our trip out of town to SD and then one leaving LA. I might try and make something (sandwiches for us to eat it in the car, when we are driving to SD), but I am pretty sure we will need to stop for a break coming home from California, so I will plan on $20 for this.. just to be safe. $20

San Diego Meals:Breakfasts are covered at both hotels, so we really only need 2 lunches and 1 dinner. I don't have a firm plan for SD yet, so I am just estimating $65.

Disneyland Meals: We will have one dinner when we arrive the 1st day, we might do it at the rain forest cafe in downtown disney. I don't plan on going into the park on sunday evening, but we could do an early dinner maybe over there. $30

I estimate $70 a day for lunch/dinner and snacks in the park for the 3 of us. This sounds like a lot to me, but really that is watching your money in the park. That puts us at $350, we already have $200 in disney rewards to spend and should have at least another $50 by April. In addition, I hope to snag some disney gift cards through Safeway using their RX transfer coupon (a new one coupon is out in this weeks ad!). $350

Spending Money: $50

My birthday is April 28th.. while we are in disneyland. Disneyland is running a promo this year for everyone on their birthday (part of the reason our trip is scheduled for these dates). If you are at disneyland on your b-day, you get free park admission, a special set of fast passes or a gift card to be used that day only on merchandise. You can read more about it here! I plan on picking the $69 gift card to splurge on some fun merchandise!

I am budgeting $50 to spend in san diego at the zoo or sea world or something fun. If we have any extra money in the budget, we might put some additional funds towards fun money, but at this point, we don't need much.

$ Plan

This is my plan so far. We need to save a total of $368 .55 (cash) + $100 (shell gift cards) + $100 (disney gift cards) + $30 (albertsons gift card) + $250 (disney rewards)= $848.55 (Total Cost)

I already have $181 (disney rewards) + $30 (safeway/disney) = $211
I have quite a bit of work cut out for me at the moment!


Great online deals...

I have been lucky this past week, finding several deals on things I have been wanting. I usually watch slickdeals to see what bargains are to be found. I wanted new shoes for christmas and found 2 great deals online to use my christmas money.

I bought these shoes at Famous footwear before christmas, clearanced to $50 (super expensive I know...) but it was Buy one get one half off.. and my husband was already buying new tennis shoes, so it brought the sandals down to $25... then we had an extra 20% off coupon, that brought the final price to $20. I was pretty happy with this price (I had eyed them a few months before anyway and was just astounded by how high they were...), and we were indulging for xmas anyway.

Fast forward to last week... and someone posted a slick deal for sandals at, $9.90 a pair. YAH me.. my new sandals were included!

So I went ahead and purchased a brown pair and a black pair for $27.42 with tax and shipping.. (I hate paying shipping, but it still worked out to be a great deal). They came yesterday!

Now, honestly I had intended on buying new tennis shoes at famous footwear (when I bought the 1st pair of sandals), but I really didn't like any of the New Balance styles they had in the store, so I picked up the sandals instead. A few days ago, another slick deal popped up at I picked up 2 pairs of new balance tennis shoes and white sandals for a bridesmaid dress for a total of $49.82 shipped. (Still using christmas money) I found 2 pairs of new balance clearanced to $29.94 - $10 off each.. $19.94 + an extra $10 off my order if I spent $50 (why I picked up the white sandals) and free shipping.... Hopefully I love them! The deal information is posted HERE! This deal had free shipping, plus I can return to our local store if I don't like them!
There is another deal just posted today that I jumped on. Its for a new computer monitor. I generally use my laptop all day, however, we do have a regular computer in the den, that we still use and print coupons from. My old LCD monitor (several years old) has started to fizzle out recently, it would take several attempts to get it to turn on.. and the last few days, I haven't been able to get it to turn on at all (the on button lights up, but the display stays black). I managed to snag a 19" LCD monitor for $81 with tax and shipped free (along with a box of free blow pops lollipops and a small tape dispenser filler....). You can see the deal here! I don't really need anything special, just one that works, I don't think I could have done better than $80 and it appears to be a pretty decent monitor too!



>> January 08, 2009

I hit up 2 CVS stores tonight, and did 6 transactions between the two of them. The $3/15 Q ( expires tomorrow, so I was trying to make the most of it. Hopefully I can get in several more transactions tomorrow.

Anyway, I did fantastic tonight, everything worked like I planned.. of course I went in with several plans, to make sure I could do some good shopping even if they didn't have what I wanted. All CVS products are B1G1 50% off, mix and match, so that is why you see a lot of CVS products, that and of course the awesome $3 CVS brand Q.

4 Febreeze Candles (clearanced to 1.99) - $2 MQs = free! (THANKS to another blogger 4hats for pointing this out.. check her out here.
2 CVS Dryer Sheets - $3 CVS Q
2 GE pretzels - 1.00/2 CRT
-$3/15 CVS Q (the one that expires tomorrow!!!)
Total .72 on a gift card. (NO ECBS USED!!!)

3 Febreeze Candles - $2 MQs = free!
1 Garnier Shampoo - $1 MQ
2 CVS Dryer Sheets - $3 CVS Q
2 GE tootsie rolls - 1.00/2 CRT
-$3/15 CVS Q
Total $3.09 on a gift card & Earned $2 ECBS (garnier)

2nd store (my fave one!)

3 Febreeze Candles - $2 MQs = free!
1 GE Sparkling Water 6 pack
2 CVS Sandwich bags - $3 CVS Q
2 CVS Single Roll Paper towels
- $2 ECBS
Total $2.17 on a gift card & Earned $2 ECBS (Sparkling Water)

#4 (This order isn't pictured... it got lost in the sea of CVS bags on the table)
2 Soy Joy bars - $3 MQ
2 CVS Daily Multivitamin (365 tablets each!) on sale B1G1 this week- $3 CVS Q
-$3/15 CVS Q
-$11.98 ECB
Total $.01 on a gift card & Earned $12 ECBS (soy joys)

The next 2 deals are from another great blogger.. she posted them awhile back (because she previews the CVS deals she plans to do in the next week...) and I forgot about them.. luckily she also lists as she buys things and I saw her buy these today.. which reminded me about it....Anyway her blog is Frugalsuz, check it out HERE!

1 Listerine whitening pen - $2 IP- $3 CVS Q
1 GE Sparkling Water
2 CVS Paper plates - $3 CVS Q
-$3/15 CVS Q
-$7.99 ECB
Total $0.96 on a gift card & earned $2 ECB (GE)

1 Listerine whitening pen - $2 IP- $3 CVS Q
1 GE Sparkling Water
1 CVS Cloraseptic Throat Spray - $3 CVS Q
1 CVS pocket pack tissue (to keep me from going negative...)
-$3/15 CVS Q
-$7.99 ECB
Total $0.22 on a gift card & earned $2 ECB (GE) and $10 ECB (listerine)

I am well stocked up on dryer sheets now (I cut them in half anyway). I hope to snag some more vitamins, paper plates and cleaning wipes tomorrow.. those are my priority I think... Of course the $3 CVS brand coupon is good next week too, so maybe I should just focus on higher cost items that I want, since right now I am able to use 2 coupons towards my CVS stock up plan. Anyway, I hope everyone else out there is snagging some good deals!


Vacation Planning..OOOPS

Hi... not sure if anyone caught my OOOPs post other than "Brooke's Mom"!

Thanks for the comment, I will publish it with my post when I finish it :)

I actually was working on a new California vacation planning blog post today and didn't realize my "work in progress" was posted. So, it has disappeared for the moment, but I will try and get it up sometime this weekend, with our current plan.


CVS and Walgreens Deals

>> January 07, 2009

I have been getting a few deals at CVS and walgreens.. I am not going to post all of the details.. but here are some pictures.

I did have 2 PARTICULARLY great runs tonight during some desperately needed retail therapy sessions. :)

Order #1
2 Nasogel - 2.00 MQs
2 CVS cleaner wipes
2 CVS paper towels
-3/15 CVS Q
-3 CVS brand Q
- $12 ECB
Total $0.26 on a gift card, earned $15.98 ECBS

Order #2
1 Soy Joy

1 Garnier conditioner (randomly not pictured, not sure where it disappeared to.) -$1 MQ

4 CVS snack size baggies
-$3/15 CVS Q
-$3 CVS Q
- $9.99 ECB
Total $.66 on a gift card, earned $8 ECBS

Also, a few freebies at Walgreens this week are Reynolds Foil, Garnier hair products and reeses whips (Thanks to PRECIOUS for the heads up on the candy)!

I still hope I can get more CVS products: cleaning wipes, paper towels, dryer sheets, cloraseptic throat spray and ziplock baggies.


Target 90% off XMAS! & Free movie at Redbox

>> January 05, 2009

One of our Targets went 90% off today. We were there about 10 minutes after opening, and found quite a few aisles of xmas stuff left. I missed out on some new PJs, someone had a cartful of them... oh well. I guess I didn't really need them. Anyway... we tried another target, but they still had stuff marked and scanned at 75% off. We might try again tomorrow....

Also here is the free Monday movie code good at any redbox location: 37CEA9
Free movie codes can be found HERE.


My 1st Meal Plan

>> January 04, 2009

Ok. So I am striving for a meal plan each week. I am thinking sundays work best for me, but we will see.
Sunday- Digorno Pizza
Monday- Crock pot Spaghetti
Tuesday - Lunch Meat Sandwiches & Soup (Peter's parents brought over some great lunch meat for new years, we don't want it to go to waste!)
Wednesday- Baked/Crock pot Chicken, frozen veggies, mashed potatoes
Thursday- Spaghetti again
Friday- Leftovers/sandwiches
Saturday- Eating out

Clearly, I am a big cook! Gourmet even. :) I am hoping that if we can stick to a meal plan, we can save some money and be better organized. Then maybe we can throw in some new recipes :)



I had two successful CVS store trips today. Unfortunately my fave store, was out of the stuff I wanted, so that trip was a waste. I had to run my husband's tux back to the rental place, which led me near a CVS store that I don't always hit up. I did 2 orders there.
I used an "extra" extracare card at this store, I am hoping to stock up on the soy joy bars (freebies) for my little guy. He seems to like them, they don't have anything too crazy in them and there is protein, which is a +. So my 1st order is an good start for someone new to CVSing.. because I didn't use any ECBs.

2 Children's Throat Cooler - BOGO Q
2 CVS freezer bags (BOGO 50% off sale) - $3 CVS Q
-3/15 CVS Q
Total $5.29 on a gift card
Earned $9.98 ECBS (well actually on a gift card, because this store was having trouble with certain ECBS printing.. a computer crashed earlier in the week I guess).

I was lucky that their computers were messed up and I received my ECBS on a gift card instead. I actually miscalculated on my 2nd order and would have had to grab a filler if I had wanted to use a $9.98 ECB.

2 Soy Joy box bars - $3 MQ
2 CVS brand black garbage bags (BOGO50% off ) -$3 CVS Q
-$3/15 CVS Q
Total 7.48 on a gift card (see...I would have had a problem using my $9.98 ECB here, luckily it worked out for me...) AND I earned $12 ECB for the soy joy

I realized in my haste, I had calculating my total to get it up to $15+ so that I could use my $3/15 Q, but forgot that I need to actually figure out my order so that my end result minus all my Qs was $9.98 or higher... so that i could use my $9.98 ECB from the first transaction. In the end.. it worked out for me anyway since I was able to use the gift card from the 1st transaction. But keep my mistake in mind :)

2nd CVS store was a bust... I didn't have any alternate orders worked up so I just left. I don't like wasting CVS $

Store #3
(This store was out of the kids throat coolers too... so I may need to hit the 1st store again tomorrow, so make sure I get these...)

Order #1
1 nasogel spray - $2 Q
1 CVS BIG box of kitchen trash bags ($6.49) (it has 45 bags in it..) - $3 CVS Q
1 CVS bleach (50% off because of the B1G1 50% CVS brand sale)
-$3/15 CVS Q
- $6.99 ecbs
$1.44 Total on a gift card
Earned $7.99 ECB (nasogel)

Order #2.. same as above but used a $7.29 ECB, with $1.11 Total on a gift card and again earned $7.99 ECB (nasogel)

I had planned on getting 2 of the "regular" size boxes of trash bags.. but they cost $4.79 for 20.. where as the 45 count box was only $6.99. 2 of the 20 count packages would cost $7.20 (with the B1G1 50% off sale) and would be 5 less bags... I have a list of various items I am hoping to stock up on at CVS using the B1G1 50% sale and the $3 CVS Q, and since bleach was one of the cheaper items.. I added that to my order.

Keeping in mind, I need to spend $8.01 (to add to the $7.99 nasogel) in order to reach a $15 subtotal and use the $3/15 CVS Q. so my $6.99 garbage bags and $1.19 bleach (that is the 50%off price...) worked nicely.
I "spent" $.44 in ECBS/gift card $ that I didn't earn back on each of these 2 orders. I think the HUGE boxes of garbage bags are worth $.44 each + of course a bleach :)


A Couple CVS deals...

>> January 02, 2009

I might not get my actual orders posted, but here a few deals to look for right now at CVS...

This week (Through 1/3/09)
Nova Max Diabetes Monitor 9.99 with 9.99 back in ECBS (FREE!) limit 1
** these monitors come with 10 strips.. which come in handy for spares...

Nature's Bounty Vitamins b1g1 free + $3 ECBS back when you buy 2 and use (2) 2.00 IP coupons from HERE, makes for some free/cheap vitamins depending upon which ones you get. limit 1

Also a clearance deal if you can find it.. some Pantene are ringing up 75% off and producing a $2 ECB for every 2 you buy.. there were $3/2 Qs in the paper this past weekend that would make the pantene free or cheap when combined with ECBS. I haven't done this deal yet, but I did find out about through frugalsuz here!

Jan Deals
SOY JOY box of 6 bars are $6.00 with 6.00 ECBS= (FREE) limit 5
Children's Throat Cooler $4.99 with $4.99 ECBS, use BOGO Q HERE =(Make $4.99) limit 2
Nasogel $7.99 with $7.99 ECBS, use $2.00 Q HERE = (Make $2.00) limit 2

Great CVS Coupons
There are a couple of great CVS coupons available at iheartcvs. Check them out here and here. one is $3 off any CVS brand product, which makes for some free or cheap stuff (I am thinking dryer sheets, garbage bags and bottle liners for us...) and there is also a $3/15 purchase, which is great to combine with any of the deals above for extra savings!

However, wait to buy any cvs brand vitamins until next week, because they will be on sale B1G1 free next week, a great way to use the $3 CVS brand coupons.

We are off this weekend to phoenix for a wedding, so I may or may not be able to post any deals.
Oh and one last thought. In case you weren't aware Target has their xmas clearance 75% right now, but it SHOULD go 90% either Saturday or Sunday. I am hoping to sneak off to one of the MANY stores in phoenix to search for any hidden deals. We will see...


2009 Goals

>> January 01, 2009

I hesitate to put "New Year's Resolutions" up here, for fear that I will break them :) So we will call these 2009 Goals!

1 . Good Coupon Karma- Pass it on!

I really enjoy when I am able to share deals with people. Passing along money saving deals or actual goods to friends and family is #1 on my list. I am hoping I can become a better blogger and help more deal newbies if possible. I know I need to work on my blog format and writing style to accomplish this. In addition, I love passing on deals to random people, giving out extra coupons or passing on a free redbox code to whoever happens to be renting a movie when I am there, etc. I want to make more of an effort to pass on coupon deals!

2. Simplify to Save!

I have been working on decluttering our house/closets and giving/donating excess stockpile in earnest for the past few months. Saving stuff you never use, just takes up space, and wastes energy. I love storage, and I want to use any storage I can find, however, I need to make sure I am not storing extra junk that are simply a waste of space for us. I find myself stressing over keeping things clean and organized , when we don't even use some of the stuff. I plan on donating at least once a month to a local food pantry beyond what I pass on to my family.

In addition, I am trying to extend the simplify to my office and coupons as well. I have missed out on some deals because I have misplaced Qs, receipts or order forms. My den has become a dumping ground and because we can easily close the doors and hide the mess, it has become a disaster these past few months. I have made quite a bit of progress in the past few days and need to finish up on my paperwork/filing to get it completely under control. And then... I have to maintain it..

3. Meal Planning!

We don't really plan meals well. We tried to do better in 2008, but 2009 is our year for this most basic money saving idea! By planning our meals each week, we can focus on using stockpile items, making meals using deals from the grocery ads AND eat out less! I think as a part of this goal, I need some sort of inventory system, I am just not sure how complicated I want to make this though. I am afraid I keep up an inventory system if it takes too much work.

I am hoping for the best! We did well today with the meal planning: Bagels at home for breakfast, Peter made grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch (staples in our house) and we had plans for meat sandwiches, chips, dip, veggies, guac, etc with family while watching the rose bowl. We are going to Phoenix tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until Sunday, so we will do our best to spend as little as possible, but this trip may already be a lost cause. 2 nights hotel, overly priced tux rental, plus the standard gas, food, wedding gift and we are basically screwed on our budget... And on that happy note (no I have not stewed over the cost all day long...) I will go to bed.

HAPPY New Years!

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