I scored some great deals at CVS & Frys today!

>> February 23, 2009


(sorry about the pics.. I flipped them on my computer.. but they keep uploading side-ways!)

I ran into frys to get a few deals from the ad and found a couple of clearance deals as well! The best deal was the dog food!! 40 lbs bags of IAMS for $5, I ran down the dog food aisle and it is regularly price at $38.99! We typically snag 50 lb bags at Costco for about $20, so this was a great bargain! I only wish I had pedigree coupons with me, but I don't typically find great deals on dog food and stick to buying it at costco.

2 40 lb bags IAMS Dog Food ($5 each!!!)
3 Multigrain cheerios ($1.47 -.50 MQs= .47 each)
1 3lb bag clementines ($2.77- .50 MQ= $1.77)
4 2-pack turkey timers (clearanced $0.25 each)
2 Hillshire Farms Deli Select (2/$7 - 2 FREE MQs= .50 because cashier punched one Q in for $3 instead of $3.50)
10 Kroger Yogurts (3/$1)
2 packs of "party swords" for appetizers (clearanced to $0.50 each)
4 packs of Foster Farms Boneless/Skinless Breasts (on sale for $1.67/lb) = $11.74 total
1 6-pack Mr. Good bars :) (clearanced to $1!!!)
2 valentine tattoo sleeves (saving for halloween) clearanced to $0.62 each
$1 donation MOD
Total $35.04 OOP

2 J&J Soothing Balm ($0.54 each)- $1.00 Q= .04 each
3 Centrum Vitamins (clearanced to $3.40-3MQ) = $0.40!!
Over the door shoe holder (going to use it org my electronics thingies in my office/den) $7.99
-$7.98 in ECBS
Total $2.20 on a gift card

CVS (sunday)
4 Airborne Squid Soap -(2) $2.00 Airborne Qs = free (although had to argue to use them...)
2 Fritos
1 diet coke
2 value packs of Valentine Plates and Napkins (working on a fun xmas project that Precious at Frugal Makes Cents did last year!) 75% off = $1.25 each for 30 napkins and 30 plates!
1 pack of lollipops $0.25
- $9 ECB
Total $0.92 on a gift card.


CVS: 2 trips today.

>> February 21, 2009

I went out looking for the freebie/money makers and also a few plastic shoe boxes to reorganize.

CVS #1
4 flip top sterilite storage boxes ($2.79 each, which is too expensive but free with cvs ecbs...)
1 Hallmark music card- Free CVS Q
1 Airborne squid soap (75% off = $1.00 -$2 MQ= $1 overage)
3 tucks take alongs (clearanced to $1.85 each - (2) $3.00 MQs = $0.55 overage for all 3)
-$10 ECB
Total $0.65 on a gift card

CVS #2
5 colgate toothpaste - $1 MQs
2 Mylanta (clearanced to $3.65 - $3= $.65 each)
3 Airborne squid soap (75% =$1.00- (2) $2 MQs= $1 overage for all 3)
2 Tucks take alongs (clearanced to $1.85 -$3 MQs= $2.30 overage for both)
1 CVS Aspirin
-$10 ECB
Total $1.54 on a gift card
Earned $14.95 ecb (colgate) + $6 ecb (mylanta) + $1.99 (aspirin)
Both transactions cost me $20 in ecbs and $2.19 on a gift card, but I managed to make $22.94 back in ecbs. I could have used more Qs on the airborne and tucks, but I was looking for free without much fuss and didn't want to push my luck. The airbone Qs had to be pushed through after I insisted because the coupon said ANY airbone. The tucks Qs scanned fine. Also I think the CVS prices for the shoe boxes are high, but the quality can be lacking at 99 cents stores, so "paying" more for better boxes is probably worth it, besides I manged no net loss between both orders today anyway.


A very productive morning!

>> February 19, 2009

Ok.. so I have been slacking on my postings lately, I have actually shopped a bit, but have been too busy to post my deals (or maybe too lazy...)

Anyway, today I ran out for about an hour and half (minus Quinn.. grandma came over) and it was a great run for me, only 2 small mistakes/oversights which I will comment on at the end.

1st I had to do a mystery shop and drop off some tax papers to my dad's accountant, so I worked 2 CVS stops and a Safeway into the loop.

1st CVS- I didn't find anything, but did score a $5/15 Q at the scanner!

Mystery shop- Super easy, in and out, will take 10 minutes to do my report after I am done blogging.

2nd CVS
(an out of the way one that is in a "wealthier" area... so more deals to be found here!)

2 Mylantas (50% =$3.65- $3)= $0.65 each
2 Neutragena soap ($2.99 each)
2 Colgate Toothpastes
1 CVS Aspirin
-$5/15 CRT- $7.99 ECB
Total $2.76 on a gift card
Earned $1.99 ECB (tylenol) + $10 ECB (neutragena) + $5.98 ECB (colgate) + $6 ECB (mylanta)= $23.97 ECBs.... (subtract out the $7.99 ecb and gift card total, results in a profit $13.22)

So.. I had quickly calculated my order in my head based on the mylantas and soaps that I found, I knew I had a $7.99 ECB to use, so I grabbed the toothpaste and the aspirin, which would have put me at under a buck for my subtotal... I was a bit surprised with my total, but I figured tax (which is always screwy depending upon what you buy, the MQs and CVS Qs you use) could account for some + maybe I was a bit off in my quick subtotal calculation.

I fumbled at the register looking for my mylanta Qs, which I had misplaced yesterday when I found one of the illustrious clearanced mylantas...

Anyway, my mistake was the colgate Qs.. I didn't use them... so my total should have been $2 less and my total profit (less ECB and gift card used) would have been $2 more.. oh well free toothpaste isn't as good as MM toothpaste, but at least it didn't really cost anything.


Whole milk $0.58
Skim milk $1.58
2.78 lbs bananas $1.39
4.17 lbs grapes $2.84
2 Turkey breasts (15.28 lbs total) $15.13
Total $21.50 OOP
My 1st bummer was forgetting the colgate Qs at CVS, but it looks like the weekly limit is more than 2.. maybe 5? Which means I can still use my Qs. The colgate was free which I can use or give away and if I max out the colgate deal with my Qs, then I will still be "profiting"
My 2nd bummer was that there was a mystery shop location near where I dropped off my dad's tax info. The bummer is that I normally stick to only shops nearby my house to keep my gas/time investment low. So I missed an opportunity to do a shop at another location. I will try to keep this in mind when I have to run errands out of my regular area...


Shopping yesterday...

>> February 13, 2009

5 diet coke 12 packs (not pictured) - $1 MQs
~18 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast (rain check for 1.88 lb)
1 Roast ($4.66 for )
-5/50 Q
Total $33.73 OOP

I ended up getting the chicken for about $1.48 a pound because of the screwy rain check system safeway has. Basically the cashier had to scan each package at the regular price and then she had to calculate how much to subtract to make it the correct price. however the chicken was actually on sale (not a great price but better than the regular price), so an additional discount also came off. Anyway, it took awhile to just complete the process and once the cashier realized what was happening she said "forget it". So I was only charged the true price for one of my 5 packages. Anyway... the roast was free because of my $5 Safeway Q and the diet coke was $1.49 a pack, so all in all a pretty good trip.

Safeway (my mom bought on her order...)
3 BC frosting - $0.50 MQs
2 BC cookie mixes - $0.40 MQs
Total $0 OOP (actually it was slightly negative and gave my mom a slight discount on her roast) :-)

4 small boxes of wheat things - $2.00/2 MQs = free

Frys #1
6 betty crocker fruit snacks - .50/2 MQs
4 manwhich - .50/2 MQs
-$4.00 OYNO Qs
Total $2.10 OOP & earned $3.50 OYNO (fruit snacks)

Frys #2
6 betty crocker fruit snacks - .50/2 MQs
4 manwhich - .50/2 MQs
-$3.50 OYNO Q
Total $2.60 OOP & earned $3.50 OYNO (fruit snacks)

3 Johnsonville Brats (rain check for $1.99 each) - $5/3 IP = .97 for all three!!
4 Natures Own Hamburger Buns (sale BOGO free) - 4 $1.00 MQs
Total $2.95 OOP


CVS + Safeway

>> February 11, 2009

Ran out last night to get some deals.
6 Ritz Crackers - $2.00/2 MQs= free
4 Wheat Thins - $2.00/2 MQs= free
Total $0 OOP

(These are small packages, but free is free!)
5 12-pack diet coke - 1.00 MQs = $1.49 each
3 betty crocker frostings - .50 MQs
2 betty crocker cookie mix - .40 MQs
(Safeway Promo B2 G3 Free betty crocker= overage of $0.22)
Total $7.23 OOP

I love cheap soda and free sweets! :)


Vacation Planning Update

We now have 2 trips to plan for in the next few months: California in April and NYC in June. I will not have the same savings plan for NYC because it will be a costly trip, but I will be detailing some of my money saving plans for our NYC trip sometime in the future.

Cali Trip Plans:

Hotel Update: We are driving out friday night to San Diego for our FREE 3 night stay at the Catamaran Resort (that I won on Last Minute Travel.com)! Then Monday morning we will drive to Anaheim and stay 4 nights at the HOJO anaheim at their entertainment rate of $59 a night. This will cost us $271.40 total.

Progress: I have another $30 Safeway gift card from an Rx transfer + $20 Safeway gift card from a credit card rewards program that I have a few random points in. I also bought a $25 Shell gift card awhile back doing a walgreens deal. We have $17 cash from recycling our aluminum cans, we had ~50 lbs, but the price is so low now :(

I need to still work on cheap meals in San Diego, so its not just about saving funds to go, but finding the deals too!

$ Plan
This is my plan so far. We need to save a total of $436.40 (cash) + $100 (shell gift cards) + $100 (disney gift cards) + $30 (albertsons gift card) + $250 (disney rewards)= $891.40 (Total Cost)

I currently have $205 (disney rewards) + $80 (safeway/disney) + $25 (shell) + $17 (cash) = $327 towards our goal.

I have quite a bit of work cut out for me at the moment!

Oh and here is my previous post listing more details for our California trip.


Saving $ this week :)

>> February 08, 2009

Precious over at Frugal Makes Cents has been doing a fun series detailing the various ways she "saves" money during the day. There is always some great ideas, plus she points out things that maybe you already do but don't realize it. She can help you realize you are doing a good job, in addition to getting new ideas!

I thought I would share some things I did this week to save $!

1) Freeze blueberries- I had SEVERAL extra packages of blueberries from the past few weeks of sales and needed to "save them"! I researched online the best method for freezing. Now we (Quinn) will have blue berries stashed away in the freezer to enjoy when prices spike again!

2) Stockpile recipe- I found a recipe for Taco Soup that utilized food from my stockpile. I didn't need anything from the store! I did use the last of my taco seasoning, and we don't always have sour cream on hand, but those are easy things to grab if necessary. The soup was great, a nice change from our usual fare. We plan on making it again soon!

3) Kitchen pantry- I cleaned out my kitchen pantry and tossed some old/expired stuff. Unfortunately I did have some things that had gone bad or had been opened too long and were stale. We have a bad habit of opening new snacks without finishing ones in the pantry first, this is a just a reminder that we need to work on it. And now the pantry is spacious again, (it was packed solid before) and we can see what we have to eat!

4) Living room rug- I borrowed my mom's steam cleaner to clean our living room rug. We are an all tile household, but the rug in the living room does get quite a bit of use from Quinn (and the dogs) every day, so it really needed a good cleaning. This is a just a good reminder that you can borrow things like steam cleaners or even rent them vs. having a professional come in and clean it for you!

5) Mystery Shopping- I did 2 mystery shops this week, that will net me $32 next month when I get paid. This money is designated for our vacation fund, so I am always looking for easy mystery shopping jobs.

6) Free kids outing- My friend and I took the babes to Cabelas in SLC for a free kids outing. Cabelas is this crazy sporting/hunting sort of super store, which I generally have no use for... HOWEVER, they do have this massive aquarium with fresh water fish swimming in it, plus lots of stuffed animals "a la museum-esque". They are 11 and 16 months, so not huge attention spans, this outing was perfect for them and free!
I can't really think of much else at the moment, but definitely go check out Precious at Frugal Makes Cents because she has been doing this almost daily and there are always some great ideas on there!


Taco Soup!

>> February 06, 2009

Well this was definitely not on our menu plan for this week, but one of my goals has been to try new recipes, particularly ones that utilize stuff I already stockpile.

This recipe comes from the "101 things to do with meatballs cookbook". The author of the 101 cookbook series, Stephanie Ashcraft, is the the blogger over at Savvysavingstucson. I received the cookbook free as part of a promo on her blog last year. I love free!
We are big fans of the turkey meatballs that costco sells, so this book was perfect for us!

Here are recipe details.
16 frozen, fully cooked meatballs, thawed (I used turkey meatballs)
1 can diced tomatoes with garlic and onion with liquid (I used a can with onion and peppers)
1 can whole kernel corn, drained (I used a bag of steamers corn (no sauce))
1 can black of kidney beans, rinsed and drained (I used kidney beans)
1 can (8 oz) tomato sauce
2 cups water Make that 4 cups!!
1 envie of taco seasoning
Cut meatballs in half and place in 3-4 qt soup pan. Stir in the remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Lower to medium heat and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Makes 5-6 servings.
Variation: This soup can be served over crushed tortilla chips and garnished with cheese and a dollop of sour cream.
I have also sauted onion and red peppers to add more veggies to this.. very yummy!!!
This is seriously my kind of recipe, very little prep and throwing everything in together! We really enjoyed this soup. We had light sour cream and tortilla chips with our soup. Also I would add another cup of water next time for more broth, the taco seasoning packets are very strong, so another cup of water wouldn't dilute the flavor too much.
It was easy for me to make and I was super pleased that I had everything on hand! We will definitely be making this again! I hope to try another recipe from the cookbook in the next few weeks.... Oh and Stephanie has dozen or so "101 cookbooks," check out her blog for details. :)


Target: Additional 75% off clearance prices...

>> February 04, 2009

The Target on south oracle road is closing this Saturday and reopening in the fall as a Super Target! It will be our 1st Super Target in T-town! Anyway... I read on savvysavingstucson that the clearance was marked an additional 50% off, so we ventured there today to see what we could find. Only a few scattered endcaps of clearance stuff was left, but it was now an additional 75% off the marked clearance price.

I found a few good bargains....
Kids rain boots for Quinnie (for playing in a fun water feature at a local park) - $3.60
(3) 2-packs of tan pot holders - $0.87 each (2 packs are gifts for a poor pot holder lacking house)

notebook/binder thingy- $1.74

Black, dressy maternity top (you never know..) -$2.49

Toddle mittens with thinsulate (is there snow in slc this weekend?) $0.74

I didn't really look for anything else other than clearance items. Some items were only marked 30% off, but with the additional 75% off, it made the final price about 83% off! And of course the stuff marked higher, were an even bigger savings!


ECBs into Vacation $!

I had a few ECBS expiring soon, so I ran out to do this deal before our trip this weekend.

Thanks to frugalsuz for pointing it out. I have been out of the CVS loop, during the past week and this is a great way to turn ECBS into cash.

Order #1
2 Natural Dentist Oral Rinse - $2 IPs
- $15.98 ECBS
Total $.32 on a gift card
Earned $8 ECBS ($4 for each rinse) + will submit for $10 MIR

Order #2
2 Natural Dentist Oral Rinse - $2 IPs
1 CVS low dose aspirin
-$17 ECBS
Total $1.37 on a gift card
Earned $1.99 ECB(aspirin) and $8 ECBS ($4 for each rinse) + will submit for $10 MIR (mom)

I try to fund our vacations with any extra cash we can find using rebates, RX transfers, mystery shopping, etc. I love exchanging ECBS into cash via rebates because its really the only way to get that money out of CVS $ (because you can't buy gift cards with ECBS). Plus its pretty easy to build your ECBS back up with a couple of great freebies + Qs!


One more round at the Mega Sale.....

>> February 03, 2009

I ran by Frys tonight to pick up a few last items from the Mega Sale! Plus they are quadrupling Qs up to $0.25..

Order #1
4 French's Mustard - .75/1 MQs = free
6 Hormel Chili - .50/2 MQs = free
4 Horizon Single Serve Milk - .25 MQ= free
Total OOP $0

** I have Prescription money attached to my Frys card from transferring a RX to their pharmacy. This caused a slight problem, because the cashier used my RX money to pay for my order, so it was $0 before my Qs. They had to void the order, I wasn't going to waste $11 on free stuff! It was a slight hassle, but I did get an extra $2 in OYNO coupons because of it. Every 2 Mustards print $1 OYNO Qs, So I had 2 print when she first rang up my order, but then she voided it and re rang it again, so another 2 $1 OYNOs printed up! :) Yay Me! ***

Order #2
4 Sobe Waters - free Qs = .50 overage each (because of the save $5 wyb 10 item promo)
8 Hormel Chili- .55/2 MQs = free
5 Horizon Milks - .25 MQs= free
3 Philadelphia Cream Cheese = $1 each
2 Pace Salsa - .50/2 MQs = .50 each
2 French's Mustard - .50 MQs = free
1 Kleenex - .40 MQ = .25 overage
- $1 OYNO Q (from the 1st order)
Total $.80 OOP

Plus I earned another $1 OYNO for the 2 mustards, so I still have $4 OYNO Coupons from tonight.


Menu Plan

>> February 01, 2009

Sunday- Superbowl Party
Monday- Leftover Superbowl Sandwiches
Tuesday- Pasta shell mix
Wednesday- Manwhich + Steamed Veggies
Thursday- Turkey Chili and Rice
Friday- (Quinn and I will be in SLC)


Frys Mega Sale Again!

I tried to use the rest of my electrasol Qs today at CVS (they expire today), but a no go. The store was out. :(

Anyway, I had 2 great orders at Frys though. No pictures I am up at my inlaws for the superbowl right now. :)

Frys #1
8 Hormel chilis - .50/2 MQs= free
2 French's Mustard - .50 MQs= free
3 Cottonelle TP - .50 Ips = free
3 Suave Deodorant - .50 MQs = free
1 powerade zero - .40 MQs= free
1 package iced cookies 3.49 (my indulgence for our super bowl treat). :)
Total $3.79 OOP
earned $1 OYNO Catalina (french's)

Frys #2
8 Hormel chilis - .50/2 MQs = free
2 Pace salsa - .50/2 MQs = .50 each
2 Sobe Waters - Free Qs = $0.50 OVERAGE on each one
5 nature valley granola bars - .50 MQs = $1 each
3 kleenex - .40 MQs = $.25 overage each
- $1 OYNO Catalina (my mistake... because I had a $3.50 OYNO, but this one brought my total below $3.50)
Total $3.41 OOP
Earned another $3.50 OYNO Catalina (Nature Valley).. so I have 2 of these now to use.

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