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>> April 06, 2009

Ok. So I broke out my dad's card to do a little more baby deal shopping.

4 MEGA Huggies Wipes- $5 and $3 MQs

2 Rubbermaid large round containers $0.75 each - $1 MQ= $.50 for both (my mom took one)

1 Crayon beginnings toddler crayons 50% off = $2.00

And a great find.. my mom found for me...
1 Sunbeam Heating pad 75% off= $7.49

-$2.99 and $4.99 ECBS

Total $5.87 on a gift card (need to spend $5 more to earn $10 for the baby deal)

I am pretty stoked about the cheapie baby wipes, now I need to figure out the cheapest way to spend another $5 (not sure if I have any more high value printable huggies Qs), so that I can earn $10 ECBS back. I am totally wiped out on ECBS for my dad's card.

My best find now (in hindsight) is the heating pad. My mom found it stashed somewhere.. (not sure where exactly maybe back in the regular clearance section which is pretty Hit and Miss, well more MISS at this store). I don't have a heating pad and I was just thinking about the fact that I occasionally would like one. I borrowed my mom's for the last half of my pregnancy, so I never knew what I was missing before. :-) What is even better, it was 75% off and I spent no CASH on it!


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