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>> April 07, 2009

So I ran out last night to check my fave store for any storage deals that might be found. Lucky me, they had quite a selection with NOOOOOOOO sale signs! They rang up 75% off!! I love "HIDDEN" treasures.

So here is a picture of what I bought....

various prices @75% off.. most of the small Rubbermaid things were $0.75, the big Rubbermaid with extra pieces inside was $2.50, 8 total Rubbermaid purchases - $6 MQs...

Plus some other storage things you can see in the picture!! Blue green open bins for $.83 each + fliptop sterilite shoe box things for $0.69 (I did pay full price for these back in Feb). I was very happy to snag these at 75% off, they are really cool little bins for stockpile storage. I also got a double pack of clear storage bins about double the shoe box size for $1.99.
Also the $ sections.. which is really $1, $2, $3 section was 90% off. I snagged 2 sets of magnetic clips for $0.20 each and 1 cute latex glove thingy for $.29.

- $10 ECBS

Total on a gift card $0.62
I think I did well spending the $10 ECB ... I bought lots of organizing things and 2 of the Rubbermaid things are for my mom (which is why I was short 2 Rubbermaid Qs). So really $1.50 of it was for her.

Oh and there are under-the-bed storage bins too (I snagged some this weekend... and GASP..... didn't blog about it..) and also some more of the cute blue/green bins in other sizes.

Order #2
I also snagged 2 J&J bubble bath - (2) $1.50 MQs

Total on a $3.23 giftcard +$0.14 OOP.

That completed my baby deal on my dad's card... so I earned another $10 ECB!

Anyway.... I think I need to stop looking for organizing bin thingies.. because I have BLOWN most of my ECBS and I only have a total of $24 left in ECBS and NO gift cards.
I am very CVS $ poor right now. I am hoping a good MM deal will come soon!!!


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