Easter Events (Take 2)...

>> April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts:
Ok. So I have been on the "hunt" for a free Easter egg hunt. :-)

I found a few listed online in the Tucson newspaper, but none really worked for us, location-wise. However,luckily I don't have to be lazy and keep the details to myself. Tucsononthecheap has put together a nice list that I can share. They aren't all free, but they sound fun!

Also another non-freebie, but goodie is at the Reid Park Zoo. We will be there tomorrow morning for a fun outing with friends, but we aren't planning on doing the egg hunt events. Quinn is a little too young and I am a little too frugal to pay extra for it. However it is an option and does sound like fun!

"Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 118:00-9:00 a.m.
$5 each adult, $8 each
child, 2-14Under 2 FREE if not hunting for eggs
Bring the whole family
to the Zoo for an Easter Egg Hunt! Live animal encounters, crafts and even a
visit from the Easter Bunny are included in this program."

And of course don't forget... the Easter Bunny is free at Walmart this weekend. We went last weekend (see our fun here!)

Call and check with your store, but I know our local walmart is having it again Saturday and Sunday from 10-2. Plus you can pick up a super yummy, FREE treat. In fact maybe we will try again, I checked back this week and they didn't have our picture...
They say you have to claim them the same day, but they did have a stack of photos they let me leaf through to find ours. I am not sure what happened to our "Official" photo. No big deal since we took our own that day anyway. And now maybe an incentive to snag another cupcake. :-)


Precious April 13, 2009 at 1:43 PM  

We did an Easter egg hunt in our great room for my grandaughter. We got her a plastic bunny pail for her to put the eggs in. Then we filled the plastic eggs with good ies that she can eat and some non- edible little balls. We put them scattered out in the open so that she would see them. She had a ball esepcially once she realized the eggs opened up and had treasures. It was so much fun!

kc April 13, 2009 at 3:49 PM  

Quinn, wasn't really interested in the eggs. We "hid" them outside, in plain site, but he would rather find rocks and hold them. We showed him the cookies in each one, but he ate one and then wasn't interested in it anymore. Maybe if we had done an M&M or something, it would have been cooler. We had fun and snagged some cute pics. Oh and my mom did one in her livign room, but quinn only wanted to go outside and see papa, and then when papa was inside.. he just wanted to go outside or roam the house. Her eggs were cute sesame street eggs with elmo and grover figures in them too!

However, we are having fun playing with the stuff today!

I actually went overboard buying stuff after last Easter and had to donate some goodies this week because I was only buying for Quinn and one little friend and when I pulled out my goodies, the sheer volume of it was ridiculous. So I must keep that in mind when shopping this year!

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