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>> April 02, 2009

Free Easter Fun @ Frys Grocery Stores!
Spring Fling – Thursday April 2, 3pm – 11pm
Fun Family Events: Easter Photos, Create Easter Cards, Cookie Decorating and Sampling.

We have gone to these holiday events at Frys before. There is usually specially priced items that are GONGA deals (see store ad HERE), but the main attraction for us is the free cookie decorating and photo opportunity!

I think the bigger stores have more fun things too (like cake walks). At least that is what I am told, since our store is one of the older, smaller stores. Anyway, I love that it starts earlier this time, hopefully we can avoid the rush hour crowd by going early. Plus I don't even tutor tonight, so we should be able to make it over there at some point!
More Easter Fun This Weekend!!
Check out below for more easter fun at Toys R US and Walmart.
Both of these should be national events, although you should check with your stores. :-)
Free Easter Bunny @ Walmart
Walmart is having a free Easter bunny in store on April 4 & 5 and April 11 &12 (10 am -2pm).

This will most likely include a free digital photo and "treats" for the kiddies. I called my store and confirmed the dates/times with my store. We have done the free Santa and Easter bunny photos in our store for the past 2 years. We took our own digital pictures and sometimes would go back to the store and pick up the "official" freebie photo from the photo department. Anyway, this is my fave thing about Walmart, because I hate paying RIDICULOUSLY high prices for a Fun, yet silly photo at the local mall. Besides you never know how they will turn out, if the kiddies will cooperate or if you just chucked $20+ out the window. :-)

One of our pictures from last year is below :-) The official freebie photo had a "spring" border around it and it said "Happy Earter 2008" and listed the sponsers (fujifilm, walmart, etc).

Toys R US
Toys R US is having an Easter Adventure in store April 4th from 12-2pm.

They are advertising free gifts for the kiddies. We have never done this before, so I can't really say for sure what it will be about, but for free.. it might be worth a shot for some free Easter, fun. :-)


Precious April 2, 2009 at 7:08 PM  

Hi KC,

Did you go to Fry's? I stayed away since it is always such a Zoo!

kc April 3, 2009 at 9:30 AM  

Hi Precious, it was quite busy and not really worth going just for the sale items IMHO. However, Quinn enjoyed the cookies (as did mommy and daddy) and we got an interesting photo out of it. :-)

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