Frys Spring Fling

>> April 02, 2009

We made it over to Frys by about 4ish today for the Spring Fling. It was a little insane... too bad we hadn't made it over by 3pm. There was no Easter Bunny, but rather an Easter Themed Backdrop with a free photo. We did it anyway, and ended up with a sad, yet cute picture of little Quinn being drawfed by the Easter decorations.

We did do cookie decorating.. well.. I quickly decorated one cookie (because I won't eat them without frosting) and Quinn had 2 plain sugar cookies. We won't calculate the number of cookies/samples that Peter had. :-) I do have to say that there was about 6 kids HOGGING the cookie decorating table for like 10 minutes (no exaggeration) trying to make a tower of frosting on their cookies while their parents looked on and other kids waited as patiently as possible.

We bought some deli meats/cheeses for dinner + a few deals
Deli stuff $10.85
2 Doritos $1.88 each - .55 Qs (randomly stuck on most packages)
4 Wheat Thins $1.25 - $1.00/2
1 3-lb bag of Fuji apples $.99
Total OOP $26.36 - $11.01 (refund from customer service ***) = $15.35
**The wheat thins rang up $3.69, so 10 minutes at customer service later.. I had one box free and a price adjustment on the other 3.

So.. not a bad OOP cost considering $10+ on deli stuff, which turned out to be a really great alternative to going out to eat, which is what we contemplating on the way to Frys. We have leftovers of it and had a nice dinner at home without the stress of spending excess cash at a restaurant and risk Quinn running wild or melting down. :) Plus a fun picture and some yummy treats.

We will definitely be hitting up Walmart this weekend for a real Easter Bunny photo.


Precious April 5, 2009 at 1:34 PM  

Great deals! You are brave to manuever with those crowds.

kc April 5, 2009 at 4:17 PM  

Brave.. no.. crazy maybe :-)
I was hoping for a cool easter bunny photo... of course no easter bunny there, or as my husband called it, the recession easter bunny was present (a photo/blow up one) :-)

We did get an interesting photo with Quinn sitting on this big bench all on his own, looking small. And of course a few grocery deals and some frosted cookies and you have a party! :-)

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